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IRS TAX Attorney

A Brief Guide on How to Get Assistance Regarding a Tax Lien

If the IRS has issued a tax lien against your property, it is essential to immediately take action to resolve the situation before it worsens. This blog post is for you, read on as we give you a brief guide on how to get assistance for a tax lien.

Tax Security 101: All You Need to Know to Protect Your Data

There are a number of schemes that involve illegal attempts to obtain sensitive taxpayer information, such as usernames, passwords, and financial information. Whether it is receiving emails from suspicious sources or hyperlinks that redirect you to fraudulent websites, there are numerous ways in which such attempts manifest.

Pay Payroll Taxes to IRS - Steps in filing IRS payroll tax returns

IRS mandates employers to provide an accurate record of the total income of employees and the amounts withheld. Here we explain the basics of payroll taxes and how to pay payroll taxes to the IRS. Take a look.

IRS Penalty Abatement: A Reasonable Cause for what it really means

Taxpayers who have unfiled or unpaid tax debts and have a “reasonable cause” for the noncompliance, can apply for penalty abatement relief. Here we cover all you need to know about a “reasonable cause” for IRS penalty abatement and what it really means. Read on.

Understanding the Finer Aspects of Wage Garnishment in Dallas

Wage garnishment is one the rights the IRS has to collect unpaid taxes and penalties. Under wage garnishment, the taxpayer’s employer withholds a certain percentage of their salary for a particular period. The said percentage is directed to the IRS instead of the taxpayer.

Finding a Way Out of IRS Tax Problems

In this article, we show you a few steps you can take to get started on resolving your IRS tax issues.

Payroll Tax Problems - Answering Frequently Asked Questions

When facing IRS payroll tax payment problems, it is important to know the steps that are needed to deal with the IRS. Although understanding all the steps involved in preparing and filing payroll tax returns is important in avoiding mistakes. Here we answer some frequently answered questions about payroll tax problems. Take a look.

IRS Offer in Compromise - 5 Tips to Follow when Requesting Offer in Compromise | Nick Nemeth Blog

Whether filing for an Offer in Compromise or appealing to a rejected offer, it is advisable to seek the help of an IRS tax attorney who can guide you in the right direction. Here get five tips to follow when applying for IRS Offer in Compromise.

4 Tax Reform Resources That Every Taxpayer Must Know About

Taxpayers face a lot of challenges when it comes to comprehending the complex Tax Code to ensure full compliance and awareness of their rights. The Tax Code has so much significance as it speaks directly to your wallet.

All You Need to Know about IRS Penalty Abatement in Dallas

Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present all you need to know about IRS penalty abatement.

Think You Don’t Need a Tax Attorney? Think Again!

In many cases we rather deal with our own taxes until the situation gets messy and have no option but turn to a tax attorney in Fort Worth.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Payroll Tax Payment|Nick Nemeth Blog

Payroll Tax is the essential responsibility for any business. Understand the complete process of Payroll Taxes for any organization and contact to an experienced IRS Tax Attorney from the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth for further queries.

Best Tax Lawyer in Texas : Finding Tax Attorneys in Dallas? Here are Some Tips

IRS problems are quite sensitive and need immediate attention. Maybe you have some IRS problems, specific state tax issues, or want to start a business - the best way to avoid all tax-related problems is to consult a tax attorney.

3 Reasons You Should File Your Tax Return on Time - Tax Services Texas

Filing your tax return can be quite confusing and overwhelming. And if you are among those who owe taxes, it can be downright depressing, especially if you can’t afford to pay. Non-filed tax returns are not only illegal but can also lead to an entirely different set of IRS tax problems and penalties. If the government believes you are guilty of tax evasion, you can even face jail time and exempt yourself from many benefits of filing a tax return on time. That is why you need to get expert help to urgently file any unfiled tax returns. You can easily find tax attorneys to help with unfiled tax returns in Dallas and other areas of Texas. To help motivate you, we share three reasons why you should file your taxes on time.

5 Ways to Settle IRS Tax Debt

It can be intimidating knowing that you owe the IRS. They can garnish your wages, seize your assets, and place a lien on your property to recover the money you owe. Avoid these actions by taking advantage of one of the ways listed below to avail Dallas IRS tax relief.

Why You Should Consult With Fort Worth Tax Lawyers

You will benefit from the assistance and input of an IRS debt tax attorney in Fort Worth, to avoid mistakes that can end up costing you time, money, and even your liberty.

Payroll Tax Collections - My IRSteam

Attorney Nick Nemeth explains payroll tax collection, and related issues that can arise.

Asset Seizure: What Can The IRS Take? | Nick Nemeth Blog

The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, IRS Tax Attorney in Dallas, focuses solely on helping our clients and providing them with the best solution for their problem. Negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service may be intimidating to deal with on your own and we are here to help.

How to Stay Out of Jail When You Owe Back Taxes | Nick Nemeth Blog

In some cases, back taxes could even land you in jail! While seeking professional help is the best approach when you owe back taxes, you too must be aware of the basics. That is precisely what we cover in this blog post. Read more.

Different Types Of IRS Tax Installment Agreements | Nick Nemeth Blog

The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth help taxpayers looking to get relief from tax debts through various IRS Tax Instalment Agreements. Here is a look at the different types of IRS Tax Instalment Agreements for which you can opt.

What To Do If You Get A Letter From The IRS? | Nick Nemeth Blog

If you’ve received a letter from the IRS, don’t panic. We’ll go over the possible reasons why you received the letter and what to do about it! Have a look.

Debunking 4 Common Myths About IRS Offer in Compromise

To help clear the smokescreen, this blog post debunks four common myths surrounding IRS Offer in Compromise. Take a look.

How To Amend a Tax Return 2020 | Tax Tips From IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth

Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth discusses a few tips that may help you amend a tax return should you discover an error after filing said return.

What You Need To Know About Unfiled Tax Returns

It is important that you know the consequences of unfiled tax returns and how you can get help in filing your taxes. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we present a simple guide to understanding the consequences of unfiled tax returns and how you can resolve them. Read on.

Simple Financial Adjustments to Help You Get Through The COVID-19 Crisis | Nick Nemeth Blog

The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth stand ready to help you with IRS problems pertaining to issues such as IRS appeals and IRS tax investigations. Let’s look at some simple financial adjustments that can help you get through the COVID-19 crisis.