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Updated by Helen Hanison on Feb 04, 2019
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Aligning What You Do With What Matters

Articles and coaching advice on optimising yourself because there's a powerful advantage to being who you are meant to be...really. Please comment, vote and if you know someone who would like these too, do share. Thanks - you rock!

Why Chasing Hits of Happiness Is Bad for You? | Helen Hanison

Have you ever achieved a seemingly big career or business goal, only to feel deflated afterwards? Did you wonder why? Read the latest blog by executive coach Helen Hanison to find out why you hit a wall...and what to do about it.

The Lightbulb Moment That Taught Me To Navigate Career And Motherhood - Helen Hanison

What would you say if your boss said to you:

At your level, we own you mind, body and soul...and we want more!

Well, I'll tell you what I said ... and what it cost me...

Then show you how to write your next career chapter. Because although my story represents the hard path in many ways, the next chapter is worth it. And yours can be too. And easier I hope.

How an International Flight Gave Me The Power of Perspective. - Helen Hanison

Coaching took me from London to Washington DC this week.  As I write, I’m on the plane back thinking how incredibly different my work, my life – everything feels from a few, short days ago.  And pondering, why?

In this article, I offer you my 5-Minute Formula to Take-Back Control Of Doing Work You Hate - Without Getting On A Plane!

Why you're such a B**** in your most important relationship (And how to handle that so you can be successful) - Helen...

The statement is 100% gender-neutral by the way – do think ‘weaponized’, instead of bitchy if it serves.    

Either way, here’s the point.  And how to have a word with yourself so you can be successful instead.

The advice is as powerful as it simple - psychology-backed, as ever. Love to hear how it lands...

Stop Setting Goals To Get What You Think You Want (5 fast thoughts & 1 true target for 2019) - Helen Hanison

I used to think of new year’s resolutions as if they were life-targets. Then run them like the appraisal system that went with my career-targets. It felt productive and smart. But that was when I ran a division of a global company - and lived life utterly disconnected from the real me.

How to use what matters most to guide you to something better than that.

The Problem With Free (And Your Invitation To The Solution) - Helen Hanison

The Problem with Free. Professionals who get struck, struggling to make change happen, are attempting to consume a lot of free information and piece it together themselves.

But no amount of reading and learning can help you apply the leanrings to yourself or hold you account for change.

Here's your invitation to the solution..

Why you should hire an Executive Coach. (And how to find a good one.) - Helen Hanison

As an executive coach myself, I’ll admit to being biased on this point.  While I can’t know how well coaching will work for you specifically, I have absolute conviction about one thing: coaching works.

Read this piece to find out what coaching could do for you. And please don't hire a coach without asking them the 5 questions I offer at the end...there is 1 that will feel uncomfortable. But their answer is a deal-breaker! - Home | Facebook I'm an executive coach. I help committed careerists who have hit a crossroads, , and know they need help to make change happen. With my thought-partnership, they make a plan to realign work they love with the life they want to lead. Then act on it.

For some the crossroads in undeniable like redundancy or needing better work-life synergy having become a parent. For others, awareness creeps up on them - they want to leave their corporate home and start something up of their own. But don't know how to start. Other people simply find what they do has become bankrupt of all meaning and use coaching to help them pivot to what will give them purpose back.

It doesn't matter what the crossroads is for our coaching to be powerful. But I do work best with people who know they want to make change happen and it's time to get support with that.

If that sounds like you, do email me at and we'll organise a clarity conversation that will get you into Look forward to speaking to you then.

Best, Helen