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Learning the Art Of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing

A rhetorical analysis essay is an essay where one studies the work of different writers and speakers to understand the effect it has had on their audience. It is usually done on a non-fiction work where the influence of words is explained --- whether the goal was to entertain, inform, or persuade the audience.

rhetorical analysis can also be performed on a speech or even a cartoon and advertisement, or other visual work.

The basic goal of conducting a rhetorical analysis is to figure out what the author’s objective was, the tools and techniques they used, and their effectiveness.

You cannot provide your opinion about the author’s argument – whether or not you agree with him, instead, your focus is on how the author made an argument and whether the approach used was successful or not.

Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

If you are unable to write an essay on your own and keep on thinking that how can I find someone to write my essay for me, you should look for an online essay writing service. However if you are a confident writer, go through the details mentioned below.

Looking at the definition and the requirements of a rhetorical analysis essay can make you feel overwhelmed but don’t give up just yet. In this article, we have covered all the necessary tips and steps to get you familiar with these types of essays.

A rhetorical analysis essay is written in a 5-paragraph form consisting of an introduction, body, conclusion.

The introductory paragraph is there to grab the reader’s attention, so use this chance wisely. Also, include brief details about the author, audience, purpose and context.
Don’t forget to include a thesis statement that raises an argument and briefly describe what is going to be discussed further.

Next up is the body; divide it in different sections and talk about the different strategies (ethos, logos, pathos) used by the author. You must answer the questions that we have mentioned earlier and use evidence to support your findings.

The conclusion is the last thing you leave with your reader, so you better make it strong. Mention the main thoughts and how the text under analysis has influenced the society.

Remember! It is different from writing a research paper. The main objective is to expose the rhetorical techniques when you try to persuade your target audience to accept your arguments.

Like any other essay, it demands a similar process and techniques from the writers. You need to read the content, conduct research and conclude your own summary.

You need to be an expert on the platform of pathos, ethos and logos, and various other concepts. Moreover, you should know how to conduct good research.


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