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dj san francisco

A wedding DJ san francisco, Sound DJs provides couples and their guests with the ultimate entertainment experience. Understanding that every ceremony and reception is unique and one of a kind, the company prides itself on ensuring your celebration is brought to life.
Transport your wedding guests into a world of Blueedgeweddings .


dj san francisco

A wedding, Sound DJs provides couples and their guests with the ultimate entertainment experience. Understanding that every ceremony and reception is unique and one of a kind, the company prides itself on ensuring your celebration is brought to life.
Transport your wedding guests into a world of Blueedgeweddings . Allow us to tastefully envelope your wedding day with meticulous detail and creative flair. Unrivalled nationwide, each design is customised to give you a lasting lifetime of incredible memories.

Your wedding is one of the biggest and most important events in your life. You can trust us with your special day.
Our professional wedding DJs & MCs are trained to be entertaining without being overbearing and cheesy. All are equipped with state of the art professional dj equipment, from wireless microphones, dance floor lighting to the perfect speaker setup fitted for the venue of your wedding. We also have an extensive music library that covers every genre of music conceivable. You select the perfect music for your wedding.
We have extensive years of experience DJ weddings across, san francisco, bay area.
we have best djs in san francisco is dedicated to ensuring that he takes care of all of his clients, and that their entertainment needs are met and exceeded. He offers high-quality event direction and personal client service. He is committed to providing you with top notch DJ entertainment and event planning...
One’s a successful criminal attorney. The other a writer with a book credit and a few thousand news bylines. That unlikely pairing spawned G.O. Events & D.J. Katie and Ian have worked to better the wedding experience for happy clients for nearly a decade, bringing a fresh approach to not only


dj san francisco

Dj Halo has performed at over 100+ corporate events, and weddings to date. He is the best dj in San Francisco
With 10 years on air radio experience including hosting a morning drive show in Bridgeport, CT., and holding DJ residencies at historical venues in New York like the Knitting Factory, he is one of the most talented and dynamic Djs on the team.
His skills and passion for music has led him to tour in all 48 continental states and worldwide.
“I love Djing weddings because people show up ready to have a good time and celebrate. The party is already there, I just have to make it happen through doing two things I love: playing great music and good Mc’ing.”


dj san francisco

DJ Jon Carino is a veteran dj in San Francisco with over 500 wedding under his belt. His deep passion for Djing, music, and mobile events all started in the early 90’s. Since then, he has performed at every major club on the map in the Bay Area. A perfectionist at heart, Jon treat every one of his couples like VIP. He takes countless hours behind the scene to curate the right playlist. Behind the ones and twos Jon is able to masterfully weave between music genres and eras to create flawless and energetic blends to keep your dance floor rocking all night long!
For more than a decade, the Friendly Traveler has been rocking major club venues dj in San Franciscoarea, as well as dominating college radio air waves as an on-air personality and resident mix DJ.
His deep knowledge and love of music enables him to create highly innovative cross-genre mixes. Whether you are into Top 40, Dance/Pop, Hip Hop, 80’s, Classic Rock, Soul/R&B, or Country, the Friendly Traveler can tailor a mix that will electrify you and your guests
DJ Stretch has spent the last 15 years wowing fans and rocking parties all across the globe, both as an MC and a DJ. Traveling from Beijing to Brooklyn, Stretch has held down residencies in some of the biggest venues in the Bay area, and performed at festivals, all over the world. A versatile veteran DJ with countless corporate functions, and weddings under his belt. You can count on Stretch to keep your dance floor packed!
“I always ask my self before every event, How can I knock this party out of the park?…even if the one before this was already bananas!”


djs for wedding

djs for wedding


It is hard to believe in the existence of a woman, who hasn’t dreamed about her special wedding day since childhood. Usually, they have planned out all the details of the wedding ceremony, wedding gown, venue, its design, music, list of guests and even their wedding speech. Women spend hours on ideas of how to make their wedding ceremony so special and unique. First, it depends on your budget. The budget will determine how big and fancy will be the celebration, guest list size, the wedding planning, and its style and even your wedding gown, which sometimes does not meet your expectations. They are often looking for djs for wedding Music and wedding dj prices are another point, that needs to fit your budget. It varies depending on the state, city, etc.
You need to find your choice, which will fulfill your requests and meet expectations. But how much does it cost to organize your wedding or any other special event? What is the range and limit for wedding djs prices? How to make this day outstanding and add some WOW effects to your special day?
WOWs are different for every people; for some women its grand ceremony, for others it is a crazy wedding after party, for the rest, it could be some emotional speeches. So, each woman dreams to live this day to the fullest, as it is a significant transition date in their life. It is a new phase in life, where she will start to build her own family with her partner. It is a serious step on the long journey to adulthood for both partners. From now on they are committed to care and love each other. It is a very emotional moment. Therefore creating happy memories is the primary object of each wedding planning process. So we need to write down every detail of the upcoming event to avoid any frustration during the ceremony.
A woman wants to feel like a princess this day and enjoy every moment of it. She is a complete center of attention, but at the same time, she wants to make sure that everyone else is enjoying this day along with her. All these moments make the day special, but at the same time very restless and stressful. And here comes the help from outside. There are lots of wedding ceremony planning companies to eliminate the mentioned issues and let you enjoy your day.
This option will be great for those who prefer a conservative approach for their weddings with no extra elegant glamour. This package comes with two powered speakers, a digital DJ controller, and basic dance light system. It is suitable for small to medium size events, accommodating up to 150 guests.
As you understand, wedding DJs prices will be based on the package you choose. Additional to listed packages, BlueEdge Production also provides customized options for its clients. Our customer can further boost up their experience with us by adding LED walls, LED dance floors and by renting a projector. Our team is ready to accommodate all your visual and music needs and create a fully customized performance for you and your guests
All our prices include the cost of staffing, set up and travel. To confirm your reservation with us, we request a 30% non-refundable deposit. We bring backup sound and all the necessary DJ equipment to the venue. To set up everything on time, we arrive 2 hours in advance before the event. It is highly recommended to do in-advance on-site consultation. BlueEdge provides an initial consultation for free. It will help us to calculate the budget, based on the size of the venue, clients’ special requirements, the area of focus, etc. We also accept clients’ desires about lighting colors, dance floor, and music selection. We take music requests during the event as well.
Overall, our professionals will provide you will guidance with the timeline, event flow, music selections, uplighting, monogram lighting, and a photo booth. Even if you are behind the planned schedule, our team will help you to adapt smoothly. Booking is straightforward, and we are very responsible for emails and phone calls.
To keep making our clients happier and happier, we are open to their suggestions, as we value their point of view. All the wedding DJs prices need to be compared based on their references. Therefore, BlueEdge professionals can provide recommendations from previous customers upon request along with all necessary information, such as phone numbers, emails address, so that you can check it yourself. We will need your references later, as our reputation is important for us and we lead our business based on your feedback Our experienced team members are realistic and do not over promise about their job.


event photographer san francisco

event photographer san francisco

Do you want to please your guests with something unusual and unique? Do you want a holiday to be unforgettable? So do you need event photographer san francisco ? photo both rental is an opportunity to please every guest of the event with instantly printed photos, as well as an excellent advertising tool that greatly attracts attention! Let’s assume that you are getting married, or for your birthday, or for some positive reason, as well as corporate events, you are organizing a party. In this sense, you want to have unforgettable memories from these special days and your greatest witnesses of your happiness are your photos. Everyone wants to have incredibly beautiful photos so that happy moments from those days could remain forever. We offer you the best event photography you have ever seen!Enthusiasm for taking photos makes photo booth rental important. Today the photo booth in San-Francisco Bay Area has become more accessible.

Renting a classic photo booth with interchangeable backgrounds, or lightweight photo booth (photo stand) is a rental of a specially equipped place with studio lighting to get the best quality photos. Finding the photo booth rental with high-level professionalism is not an easy task.

Of course, meeting all the requirements and wishes of customers is not an easy task. It requires a good creative ability, large vision, professionalism in work and customer satisfaction. At present, if we consider that there are many photo booth rental services in the San Francisco Bay Area, all of them offer their services and think they are best. An exclusive photo booth is made for each event, reflecting the spirit and style of the event. Exceptional quality, rich functionality and significant customer benefits will satisfy even the most sophisticated wishes.


wedding lighting by area

Lighting decorations are recognized as a fantastic and modern type of lightings for special occasions and weddings in the Bay Area. There are plenty of businesses that are dealing with the decorations and lighting to make every event, especially, weddings more charming. BluEdge Weddings is considered a unique place when it comes to design up lighting by area for your special days.
If you want to own a specific ambiance in your special events, it is essential to focus on lighting design. If your wedding or event will locate in one of the most exciting places in San Francisco, then it is much more interesting that you can transform your event into a breathtaking canvas of light. wedding lighting by area is famous as a work of art during holidays and special events.
As everything changes in modern life and new technologies emerge they affect lighting designs as well, and they influence every sphere with innovations. Innovative design technologies can make individuals’ vision of an event to come to life. The diversity of innovative lighting in Bay Area helps to create a magical atmosphere in special events of yours.
These are four innovative design solutions to make your wedding or other events shine!
1. Use LEDs for lighting
2. Make fantastic effects with pixel mapping
3. Get creative with happy tubes
4. Move your audience with Moving heats
5. Led lightings are one of the most innovative types of design. They accounted for energy efficient and last long hours. Besides, they have chips which of their colors are manageable
6. Pixel mapping is something that was rare a few years ago. It came to the innovative lighting business and had many exciting applications that are popular as an innovative lighting idea near the Bay Area.
7. Happy tubes may change the boring offices to fun and exciting places and can decorate events in workplaces such as corporate parties.
8. Moving heads – They are the techniques that are controlled by digital motors. These innovative lighting designs are standard due to its possibility of lower lighting budget.


wedding dj near me

“Dear, we will have a wonderful wedding!”, “This day will always remain in our memory!”, “There will be a lot of guests at our wedding!”, “Everything will be fine!” … How nice it sounds, isn’t it? Seemingly – a wedding! A word that is simply doomed to be associated with a synonym for the word “happiness”. Is not it? And most (if not all) of people think about it. But let’s be honest. How do you think there is a guarantee that everything will go well at your wedding, as you wished? Or how did you dream about it? The answer is likely to be ambiguous. Right? And here the question is that the range of problems encountered at weddings is really extensive. They can be both significant and insignificant. But these are really a problem. One of the essential issues is to find a perfect wedding dj. We suggest you the best wedding dj near me that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Probably everyone will agree that music accompanies us throughout our life? Right? Music surrounds us in our difficult moments and happy moments. And for every moment of our life corresponds to a certain style of music. But first, you should know wedding dj cost by area
Since the development and evolution of music, as well as the holding of weddings, there have also been changes in the structure of the wedding itself. For example, one of the characteristic features of today’s weddings is the obligatory disco.
Indeed, the DJ profession itself is very responsible. Incorrectly selected music can seriously affect the mood of the guests. Therefore, the presence of a DJ is one of the main points that must be considered when organizing a wedding. Well, if you still make a mistake in choosing or something you do not like, then do not worry. The only solution may be that you can ask the DJ to finish your performance ahead of time and stay as a guest.


weding dj by area

Wedding music and DJ are of course a must for a wedding ceremony not only in San Francisco but also all over the world. Every detail of the wedding day – from the walk down the aisle to the first dance, the father-daughter dance to the recessional – music helps set the tone for the entire day. Hiring anyone for your wedding can become an undesirable experience, especially if you’re unsure about what you want exactly. Well, if you are a resident of San Francisco and looking for a wedding dj by area do you know the points you need to be aware of and the questions you need to ask? If no, continue reading and find a guide that BluedgeWeddings have created to the top ten most important questions you must ask any before hiring a DJ for a wedding in San Francisco. Bluedge wedding will help you to find wedding dj prices by area.
It is one of the essential questions you need to ask before hiring a DJ for a wedding in San Francisco. If they are not available, you do not need waste your time requesting detailed information about their service and you need to find out if they have already booked elsewhere on your wedding day beforehand in order not to be disappointed. It is vital to find out whether they are a well-rounded, professional entertainer who had varied and vast experience working with different audiences or a part-time worker who is doing this job to make a living or as entertainment. A wedding is a momentous event, and you don’t want your wedding to be the DJ’s first event in San Francisco. The number of years a DJ has been in the job will give you information about their experience level. Despite it, the standard of some part-time DJs for a wedding could be excellent and maybe even better than some full-time professionals.