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Updated by Nemanja Manojlovic on Feb 11, 2019
Headline for Customer Experience in 2019: 4 Must-Have Tech Solutions
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Customer Experience in 2019: 4 Must-Have Tech Solutions

Customer experience is constantly evolving and we're here to discuss some of the tech innovations that will drive its improvement in 2019.



New technological solutions in combination with the constant upgrading of the existing ones have drastically changed various industries in 2019. All improvements have affected businesses worldwide, but these technological advancements have had the greatest influence on ecommerce.

Using the latest tech, companies found various ways to simplify all their processes, ensure a smooth workflow, increase sales, decrease efforts, and most importantly, to improve customer experience.

As technology develops, the users' requirements keep growing as well. After people realized all the benefits of online shopping, their hunger for a perfect service continued to grow.

Instead of leaving their homes to go shopping, modern customers want to finish all the processes, including the selection of products or services, payment, and even customer support, using their laptops or even smartphones.

The number of modern customers is also growing, so the chances that you'll develop your business in a traditional way, without any help of technological solutions, are extremely low.

With that in mind, we've found four must-have tech solutions that will help you improve your business, increase sales, reduce the efforts, and attract a wider audience after you enhance user experience!




When we're talking about customer experience, it will be unfair to skip Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

As the name suggests, the implementation of CRM will help you manage relationships with modern clients. Using well-optimized CRM software, you can gather valuable user data, manage contacts, and even automate some processes to increase efficiency.

Collecting user data enables you to find out exactly what your clients are looking for, which further facilitates all the processes for both sides.

Users will receive recommendations based on their previous search and online behavior, which helps them finish all their shopping faster, and you'll increase profits thanks to better customer engagement.

Sounds like a win-win choice!


Chatbots, ML, NLP, and AI

Chatbots, ML, NLP, and AI

Although chatbots are available for decades, in the past few years, chatbots have become even better and more beneficial. The best chatbots with machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence are incredibly helpful. They are available 24/7, they can handle lots of customers at the same time, they can communicate naturally, and they can give accurate answers to users' demands.

Thanks to machine learning, the best chatbot can learn over time and improve all its functions, NLP increases its capabilities of communicating, and the advantages of AI are clear – chatbots with the best AI can solve various problems and help clients find what they want.

The best thing about chatbots is its availability. Implementation of the best chatbot implies 24/7/365 service, which significantly improves customer experience. Moreover, thanks to platforms such as, you can create your free chatbot without any programming knowledge, using various templates.


Omni-channel presence and live chat

Omni-channel presence and live chat

Omni-channel presence is another crucial factor for success because users appreciate it when you give them a choice. The best chatbot can help you build your cross-channel presence and be available on various messaging channels such as SnatchApp, Web, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Line, and many more. Benefits are clear – instant customer service, automated welcome messages, and personalized service.

Using the best chatbot, you can be available all the time and everywhere, providing your customers with the best experience. Moreover, live chat will enable your customers to get the answers in real time, which affects client retention.


Customer Feedback Tools

Customer Feedback Tools

Nothing can improve the customer experience if you don't know where the problem exists. Using customer feedback tools, your clients will be able to rate your services, products, the quality of customer support, and all other aspects of your business and engagement.

By giving your customers the ability to express their feelings directly related to the whole experience, you'll be able to realize your mistakes and improve, but also to find out all the positive sides of your business.


The bottom line

We do believe that tech solutions will develop even more in 2019, but we also know that you should implement all the mentioned solutions as soon as possible to achieve your business goals. If you join the community of modern companies, your customers will be satisfied, which will improve all aspects of your business overnight!

If you apply all the mentioned solutions, you'll drive more revenue, decrease your marketing costs, and stand out from the competition.