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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 05 Things to look forward to during the Macau Grand Prix - Ride away!
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05 Things to look forward to during the Macau Grand Prix - Ride away!

As one of the most coveted attractions in Macau for motorsports enthusiasts, a visit to the Guia Circuit is a must for all travellers. Here are some interesting things to look at when visiting the Grand Prix circuit.


The Thrill

If you are into this, just watching the whole thing unravel from the stands is enough to make you keep coming for more. A mere seven meters in width, the circuit also throws another curveball on racers in terms of altitude as it is one of the few circuits which offers different altitudes at various points of the track.


The Lisboa Bend

Often considered the most exciting point in the track when a race is in full swing, the Lisboa Bend is equally famous as one of the few points in which one bike can overtake another at the end of one of the major straights in the track. The move can be an especially beneficial one during the first lap as subsequent takeovers seem pointless till the vehicles reach the Melco Hairpin, where the right corner which is a 90-degree turn to the right makes overtaking a dangerous move.


Melco Hairpin

As the next turn racers come across after negotiating the Lisboa Bend, the Melco Hairpin is another interesting location in the circuit as it is what riders come up against after climbing San Francisco and passing the Maternity Bend. The twists and turns during this portion of the race are intense and anything but straight and it is once they reach the Melco Hairpin that racers can take a deep breath and relax, even for a second. Once racers round this area the course becomes a wide open road as the next right-hand bends including Fisherman’s, R and Dona Maria show up on the horizon.


Mandarin Corner

Ranked as the most dangerous and terrifying corner for motorbikes, the Mandarin Corner is the first right-hand turn after both the start and the conclusion of the race. Without a runoff and Armco barriers on one side, the corner takes guts of steel to navigate in speeds of up to 170mph.


Best Viewing Spots

Visitors who are touring Hong Kong with and staying at Macau hotels, 5 star or otherwise the likes of Hotel Okura Macau or any other must catch the action live from one of two major grandstands surrounding the Guia Circuit Course. The largest grandstand runs along the pit area while the alternative is located at Lisboa Bend. Those who are fortunate enough to secure seats in these two grandstands will have the best views of the race as other viewing spots are both limited and inadequate in comparison. Local residents, however, are aware of a few secret nooks and alleys where a decent view of the races can be enjoyed. The current record holder for the fastest lap around the Guia Circuit Course is held by none other than Stuart Easton who set the record in 2010 when he finished in an impressive 2m23.616s at 95.32mph.

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