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E-Prescribing Software for Physician

75Health provides an efficient e-prescribing software that connects you with pharmacies. The electronic prescription software also includes EPCS regulations.


Features of the 75Health e-Prescribing Software

Features of the 75Health e-Prescribing Software
1. Drug reference database
2. Medication history
3. Clinical alerts
5. Digital prior authorization
6. Prescription cancellation – renewal
7. Refill management
8. Formulary management


E-Prescribing Software for Doctors

E-Prescribing Software for Doctors

75Health E-Prescribing Software helps reduce patient legwork while enabling hospitals to improve their care quality. Increased medication adherence and error-free environment assure improved patient safety.

How E-Prescribing Software Can Prevent Doctors from Medication Errors

The state-of-the-art 75Health E-prescribing Software facilitates the efficient and accurate prescription process while increasing patient safety. It ensures that *medical *errors are eliminated while providers can deliver the best care.

How E-Prescribing Software Can Improve Your Practice

The process of sending medication orders digitally to pharmacies—e-prescribing—promises several benefits and improvement for patient-consumers, health care providers, and pharmacists.

E-Prescribing-Making Patient Care Effective & Efficient

75Health e-prescribing software helps healthcare providers and medical practices to connect with the pharmacies conveniently.


Impact of Electronic Prescribing on Patient Safety in Hospitals

Impact of Electronic Prescribing on Patient Safety in Hospitals

75Health has created the most modern e-prescribing software that keeps medical practices and providers up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards. It facilitates securely connecting to the HIPAA-compliant pharmacy network.

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Medication Module - #75Health E-Prescribing Software

Medication Module - #75Health EHR & EMR software This module will helps doctors to know " how to use the Medication module of 75Health EHR software?"

Tips and Tricks for E-Prescribing Software Implementation - #75Health

E-prescribing software from 75Health is easy to implement and use. It helps improving the practice efficiency and ensures increasing prescription quality. By implementing this modern health information technology, medical practices may improve the overall care quality and achieve better patient satisfaction.

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About E-Prescribing

The certified 75Health E-prescribing System enables providers to securely connect with a huge network of pharmacies. It ensures bringing down medication errors considerably while improving healthcare quality.

E-prescribing Software: Opportunities and Challenges for the Patient and Pharmacist

The robust *e-prescribing software *from 75Health provides several benefits to the community pharmacist as well as the patients. It has been designed with the best features that enhance pharmacy workflow while ensuring increased patient safety.

How E-prescribing Software Simplifies the Major Task in Hospitals?

The cloud-based e-prescribing system from 75Health facilitates better access to patient information and a better prescription process. This helps hospitals to achieve a streamlined, smooth workflow.

Improve Patient Care With E-Prescribing Software – 75Health

75Health e-prescribing software helps to ensure medication adherence while improving the prescription process. Medication management process is improved, and errors are greatly reduced by adopting this modern system.

Is the E-Prescribing Software the Safest Choice for a Patient?

75Health E-Prescribing Software is a well-designed and properly implemented system; it helps improving work flow and addressing unwanted adverse consequences. With its data sharing and communication features, it facilitates medication safety initiatives such as medication reconciliation, medication reviews, and monitoring programs.

5 Reasons why E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world?

The e-prescribing software is considered to be the main solution for overcoming the drawbacks associated with paper-based medication prescriptions.