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Indian History

it's been accumulating the sacred stories and heroic epics that frame the mythology of Hinduism. Nothing during this complicated and colourful mythology is mounted and firm. Pulsing with creation, destruction, love, and war, it shifts and changes.

Understanding the Significance of Shiva's Third Eye

In today’s video, let’s focus on his third eye. So, what is the meaning of Shiva’s third eye? Shiva’s third eye is located on his forehead and most of the ti...

Sati Pratha in India: Origins and History of Suttee

Sati Pratha (or Suttee Practice) is one of the major abominations of Indian culture, which has been rightfully banned. Our culture gets a lot of criticism th...

Explaining Caste System in India: Is it just limited to India?

Caste system is one of the biggest evils in our culture and it is so unfortunate that it is still present in our country. We have made a lot of progress in r...