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Aiwa Exos-9: A Thorough Review

The number of sound systems on the market today doesn’t make it easier for the everyday user to choose the best one for its needs. Deciding to buy one is c

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home Theater Room? | BUILD

Estimating the budget for a home theater room, without having some details about the whole project, can be rather difficult. Home theater rooms come in different sizes and shapes and in order to give a more specific answer to this question we have to go into some details. So, let’s begin!...

Wireless Bluetooth Music System - deepblue3 | Peachtree Audio

Bluetooth Music System with deep bass. Inspired sound. Redefines what a Bluetooth speaker can be.

Avantree 3-in-1 Wireless Speaker with FM Radio Review | Posts by William Fenton | Bloglovin’

Avantree 3-in-1 Wireless Speaker with FM Radio Review, a post from the blog Posts by William Fenton, written by William Fenton on Bloglovin’

4 Perfect Gifts For The Healthiest Person You Know | Beautiful Touches

Finding a gift for someone special can be really tough, especially if you are looking for the perfect gift. It should be thoughtful, creative and useful, so we keep scrolling through the same sites, hoping to spot something unique - but it doesn’t actually have to be this hard. Here is a neat list of everything the

How to use audio to bring your story to life — NCVO Knowhow

Audio is a powerful storytelling tool but underused by non-profits. Sound can really bring an organisation to life.
Audio refers to soundbites or podcast recordings. Soundbites are short one-off recordings often supported by other content such as written stories or photos.
Podcasts are generally stand-alone and longer, often in a magazine style, usually hosted on an audio hosting site and embedded into a website or blog. It can be a one-off recording or part of a series. Users can listen online or downloaded and play at their convenience. They can also subscribe to a podcast (such as via iTunes) and their device will automatically download any new audio that is added.

5 Must-Have Apple TV Apps: Best Picks for Your Home Theater Experience – Sasha Says…

The latest enhancements in the live streaming and application-based TV and movie viewing facilities in the Apple TV nowadays make users happy beyond doubt. If you wish to get a good improvement in the entertainment time, then you can explore the overall specifications of your Apple TV at first. Individuals who explore the applications associated with the Apple TV can make a good decision and enhance various aspects of the amusement further. They may get confused with these apps in different categories like the shopping and games. They can focus on every feature in the app accessible via Apple TV and start their step to improve the overall leisure time.

Children’s Music That Parents Will Actually Love |

The headline may seem a bit silly to some people, but if you are a parent or you’re to become one, you will appreciate this article. People usually think that...

‘ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Review’ by AudioReputation | Readymag

If you are planning a tailgate party it would be better to have a good quality and loud sound in order to keep the party going.

How to use multiple Bluetooth speakers for amazing sound - Aystartech

An advanced Bluetooth speaker gives us enhancing entertainment and creates awesome sound effects. This is because many users of Bluetooth speakers do not have an idea or tried to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers together for the best-in-class sound effects. If you wish to listen to your favorite music and think about the smart approach to connect a variety of Bluetooth speakers, then you can listen to the latest guidelines from professionals in this sector.

What you have to know before you buy a Bluetooth Speaker? — TechPatio

Your laptop, tablet or smartphone often doesn’t have enough power to give you powerful sound when you have a small gathering for example. This is where a portable Bluetooth speaker can come handy. Portable Bluetooth speakers come in many different

How to Plug External Speakers Into a DVD & LCD Projector? | audiostories

Basically, you can easily attach the exterior speakers to your LCD projector to enhance the intensity of volume while seeing a DVD or any other business presentation. In general, many of the projectors are including an audio out port, which allows the user to join the outside audio instrument along

‘The Evolution of the Sound of Music’ by AudioReputation | Readymag

As the society changes year-by-year, the sound of music changes accordingly. Therefore we can say that the evolution of our culture is also represented with the change of music.

Added Audio Reputation to the Audiophile's Guide to the Galaxy - Audio Federation

Neli and Mike Davis. Married. Audiophiles. Out-of-control. One of the world’s few experts on ultra ULTRA high-end audio. Enthusiasts. Importers. Dealers. Exhibitors. Reporters. Researchers. Focus: Extreme High-Fidelity. Extreme Expertise. Extreme Service. Extreme Satisfaction. Only the World’s Finest Stereo and HiFi Equipment.

Pulse Dimmable LED Lights with JBL Bluetooth Speakers ~ Queen of Reviews

Pulse Dimmable LED Lights with JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Why You Don't Want JBL's Latest Cutting-Edge Headphones, Speakers and Soundbars | Earthlingorgeous

I rarely use headphones or earphones because I always want to be aware of my surroundings all the time.  This is so true especially when I am out commuting or even in a Grab or Uber ride.  I want all my five senses alert. Plus I have the tendency to be too immersed in my music or movies that I tune out and that is not good when in a “secured” place.

Great Home Theater Room | My Decorative

Luxury is divine. And a person who loves movies and music must ensure to have a Home theater room. Making a home theater is not that easy well it’s not just putting system and television and speakers. Instead, it needs intensive planning because you will not like any loose wires at the same time you would want to have many connections and electric points to ensure you can connect any of the devices.

Finding the Best Presents for the Man in Your Life This Christmas | Adventures of Frugal Mom

Finding the Best Presents for the Man in Your Life This Christmas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Apple AirPods: The Good, Bad and Ugly About The Wireless Headphones. : ThyBlackMan

( Apple AirPods reviews are doing rounds everywhere on the internet. For some users, the new wireless headphones make you a

Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Travelers

Get full features and specifications of Top 10 best portable Bluetooth speakers for travelers. These are the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market

‘Travel Essentials and Gadgets for Music Lovers’ by AudioReputation | Readymag

If you are planning for a trip, then there is a need for you to take all the essential gadgets that would make you to feel happy.

7 Unique Gifts for Your Loved Ones - Divine Magazine

It is that time of the year again when family and friends reunite and celebrate in the spirit of the holidays. Even though Christmas time is the most magical time of the year, the stress of finding the ideal gifts for your loved ones can be quite overwhelming if you think about it. All of us would like to present a gift that will make our significant other feel special and loved. The best way to deal with this issue is to deal with it strategically. Does your sister like fashion? Is your uncle a tech geek? Would your mother prefer something more sentimental? Try to think about what your loved ones like/dislike. Also, do not forget to do the shopping a few weeks earlier in order to avoid crowds! If you are still having problems with figuring out what to get as a gift to your loved ones at Christmas (and stay in the limit of your budget.), here are 7 amazing ideas that will probably bring a smile to anyone’s face.