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Experience the wonders of massage therapy at BodyworksDW

No matter what type of work you do, it is common for your body to get stressed, resulting in pain. At BodyworksDW, we use expert techniques to tackle the stressful points in the body. We can make your muscles feel rejuvenated and ready to handle other situations your lifestyle has to throw at you. So, wait no more and make an appointment with us to work with expert massage therapists in Midtown.


Top 5 Reasons to get a Medical Massage in Midtown

Bodyworks DW has always focused on the effectiveness medical massage for pain relief. We look for the root causes of your pain, taking care to learn why the pain/discomfort is there. This helps both us and you work together to your continuing a healthy lifestyle. Medical massage in Midtown and Fidi is not just for those of you who are injured or reviving form surgery. It can be a great tool for preventing pain and for preparing for a big event. That 100 meter race, marathon, or that redeye 10 hour flight!

Medical Massage New York & Midtown

An experienced medical massage therapist can have significant impact on chronic and acute pain. Our studio's main focus is medical massage therapy.

Could You Benefit From a Medical Massage in New York?

It's likely you will lose mobility as you age

One of the main benefits to medical massage is increased range of motion in our joints, ie regained mobility. So, we can't really highlight the benefits of medical massage in new york without talking about the reasons we lose mobility in the first place.

Medical Massage in New York at Bodyworks DW

All professional massage therapies have some therapeutic value. Medical massage is different because its ultimate goal is providing a therapeutic treatment, not just relaxation. This treatment takes different forms. Goals can vary considerably between different clients. Having a massage therapist with strong training in medical massage in New York is something you can count on. It's part of every licensed massage therapists' 1000+ hours of training during school.

Bodyworks DW Medical Massage Midtown is Moving!

Your favorite NYC medical massage therapists are moving to a new, expanded studio in midtown West 🙂

We’ve had a good run in our 1 room midtown east studio, meeting new clients, and providing our top quality medical massage therapy to those of you who live uptown. However, along with the ups of our midtown location, there have been some downs. Noisy neighbors. Less than great lighting in the waiting area and hallways. A long walk from the waiting area to our treatment room. And from what we’ve been hearing from folks, “too far East.”

How to Take the Benefits of Medical Massage Home with You

Medical massage in New York with a NYC licensed massage therapist should be a regular and valuable part of your self care routine. Let’s face it...New Yorkers are not known for doing things gently. We work long hours, slam weights at the gym, and then maybe hit back to back yoga classes. And while this additive approach to health does have it’s benefits, it’s not restorative and our bodies need time to heal. Here are some of our best at home and at work practices for taking the benefits your medical massage home with you!

Learn More About Medical Massage in Midtown

Finding a professional and effective massage center is not an easy task. There are massage parlors opened in almost every corner of the city, claiming to offer expert medical assistance to magically cure your muscle cramps. However, not every platform is credible and trustworthy.
Lucky for you, there is Bodyworks DW, where you can get the best medical massage in Midtown. Medical massages require special care and assistance, as you have to follow the doctor’s instructions to the T. The team of experts at Bodyworks would keep all your physical restrictions into consideration, helping patients improve their body movements, overcome their nervous or muscle related disorders.

The Advantages Of Medical Massage In Midtown

Sprains and cramps can lead to some serious medical consequences that can cause immense pain for the body. Lucky for you, there are special medical massages in Midtown that cater specially to the problem areas like the shoulder and neck. It relives the cramped muscles, loosening the knots and allowing the body to move about freely and flexibly. You can reach out to Bodyworks DW for more details about these massages

Aching All Over? Get A Medical Massage In Midtown

Your lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain can simply be result of your lifestyle or the root cause can be something serious. The trained and experienced massage therapists at bodyworks DW can heal with the right massage. Get the best Medical Massage Midtown offers from Bodyworks DW and alleviate your pain and regain strength with additional benefits. Schedule an appointment now!

Benefits that you can get from medical massage therapy

The medical massage New York has become popular due to its benefits. This therapy can be availed by the different patients. Bodyworks DW is a company that provides medical massage depending upon the patient’s condition. This therapy is useful for the patients who are suffering from certain medical condition. It is highly effective treatment for people suffering from soft tissue injuries.

Don’t live with a pain that is affecting your daily activities

A bodily pain can be too disruptive to our daily work. Pain in the back, waist or neck can make our simple activities like sitting, driving a car etc. too difficult to carry out. A good Medical Massage New York from professionally trained masseurs can bring the much desired relief. Look no where else but Bodywork DW. Call us at 917-740-2709.

Free the pain with an outcome-based medical massage New York

Do you have chronic pain of any kind? A medical massage New York can indeed get you the pain relief you want. You may have a prescription from your physician. Or you can also contact Bodyworks DW directly. We will offer you with the apt medical-massage. We diagnose your current condition, symptoms, etc. And then, we’ll give you a specific outcome-based massage.

For Medical Massage Midtown Sessions, Can You Offer Some Suggestions!

Bodyworks DW is a suitable Medical Massage Midtown center, from where you can get life coaching and massage sessions. The senior massage therapist has acquired “associated degree massage therapy at the CUNY Healing Health Arts Program”. For specialized pre and post-pregnancy massage, they can help you. After every session, their patients feel more relaxed, and the exercises help them to recover from the pain quickly.

Massage Therapy for feet and ankles is a game changer!

A skilled massage therapist like at Bodyworks DW can help mobilize the feet and ankles. They can also address adhesions of scar tissue. And relieve muscular tension in hard-working muscles like the ones in the calves that control foot and ankle movement. This can do wonders for quality of movement, performance, and overall well-being. If you’re interested in unlocking your full potential, schedule a massage therapy for feet and ankles session at either or our medical massage New York locations!