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Headline for 2012 Rewind: City Limits' 2012 Special Investigations
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2012 Rewind: City Limits' 2012 Special Investigations

We've produced more than 100 special investigations and in-depth stories on local and national civic and economic issues this year. Here's a look back at City Limits' 2012 Special Investigations. Please support us for 2013.

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Will Cities Be Heard in Campaign 2012?

Great nations feature great cities. But American campaigns usually don't. Four years after voters elected a president who pledged to do more for cities, is that about to change?

Atlantic Yards | What Does It Mean For Brooklyn?

The rest of Atlantic Yards' promise has yet to be fulfilled. Given the deep disagreement the project prompted, what does that mean for Brooklyn?

The Class of 2013: A Look A Bloomberg's Babies

Over the current academic year, City Limits will follow a few members of the class of 2013 to see how this group of young people navigates the final hurdles of their public school careers, and to look back with them on how Mayor Bloomberg's reform agenda looked from a student's desk.

Gun Politics in America

A special investigative look at the effect of gun politics on the gun industry and policing in New York City.

Participatory Budgeting in New York City

Borrowing an experiment in direct democracy from Brazil, constituents in four City Council districts are getting a direct say in how $1 million of discretionary capital funding is spent.

Payday Loans Alive Online

New York State's tough laws hasn't stopped online lenders from operating. Is this online usury, or a case of the market connecting consumers with few options to a service they need?

Brooklyn's Income Inequality: Global Causes, Local Effects

Income inequality is rising around the globe, around the country and statewide. And despite its blue-collar rep, Brooklyn is one of the most polarized counties. Why is that? And why does it matter?

Searching for El Primero

In the 43 years since the first serious mayoral candidacy by a Latino, the community's numbers in New York have only grown.

Stop and Frisk | A Corner in East New York

No precinct saw more police stops in 2011 than the 75th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn. Within that sprawling district, one seven-by-nine block area was the site of more police encounters than anywhere else in the area.

Phantom Landlord | Dozens of Properties, Millions of Dollars, No Landlord

One Bronx real estate operator had an interest in more than 100 buildings, most of them severely troubled. But when regulators or tenant advocates tried to push for improvements, they found no one to hold accountable.

A Look at New York's Congressmen

What do they do in Washington, on legislation, for their party and for their districts?

Three-Quarter Homes | Unregulated, Often Overcrowded & Sometimes Abusive?

Three-quarters houses give people who are homeless, leaving prison or seeking substance-abuse treatment a place to stay, and government agencies indirectly fund them. But critics say the houses are unregulated, often overcrowded and sometimes abusive to the vulnerable people they serve.

Waste to Energy | Diverting Garbage to Generate Energy

New York is thinking about diverting garbage from out-of-state landfills and using it to generate electricity locally.

Family Court in Crisis

City Limits spent three months watching what happens in Family Court, day in and day out. This is what we saw.

Green Cart Vendors Face Diet of Challenges

From competition with other carts and established businesses, to tickets, cold weather and struggles getting and storing their food, a six-month investigation of the Green Cart program reveals room for improvement.