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Divine Sangeet

Download latest hindi devotional and bhakti song.

Tu Kahaan Hai - The Ultimate Devotional Song - Divine Sangeet

Simply divine, meaningful, soulful spiritual song, hindi bhajan and devotional song in hindi. Divine Sangeet is based on spiritual and practical philosophy. These are soulful, meaningful Bhajan song. There are more than 108 latest unique devotional songs written and composed by Sangeeta that will get launched every week with your support.

Hindi Bhajan - A Perfect Way to Attain Freedom from Stress and Anxiety

The harmonic music of Hindi bhajans allows us to imbibe the forces around us to have a spiritual experience with nature and thus connect us with our inner self.

Praising God or Almighty through soulful Bhakti songs is an age-old tradition that has its root in the Vedas. This ancient form of music is sung since ages in temples and homes with equal devotion and love to show our gratitude toward the supreme power. The meaningful lyrics of such songs not only soothes our ear but reached straight to the heart.

Singing Hindi Bhajan Songs - A Sacred Act of Worship bringing Unity and Purity

Singing Hindi bhajans not only invokes the realisation of God but also awaken positive vibrations in oneself and in the environment. Devotional or bhakti songs that are usually perform in groups in temple and religious places teaches us to establish friendly and cordial relations with one and all.

Kabhi Ram Ban ke aaya - Latest Hindi Bhajan & Bhakti Song 2019 by Divine Sangeet

Download the latest hindi bhajan or bhakti song Kabhi Ram Ban ke aaya. There are more than 108 latest unique devotional songs written and composed by Sangeeta that will get launched every week with your support. Like, Share, subscribe to listen to new latest devotional song, hindi bhajan every week.

Kya Tu Rab Hai Hindi Bhajan | Guru Bhajan | Devotional Song in Hindi - Divine Sangeet

Download my new guru bhajan Kya Tu Rab Hai from my youtube channel. Sangeeta says " These songs are not just normal hindi bhajans or bhakti songs; these songs are more like a holy book in the shape of modern devotional songs which one can listen anytime, anywhere without any condition of reciting it like other holy books."

Bless your Soul Listening to Soulful Hindi Devotional Songs - Divine Sangeet

With soft and soothing music, Hindi devotional songs provide immense peace and has amazing potential to calm our mind and soul, while bringing a sense of joy and contentment.

Bhajans – A Fine Blend of Melody and Devotion - Divine Sangeet

Bhajans are usually lyrical and are sung to remove negativity from mind and fill our heart with utmost peace and contentment. When we sing for God there is all-together different feeling, as devotional songs cleanses the atmosphere and fills the place with immense positive energy.

Aaya Hu Mein Sharan | Special Hindi Bhajan | Guru Songs Hindi | Latest Devotional Songs - Divine Sangeet

Ultimate latest devotional songs : Aaya Hu Mein Sharan is a special hindi bhajan and guru songs hindi. Subscribe to hear all upcoming and ultimate108 devotional songs, latest guru bhajan with bhajan hindi songs..

Listen Latest Hindi Bhajans to Instill your Heart with Divine Love

People who love to start their day with some soulful and melodious latest Hindi bhajans will find several popular videos and albums on the Internet that will be surely loved by them.

Start your Day with Soulful Bhakti Songs to Awaken Positive Vibes Around

The bhajans or devotional songs are sung in love for God or Goddess and to praise their deeds. Listening bhakti songs help people forget everything else and become completely devoted and absorbed in the devotion of the almighty.

Download Latest Hindi Bhajan, Bhakti & Devotional Song - Divine Sangeet

Divine Sangeet release every week new hindi bhajan, bhakti and devotional song, which is composed by Sangeeta. If you like to hear ultimatie 108 devotional song with soulful music, subscribe to our Divine Sangeet Channel

Rekindle your Love and Faith in God with Hindi Devotional Songs

The soulful devotional songs were significant part of the Hindu revivalist movement known as Bhakti movement that swept throughout India during the Mughal period.

Special Message for Mothers | Happy Mothers Day Everyday | Divine Sangeet

The way my mother’s and my life has changed I strongly felt to share my story with you all with a hope that all mothers can take this as an inspiration and their children must encourage them.
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