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Team Outing in Bangalore

Here are some of the adventure activities near Bangalore we think are a must do. Are you interested in adventure sports? Have you tried any of these in and around Bangalore? If not then, Pack your bag and join us for this upcoming weekend.

Your ticket to endless fun in Bangalore with PSR Enthrals

Bangalore has, over the past decade, developed into a great place for adventure sports and one day outing with family. While you do have to do a bit of traveling to get to its mountains and beautiful rivers, they are the perfect settings for trekking and river rafting, among other adventure sports.

Why Resort is Considered as The Best Holiday Option?

Hotels may be numerous in number, but whenever we think about outing resorts is the only thing that hits in our mind. These days the number of resorts at much reasonable price is simply available. However, resorts have also become very popular because of a whole lot of terms attached to it. You can relax, enjoy various sports, swim, enjoy lavish foods and seven-star accommodation, entertainment, food, sport and even shopping complexes.

One Day Trekking Experience In Bangalore Is Blissful!

The adventurous day outing in Ramanagara will simply engage you in the most challenging tasks and rewarding sports which include rock climbing, bird watching, rappelling and even camping. You will also enjoy the pitched climbing, the Janapda Loka and even the Kanva reservoir which is the most attractive locations inside the Ramanagara.

Explore the Adventurous Activities to Add Spice to Your Monotonous Life

Bangalore over the past decades has been developed tremendously in terms of adventure and activity sports. An enthusiastic traveller does find solace in enjoying the extravagant mountains, rivers, and perfect setting of the trek altogether. There are challenging and thrilling activities near Bangalore areas which has easy accessibility and fun to it.

Exploring The Night Outing in And Around Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most fascinating air-conditioned city, which has a vibrant nightlife and significant nearby places to create memories. Even if you are a party freak, a fitness freak or a socializing person there is every sort of gateway to explore in Bangalore.

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore | Adventure Camp Bangalore

A gorgeous green lush, a cosmopolitan surrounded by the excellent nature and its outskirts to explore on a weekend is the specialty of Bangalore. The best part is that the places are best for one-day trips and outdoor camps. So even if you are not an exploring person once you visit in one trip you will keep on exploring the beauties in every week.

Explore The Adventurous Camping At Kanakapura

Camping is one of the most fascinating adventures; a best outing for the ideal location to maintain a peaceful time form your monotonous life. A very quiet place, somewhere around in Bangalore of nearby like Kanakapura camping makes it an ideal location from the hustles of daily life.

Explore The Extravaganza at Ramnagar Adventure Tour

Travelling is a breakthrough from daily monotony. A journey begins with the Ramnagar adventure tour; it takes an adventure niche to enjoy any trekking experience to a break freeing yourself at Ramnagar. The adventure takes you to the right to the heart and unique unexplored destinations full of fun, freedom and flexibility.

4 Places to Visit Near Bangalore for a One Day Trip

Top 4 destinations to explore one-day outing in Bangalore which will make your monotonous life happening. You can drive in the fun with visiting the nearby resorts in and around Bangalore where you will explore much adventure and fun. There are facilities of hiking, trekking or even swimming to enjoy the entire day and relax after a year of work on a regular basis.

Vacation in Coorg – A love story of a Nature Lover

We at PSRENTHRALLS believe in reconnecting city-dwellers to their roots and our homestay in Coorg is a expression of that desire. If you are looking to explore nature, we are your friend and guide in your journey. As avid nature lovers, it is our request that you hit the road and join us in a mesmerizing vacation in Coorg.

Make The Best Of Your Trip On Weekend Outing Near Bangalore

Weekend Outing near Bangalore is endless is you list out the best places here. Starting from local city travel to the nearby attraction of hilly areas simply take away the monotony of your regular day. If you are a shopaholic you ought to hit the places in the city Bangalore.

Rekindle Team Bonding With One-Day Outing at Kanakapura Campsite

The PSR Enthralls Kanakapura campsite is a god-sent for those looking to wake their sleepy workforce into roaring enthusiasm, once again. A Team Outing in Bangalore the backdrop of nature gives your Team a glimpse of the real purpose which drives organizations – to achieve excellence by coming together.

Handpicked 6 Team Outing Places in Bangalore

All work and no play make Jack a dull body.’ It is one of the famous sayings which is quite appropriate when we talk about the monotony of work life. As you are in an IT Capital of India, Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city, there are so many places which can be explored in one day.

Explored Beauties for One Day Outings near Bangalore

A perfect metropolitan city is incomplete without weekend getaways nearby to escape the madness of hectic metro life. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is way too much of a perfect metro in this regard. There are hundreds of odd escapades near and around the city which make for perfect one day outings near Bangalore.

Sumesh Reddiar– An Adventure Touring Expert

Our upcoming authentic adventure travel experiences will be explored with Sumesh Reddiar to see the country, especially the Himalayas, from a different traveler’s perspective.

Top 5 Finest Corporate And Team Outings In Bangalore That You Must Not Skip! - Eblogary

This is just the reason why plenty of the companies plan for corporate outings in Bangalore, and you can always consult us PSR Enthralls.

PSR Enthrals Offers The Best Outing To The Kanakapura Nature Adventure Camp On New Years - PSR Enthrals

The New Year is a special time and with the winter chill reaching its peak stage, one will desire to spend time outdoors. As a Bangalore resident, if you are undecided on how to spend this time, you can contact us PSR Enthrals.

The Weekend Curfew Package in 2022 that will live up to your Weekend plans - PSR Enthrals

Bangalore city has seen a rise in infections lately and that has prompted the authorities to impose a weekend curfew. We offer you the scope to leave Bangalore before the curfew sets in and you can come back after the curfew is lifted.