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India Design Mark

Benefits Of India Design Mark

• India Design Mark is the highest design recognition from the Indian Government through India Design Council
• India Design Mark provides credibility to the quality and excellence of the product through an independent and third-party assessment
• India Design Mark provides good reputation for the company in both trust and assurance.
• India Design Mark provides businesses with a strong point of differentiation from their competitors.
• When making a choice between two similar products, customers are more likely to choose a product bearing India Design Mark
• India Design Mark symbolizes excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing & socially responsible.
• India Design Mark provides international leverage by exemplifying the export worthiness of the product.
• India Design Mark is an excellent launch pad for new products launched in the market
• India Design Mark communicates the inherent value proposition of the product and hence acts as a brand extension

Schedule Of India Design Mark

The India Design Mark process begins from June 29, 2018 and continues till the final announcements of India Design Mark on March 15, 2019. The important dates vis-à-vis the India Design Mark process are given below. Please note that under no circumstances any of these dates will be relaxed or compromised.

Suggest A Product For India Design Mark

If you have come across a product entry, which in your opinion reflects good design and is worthy of being granted the India Design Mark, please suggest it here. Your suggestion will help us to reach out to a potential IMark recipient.

You can make multiple nominations but you may suggest each of these once. Self- nomination is not useful as you can directly apply through the application process for the IMark.

Once you have suggested a product entry the secretariat will contact the concerned person and will encourage them to apply for the IMark. Depending on your preference your name will be given as reference.

Design Clinic Scheme & India Design Mark

The Design Clinic Scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises and India's premier Design institute namely National Institute of Design. The Design Clinic Scheme is structured to enhance Design awareness by exposing beneficiaries to the critical nuances of process, operation, manufacturing and business aspects of Design.

The Design Clinic Scheme has been initiated to support MSME's and to equip them with the capability of offering competitive and breakthrough products. The scheme intends to transform MSME's from Original Equipment Manufacturing to Original Design Creation and thence to Original Brand Manufacturing.

Grant & Usage Of India Design Mark

• Entries, which are qualified at the stage 2 of the India Design Mark process, are granted the India Design Mark for further usage
• An applicant can start using the India Design Mark recognition immediately after the official announcement on India Design Mark website
• Annual usage fee is payable for usage of India Design Mark as a label on the products getting the India Design Mark recognition
• India Design Mark usage fee is waived off for the first year to encourage the India Design Mark recipients to use the India Design Mark label on their products
• To use India Design Mark beyond this period the India Design Mark recognition holder will have to make anindependent application in the prescribed format
• The prescribed format is available for download on the India Design Mark website
• The India Design Mark secretariat will review the application and send an invoice to the applicant
• On receipt of the payment, the India Design Mark secretariat will send the India Design Mark usage permission certificate

Sending Physical Entries For Stage 2 | India Design Mark

• It is the responsibility of the applicant to send in the physical entry for consideration at stage 2 evaluation
• The physical product must be a working product along with its power source (if any) and should be in a completely assembled form
• Accessories, product brochures, manuals and a video film explaining the product can accompany the physical product. This will help the jury process
• Applicant has to bear the cost of packing, transportation and insurance
• Unloading and loading of the product entry at the exhibition venue is the responsibility of the applicant.
• The physical entry must reach the India Design Mark Secretariat by the date prescribed in the schedule.
• In case of large products, the applicant can bring the actual product on the day of the exhibition, dismantle and install it and after the exhibition
• A prior correspondence and confirmation from India Design Mark secretariat is essential for this facility

Assessment Criteria | India Design Mark

• A duly constituted jury will review the applications online as per the evaluation criteria prescribed for this stage
• This stage is an entry qualification stage
• Entries qualified at this stage after due process moves to second stage of India Design Mark
• The jury is composed of leading designers and people connected with the profession of design.
• The India Design Council nominates the jury members based on their qualification and experience and category of entries received.
• Stage 1 jury process is completely online
• Each entry is reviewed by 3 jury members independently
• Each of the 3 jury members award points based on the judging criteria
• The jury members evaluate the entry based on its completeness, thoroughness, appropriateness and general conformance to the judging criteria
• An entry receiving 60 percentage points is considered to be qualified for stage 2 of the India Design Mark assessment process
• India Design Mark administration retains the right to lower the overall minimum qualifying percentage points.
• The jury’s decision is final.

About India Design Mark | NID | IDC | IDM

India Design Mark Is a Design Standard, A Symbol, Which Recognizes Good Design. India Design Council Grants India Design Mark After Evaluating Good Design Through a Systemized Process.

Design Clinic Scheme | India Design Mark | NID | IDC | IDM

The Design Clinic Scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises and India's premier Design institute namely National Institute of Design.

Good Design Awards, Japan | India Design Mark | NID | IDC | IDM

Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).