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Phoenix Yoga Studios - A Beautiful Yoga Studio in Melbourne

A list of things that Phoenix thinks are awesome. We want to provide the local community with a range of practices that will help them find a inner connection to themselves and others around them. Developing more love, compassion and kindness to all.


Ashtanga Yoga - Phoenix Yoga Studios | Led and Mysore Style

Ashtanga Yoga is designed to purify the body, nervous system and mind. A set series of postures synchronised with the breath. Phoenix Yoga Studios Ashtanga.

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Phoenix Yoga Studios is presenting a unique yoga teacher training for anyone interested in deepening their practice as well as for prospective teachers. Our training is based on the Mahayana Buddhist school of thought training, focusing on the Lam-Rim which is rooted in the teachings of Compassion and Wisdom. They are a deeply grounded, philosophical and practical set of teachings, useful for daily life. What most don’t know is that Patanjali, mistaken by the West to be the ‘father of yoga’ was actually part of this Buddhist movement.

Our second unique aspect is the practical mentoring of your teaching. Unlike many teacher trainings, our aim is to impart the skills needed to teach a public class, not just in theory but through the actual practice of doing it! This will involve one-to-one mentoring with our teaching staff, recognising your individual strengths and weakness as a new teacher and applying the necessary improvements.

Phoenix Yoga Studios Ringwood | Ashtanga Meditation Massage

Phoenix Yoga Studios in Ringwood, Melbourne. Ashtanga yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Meditation. Servicing Mitcham, Croydon, Bayswater.

What Is Love

Love is within all of us. Finding it is the reason we are all here. At Phoenix Yoga Studios our aim is to help everyone find pure love from deep within their...

What is Yoga?

Our very first Phoenix Yoga Studios video - What is Yoga? - shot on the last day of our 1st Birthday week. Showcasing Phoenix Yoga Studios facilities, wellne...

Our Practices - Phoenix Yoga Studios

Deep down we are all looking for a place of unity, where we feel whole and complete. Through yoga practice and study we can come to find that place.


Buddhist Meditation Classes at Phoenix

Buddhist Meditation Classes at Phoenix

Dive into the profound wisdom of the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist Teachings.

Open to everyone, regardless of whether you have meditated before. The foundational text we study and use for our meditation practice was refined 900 years ago by Lama Tsong Khapa, a great Buddhist monk.

Meditation Ringwood | 5 Day Meditation Challenge - Phoenix Yoga Studios

Enjoy 5 days of guided meditation for free! A quick and easy way to begin your meditation practice. We offer 4 to 9 week courses - meditation Ringwood.

Meditation is not a dark, black hole of nothing. We are not looking to turn everything off and live in a place of nothingness.

Quite the opposite! Through meditation we seek to enliven our experience to enable a true, and deep interaction. This provides richer participation in our activities and in relationships and develops a very beautiful, kind and compassionate heart.