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My Three Words #mythreewords #3words 2013 - A collaborative list of posts

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In 2013 Let's Be Worthy Together - #MyThreeWords | via @nickkellet

Inspired by Chris Brogan, my three wrods has become an annual tradition for many people. What three words will define your 2013?

3 words for 2012, 3 words for 2013 - @cspenn - Christopher S. Penn : Awaken Your Superhero

At the beginning of 2012, I kicked off the year with 3 words that would define it: story, restoration, and compassion. Let's see how things turned out for the year. Story worked out as planned. A number of folks commented throughout the year that the work I did on my storytelling paid off, especially in…

Attention, Delivering, Laughter - @omaniblog

Podcast monologue that aims to help others cope with the complexity of the year ahead...

The core idea came from #ChrisBrogan of #HumanBusinessWorks

3 Words For The New Year @jasondyk

Curiosity, Execute, Simplify

Bombshell, marathon, pen pals | @PeevedMichelle

I have big plans for 2013 #mythreewords #bny

Bombshell, pen pals, marathon

In.The.Moment : Principles for 2013: My Three Words | Passing Thru @betsywuebker

Hi Nick - Cool feature. Here's my actual post.

The Three Words for 2013

Distilling your focus to three words is a challenging but rewarding exercise. Here's my crack at it.

Rob Hatch via Chris Brogan

Systems, Service & Now

Stream, Dream, Clean : Three Words, The Future - Happy New Year! - @JeffCutler | Social Media Journalist

I enjoy reading Chris Brogan's article on three new words every year. While I've been a bit unfocused since dad died in 2011, I've still tried to emulate t

My Three-Word Theme for 2013 | @swbuehler | Steven W. Buehler

So it’s time to swap out the 2012 calendar hanging on the wall for a shiny, new 2013 one. Time to spend the next two months accidentally writing “2012″ on your letters and checks ...

Menu, Build and Minimize in 2013 | C.C. Chapman

What I'll be focusing on for the next 365 days.

Work, Focus, and Sell in 2013 - @tojosan

Welcome to 2013. Shifting to a new year is mostly symbolic. No magic happens nor are there any shifts in us physically.  A new calendar year does remind us of renewal and restarts. It's once again time to commit to ourselves, to refresh our plans, goals, and habits.   Three words, it doesn't seem lik

My 3 Words for 2013 - Think, Rejoice & Be | @boydjane

And so 2013 is now upon us. It’s a whole new year; starting with a brand new day. An opportunity for everything to begin one more time.

Tweet from Ann B - @AnnBac9

Inspire, motivate, support.....#MyThreeWords

Tweet from Montez - @tezero

@Tojosan @chrisbrogan #mythreewords health, hope, happiness ( all are under my control)

Tweet from Jackie Jimenez - @jackiej04

#mythreewords for 2013: Growth & New Beginnings. What's yours?


My Last 3 Words Standing | @ajaxwoolley

My Last 3 Words Standing | @ajaxwoolley

Confidence. Control. Cash.

In The Moment : Tweet from betsywuebker - @betsywuebker


Tweet from Arti - @urstrulyarti

LEARN. UNLEARN. RELEARN. #mythreewords