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Damn It's Awesome


Villa Sapi by David Lombardi | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description :

Canadian architect David Lombardi’s concept of ‘Function over Form’ leaves Villa Sapi’s guests with a sense of discovery and surprise at every twist and turn, ranging

Toroid Table by OL! Os Loucos | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by OL! Os Loucos :

The Toroid table plays with the concept of symmetry and asymmetry, its shape creates illusions of perspective and a new design every move is viewed. Its orig

Electric Motorbike by Volta Motorbikes | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Volta Motorbikes :

Volta Motorbikes is an electric motorcycle manufacturer that aims to differentiate itself from the competition in this segment offering vehicles with a stron

2013 NASCAR 3D Models by RPM-3D | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by RPM-3D :

RPM-3D, Inc. is the Leader In 3D Motorsports Graphics.  In 2013 We are proving that fact all over again, with the 2013 NASCAR 3D Model/Render Lineup.

The 2013

CASA L4 in San Jose, Costa Rica by Jaime Rouillon Arquitectura | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Jaime Rouillon Arquitectura :

The house resumes the harmony with the land, a fusion of textures and space sequences. We started the project under the shadow of big tree

VW PASSAT S Design by Marin Myftiu | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Marin Myftiu :

There is a very special place that Volks Wagen occupies in history; that of the most popular car ever, the Beetle. After that first successful model though,

Xtra Moenia by SOFTlab | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by SOFTlab :

Xtra Moenia is a site specific installation designed and produced by SOFTlab for the San Gennaro North Gate. The piece was commissioned by Two Bridges Neighborho

Beautiful Amsterdam Home by Bloem en Lemstra Architects | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Bloem en Lemstra Architects :

Naturally, almost every contractor a standard construction sites. The art lies in realizing the construction which also aesthetic added value o

Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia Designed by RMJM | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by RMJM :

RMJM has been appointed to design the new Gazprom Group headquarters and business centre on a 17-hectare brownfield site at Lakhta, St Petersburg. The 330,000 sqm com

Stealth Plane Inspired Armchair by Svyatoslav Boyarincev | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Svyatoslav Boyarincev  :

Concept chair for meeting rooms, reception. Inspired by the shape of the product plane F-117 stealth. The basis of the image is minced and expressi

Fall-Off Computer Generated Table by Sam Stringleman | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Sam Stringleman :

Fall Off is a computer generated table in which surface density is defined by the placement of objects on a virtual table through a web interface. The ta

Valna House in Mexico City by JSa Architecture | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by JSa Architecture :

This is a family house in a subdivision of the Santa Fe in Mexico City. The first condition for the solution was to give the client a project to optimi

Beautiful Modern Tree House by Rockefeller Partners Architects | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Rockefeller Partners Architects :

Part recreational getaway, part studio/office, this beautiful modern treehouse is situated at the base of a pine tree in a canyon resid

” Finding Escape ” Underwater Photography by Mark Tipple | Damn It's Awesome !!!

Description by Mark Tipple :
On the 17th of December 2009 I was photographing small waves at Coogee Beach, Sydney when I dove under a larger wave and thought to turn the camera onto a swi