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5 Best things to do in Vanuatu - Ultimate getaway tips

Vanuatu is home to some of the Pacific's warmest and friendliest people. It's a nation rich in natural splendour and with an economy relying heavily on tourism, visitors are given the best experience.


Vanuatu is Home to Exclusive Resorts

Vanuatu is a place that's free from all the trappings of commercialised holiday destinations, instead, what you get are pristine environs, friendly people and some exclusive international resort chains, tucked away in quiet corners. Like the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, there are beautifully located Vanuatu hotels in the capital, Port Vila. There, the best Vanuatu resort to pick will be the one facing the gorgeous lagoon, just minutes from the best attractions.


Be Amazed by An Active Volcano

Mount Yasur, sits on the island of Tanna, a 45-minute flight from Port Vila. The volcano is alive, and constantly bubbling and spewing gases into the air. You can drive almost to the summit before stopping at the Mount Tanna parking lot. From there it's a mere 10-minute hike to the top. The hissing and the gurgling volcano is one experience you may not forget and just to prove how hot things are, try throwing a piece of molten rock in the air, it will glow a bright red, as does the molten lava, constantly spewing from the volcano.


The Markets of Port Vila Are to be Savoured

Port Vila has a fine collection of markets which are bound to satisfy all hard-core shopaholics. The handicraft market is a good place to start; it is a very tourist-oriented place, where one can purchase a variety of carvings and paintings, as well as, some rather cheap touristy type t-shirts. If you love absorbing local culture, head over to the fresh market located down Main Street of Port Vila. There you are treated to a bevy of local fruits and vegetables, tuck into fresh fish dishes with rice, and then check out the live produce section, selling live crabs and even 'chicken in a box' which is literally a live chicken sold in a – box!


Treat the Foodie in You

Vanuatu is a popular venue in the Pacific for delicious food, and in Port Vila, you have the Palm Cove Beach Bar. This beautifully located water-front beach café serves up delicious portions of lobster and other fish caught from the waters surrounding Vanuatu. You can also try the excellent local beef, which proves the country is more than a haven for fresh seafood.


Try a Glass of Kava

Kava in Fiji is a much milder version than that which is on offer in Vanuatu. Also, you can enjoy a glass, sans the ceremonial pomp, other countries in the region require before being offered a glass. In Vanuatu all you do is head over to the nearest Kava bar and order up a glass; identify the Kava Bars, by the naked bulbs hanging outside certain buildings. Mind you take it easy though, the stuff is quite potent.