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Latest Trending News About Upcoming Technology And Tips By Kody

Latest Trending Technology related News And Tips By Kody. About Web Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Sharepoint Development, App Development, Digital And Content Marketing etc.

How SharePoint Development is evolving in the Future? - EnjoySharePoint

Learn how SharePoint development is evolving in the future? What is the future of SharePoint developer? SharePoint developer future.

Portfolio Design Trends in 2019 | Design Shack

When was the last time you updated your design portfolio? (If you’re like me, it’s probably been a while.) Maintaining a fresh portfolio is a good way to show off your skills to potential clients and can be helpful when looking back on work for annual contest entries. If you’ve falle...

8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website Design - UnderConstructionPage

Design of a website is more important than people usually think, so take your time to have the really best version of it before showing it off to people.

How to Fix The Broken Links in Your WordPress Site - Tribulant Software Blog

Tribulant Software, premium WordPress plugins blog with announcements, releases and other information

Have you ever experienced the broken links on your WordPress site? It can possibly be the worst nightmare for both site owner and users. As the broken links are worst for your website, you should definitely look after some few hacks to find and fix your broken links.

Automated chatbots don't have conversations, they debate?

Vanita Tanna, head of Experience and Service Design at Rufus Leonard, explores our relationship with chatbot technology

vaak: The AI cameras that can spot shoplifters even before they steal, Technology News, ETtech

What makes AI-based shoplifting detection a straightforward proposition is the fact that most of the hardware — security cameras — is usually alre..

How Healthcare Benefits from Mobile App Development? - by Stephanie Donahole

Fortunately, the mobile app revolution has made its way to the healthcare industry, and it’s only the beginning of what’s possible.

Are you done and dusted while facing dull and monotonous waiting in the hall or long queues, showing desperation to get inside the doctor’s chamber? Well, I am sure you must have encountered such typical scenarios while paying a visit to a hospital. Fret not! It’s time to change the existing condition of the medical and healthcare industry.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress Web Development - Bthemez Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms open source web development platform, here are some reasons why you should consider WordPress web development

Automated vs. Manual User Testing - when to choose what? - Usersnap Blog

With this comparison between automated vs. manual testing, we want to help you to make a quicker decision what to use. The current trend in everything becoming more automated, that goes for software and website testing too.

Top Instagram Marketing Hoaxes and Here’s How to Fix Them - The Next Scoop

Appropriate Presentation is the key to success. Do you agree? I mean no matter how best research you do or how persistent you are in your work, all of that counts for nothing if you don’t know how to present it right.

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare at serious cyber attack risk - details inside | Tech News

It is emerging as the next big thing to become a $300 billion global industry by 2020 and India is all set to capture at least 20 per cent market share in the next five years, says a Nasscom report.

Why the IT industry in India may be staring at a decline in growth this fiscal

The note also that the banking and financial services vertical, a critical segment for the IT industry, is facing its own set of challenges.Growth challenges apart, the industry faces headwinds on the margins front

What Are The Benefits Of WordPress To Build A Business Website – SoloStream HelpDesk

Lot of reasons why we have been extolling the virtues of WordPress include its rare ability to confer simple usability and provide high-quality features to websites of all types. Unfortunately, many of you still think of WordPress as “another blogging platform” so why it should be considered as the best choice for the non-blogging website?

Businesses adopting digital tech to provide better customer experience: Report

Technology start-ups have further accelerated the trend by disrupting the traditional industries.The first phase of digitalisation was associated with ‘mature’ technologies, such as management information systems

Digital data silos keep providers in the dark, hindering their ability to dispense the care that is called for by new business models that value quality over quantity.

Top 9 Skills To Boost Employee Productivity - PomoDoneApp

Is it simply enough to have a job, an office or huge organization to work in? And getting a cheque at the end of the week? A workplace no matter small or large has to be taken off by efficiency and achievement that empowers itself in the form of tangible results for the company and is rewarding for the employee.

Python:If You Want A Tech Job In Video Streaming, You Need To Master Python Coding Language

It’s a really good time to be a programmer. In this age of digital boom, the profession is in demand in everything from banking, to research, to app development, and more. In fact, if you’re a programmer, there’s a good chance Netflix wants to hire you too.

4 Tips For Information Technology Optimization - Nerd's Magazine

With modern businesses heavily dependent on information technology to power their enterprise, it’s easy for IT costs to rapidly spiral out of control.

With modern businesses heavily dependent on information technology to power their enterprise and give them an edge over the competition, it’s easy for IT costs to rapidly spiral out of control. This is often done in the mistaken belief that the more money and tech you throw at a problem, the more likely it is to be resolved.

Top Mobile Apps According To Their Categories - Nigeria Technology Guide

The headline reads just right as mobile app development is deemed by many as being among the most dynamic industries worldwide. People are going all guns

The headline reads just right as mobile app development is deemed by many as being among the most dynamic industries worldwide. People are going all guns to jump into the bandwagon, of course, to earn cash from the lucrative field. Well, all I have to say is that no matter from which corner you sprout up do not try becoming a typical app developer whom I refer as “Appreneur.”

Changing landscape: Microsoft adopts an open approach

Unlike closed source that is accessible only by its creator, open source usually refers to the platform that is publicly accessible for inspecting, development, and modification as well as sharing

For decades, under the leadership of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft did not venture into open-source technologies. However, there is a wind of change in the company as it is embracing open-source for its cloud services.

Unified Payments Interface: The Days Of Free UPI Money Transfers May Be Ending

Three years after the unified payments interface was introduced, larger banks plan to start charging customers for transactions done via the platform. Bankers, who have seen UPI-based payments become the go-to option, feel the platform has now stabilised to a level where charges can be introduced, said two people familiar with the ongoing conversations between banks and the National Payment Corporation of India.

Top Reasons Why Python Development Is Widely Used On the Enterprise - Software Reviews, Pricing, Comparison 2018 | Al...

Over these years, Python seems to have created a lot of buzz across the globe. Despite of its popularity, have you wondered why it has failed to penetrate enterprise development and still regarded as an alternative scripting language?

9 incredibly useful Google Maps features everyone should know about | BusinessInsider

Google Maps can be very helpful for looking up directions ahead of time. But when doing so, be sure to change the time window to match the time during which you plan to travel. That makes it possible for Google to serve up the most accurate results based on traffic patterns and other variables.

#CareerBytes: Top 5 skills to help you land tech jobs

The tech sector continues to grow and create jobs at a rapid pace; it is also one of the most exciting industries to work in. Those interested in joining the tech sector should develop tech some skills that would help them stay ahead of the game. Here are some skills to help you land tech jobs.

Storytelling: Only You Who Can Script your Story

Brands with a gripping story-line can become a massive hit. Disney and Coca-Cola unveiling the power of story-telling are some of the best examples to take into account. In fact, Tech giant Apple possesses brand stories that are legendary in their status. Due to this, more and more businesses are seen comprehending stories to come up with something that meets the eye of the consumer.