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Author Ted Rubin on Measuring Social Media Efforts | BizBash

Ted Rubin believes in the power of social networks.

18 Ways to Engage and Build Teams in a Social Era « Matt Andresen

Social has taken away numerous connection barriers within the workplace, giving companies more direct access to not just push information out to their employees, but to actively engage in ongoing c...

QR Codes: Fad, Marketing Trend or… | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

I read a post last week debating whether QR codes are a fad or a marketing trend ripe for growth. My thought was… REALLY?

QR codes are not a fad, that would imply they ever had value or were

Twitter for Sharing and Syndication | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Many misunderstand the current power and relevant scale of Twitter. It is not about how Twitter has scaled to the general public. The most important thing about News, Content, and anything else publi

What Are You Doing to Connect Women with Your Brand/Product/Service? | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

What is happening now, as more women spend more time on more social networking sites for more reasons, is that women’s purchasing power now goes well beyond the purse … into women’s relationsh

Relationship Building on Social Platforms | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

So can you maintain meaningful relationships with thousands of people at a time? No, but every touch is important, no matter how small. Think of it this way… individual touches are like relationship

The Social Path to Purchase… ~via @CollectiveBias | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

The Collective Bias influencer community creates shopper content By Stuart Feil

Septemer 10, 2012 ADWEEK

Shopping is, by its very nature, a social activity—people always want to know what othe

Stand out by “Liking” them before they “Like” you. | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Want better Return on Relationship™? Don’t wait for customers/prospects to “Like” you… start “Liking” them! Inspire them to like you…

There’s no lazy way out of this, folks. If yo

ROR (#RonR), Return on Relationship™… what is that? | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Facebook fans, retweets, site visits, video views, positive ratings and vibrant communities are not measureable financial assets—they aren’t reflected on the balance sheet and can’t be counted o

Defining Social Metrics | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

I talk often about ROR, Return on Relationship™(hashtag #RonR)… simply put the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. ROI is simple $’s and cents. ROR is th

Listening to Me or Doing Something Else? | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Social skills have suffered a great deal not necessarily due to “social media” per-say, but because of all the electronics we all carry and are addicted to in our daily lives. It did not used to b

Marketing Lessons from Children: Listen for “Moments” — and Make it Personal | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

As marketers we think we’re all grown up, and that business has nothing to do with being personal. Like the pat excuse we’ve all heard when a business decision affects other people’s lives, “T

If you are only focused on the Money, you risk completely overlooking the People | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

I was with a senior marketing executive from a major retailer recently and we got into an hour long conversation about Return on Relationship™, my philosophy, and what it means to me. He was incredi

Message to Businesses: Change Your Framework—Change Your Future | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog






Originally posted at IBM Smarter Commerce… Redefining commerce in the age of the customer. 

A comment by Dino Dogan on my post regarding

A Secret to Innovation: Childlike Imagination | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Need inspiration to do a better job of marketing, collaborating and growing a better future for your business? Then observe your kids (or somebody else’s kids if yours are grown). The kind of imagin

Want to Scale Social Messaging? Get Your Customers’ Help! | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

The social space is getting so crowded that brands have to work DOUBLY hard to achieve any kind of traction in social messaging. How do you develop awareness around your product or service when the st

Are Your Customers Lying to You? How Can You REALLY Tell What They’re Thinking? | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

In John Nosta’sThinkology blog post, “The Fundamental Marketing Dilemma: Language is a Lie,” he discusses books like Malcom Gladwell’sBlink and Tor Norretranders’s The User Illusion, 

Want More from Social? Empower Your Employees as Brand Advocates/Evangelists! | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Brands have it tough these days. Many are trying to make the “social leap,” but are still stuck in the traditional marketing thought process of “controlling the message.” It can be a bit hard

When Relationships Go South: Dealing with Negative Fallout Online | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

After my post on Relationship Killers, I received a great comment from Zach Rosenberg, who brings up another relationship killer—telling the customer they’re full of beans. Here’s what he had

Don’t Wait for Holidays to Make People Feel Special | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day brings back a lot of memories for parents of teens and grown children, and sometimes those memories can be lessons for business relationships as well—namely, don’

Relationship Killers: Four of the WORST Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

The biggest goal for any brand delving into social media should be to develop quality, productive relationships. That’s the bottom line. However, many brands still “don’t get it,” and consiste

Social Commerce is Relationship Commerce | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

We’re hearing more and more about “Social Commerce” these days – but how many of us actually understand its implications?  I’ve spent years in the midst of the evolution of commerce: As tra

Twitter basics… In My Humble Opinion | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

The mistakes I see being made is trying to measure Social engagement with the same tools we measure every other digital touch point. In my view email, search, even banner ads, have spoiled marketers i

Are You Too Comfortable to Grow? Break out of that Mindset! | THE SOCIAL CMO Blog

Most of us spend our lives trying to “get comfortable and stay comfortable.” We want a roof over our heads, enough food to eat, a decent car to drive, and enough money that we don’t have to worr