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Updated by Sam Tyson on Feb 15, 2019
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Security Token Offering for Real Estate Asset

An end-to-end asset-backed token for Real Estate Industry. We help the industry in technology, legal and auditing process to raise capital via property-backed tokens. Our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions with the regulations embedded in a smart contract.

Tokenized Real Estate

Planning on raising funds via the STO route? Then you would be needing a reliable asset like real estate to back your security tokens. Blockchain App Factory offers end-to-end solutions to help tokenize your real estate in no-time. Their adept development team has numerous experience in the tokenizing assets and with the companies cutting-edge STO launch platform, you can rest assure, your tokens will comply with all federal regulations and dominate the crypto-market. So go ahead, contact their experts today and raise funds via Tokenized Real Estate, with ease!

Tokenized Real Estate

Blockchain App Factory offers cutting-edge tokenization real estate asset platform development. With our skilled team of experts, you can create security tokens with real estate assets. We offer the security token offering for real estate assets. So if you're looking to tokenized real estate assets for investment, then contact us

Real Estate Blockchain

With Real Estate Blockchain services in huge demand, only the company offering stellar services are recommended. Blockchain App Factory is the leading company in the crypto-market offering cutting-edge solutions to help tokenize your valuable real estate asset with ease. Their adept blockchain team will be delighted to assist you at every step starting from ideation to legally tokenize your precious real estate asset. Why wait? Visit their website today and get started!

Blockchain Commercial Real Estate

Blockchain App Factory offers state-of-the-art Blockchain Commercial Real Estate solutions to help tokenize valuable real estate assets in no time and at a fraction of the budget. They comprise some of the best blockchain experts in the market who are dedicated to providing you with stellar solutions to keep you ahead in the crypto-market. So why wait? Drop in an inquiry and their experts will get in touch with you soon.

Real estate Tokenization

With Real Estate Tokenization requirements on the rise, you need a stellar company with a good track record of successfully tokenizing assets. Blockchain App Factory is one of the market leaders with multiple dedicated blockchain teams comprising experts from various tokenization field. They are experts in tokenizing valuable real estate assets with ease and the best part, their solutions are cost-effecting and ensure on-time delivery always. If you want to get your precious real estate asset tokenized as per federal guidelines, then visit their website today and get in touch with their experts.

Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Planning on raising funds? I would recommend STO since investors trust that platform due to federal compliant security tokens. If you have a valuable real estate asset you think is worth tokenizing, then get in touch with Blockchain App Factory. Their cutting-edge Real Estate Tokenization Platform ensures you receive top of the line solutions starting from ideation to developing legally compliant tokens. The best part, all these solutions are carefully planned, hence you will be saving on unforeseen costs and receive your security tokens on-time.

Security Token Marketing

Security Token Marketing is a way to let your investors know about your STOs as a means of investment. At Blockchain App Factory, we ensure your marketing is done under the rules of general solicitation by promoting your brand and creating an investment value for the project funders. Our adept marketing team with engaging content writers, talented SEOs and creative designers help you raise funds for your projects.

Tokenized Real Estate

With the help of blockchain technology, companies can now offer crypto tokens that are backed by real assets. Tokenized Real Estate creates a more protected system for companies and investors alike and allows many small-time investors to own property infractions. Visit Blockchain App Factory for the best asset tokenization services.

Tokenization Of Real Estate Assets

A company can raise funds by offering security tokens that are asset-backed. This allows illiquid assets to be easily liquidated and purchased in parts without any delay. Blockchain App Factory is a reputed company that can handle your tokenization of real assets and kickstart your business as soon as possible.

Real Estate Tokenization

Blockchain technology creates a means for entrepreneurs and startups to collect funds by offering tokens that are backed by some form of security such as real estate, gold, and artwork. Blockchain App Factory can assist you with real estate tokenization to reach a wide audience of investors and reach your fundraising target.

Real Estate Backed Token

Companies offer real estate backed tokens to investors and collect funds to carry out business. It helps to liquidate illiquid assets and offer them up as security, creating a more guarded environment for companies and investors. Visit Blockchain App Factory for the best asset tokenization services in the market.

Security Token Offering Real Estate

Asset tokenization helps to efficiently convert the rights to assets into digital tokens on the blockchain network. A security token offering real estate is preferred by numerous investors for being more reliable. Blockchain App Factory can help build an STO that tokenize assets to help you raise funds.

Generally, it takes lengthy periods of time to liquidate tangible assets. Tokenization of assets simplifies this process and helps an individual or business easily raise funds by issuing tokens that are backed by real estate. Contact Blockchain App Factory for the best real estate token offering services.