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BookMyForex is India's first e-commerce initiative in the retail foreign exchange and international money transfer space. We offer our customers a full suite of forex products consisting of currency notes, prepaid travel cards, traveler's cheques, demand drafts and wire transfers in an inexpensive and convenient way. Customers can buy forex for several purposes such as Personal Travel, Business Travel, Education, Emigration, Employment, Medical, and Maintenance of closed relatives staying abroad.


What shifts the foreign exchange market?

What shifts the foreign exchange market?

Foreign exchange market is never steady. There are a lot of factors that affect the market. The foreign exchange market involves household, investors, and supply currencies through dealers and banks. The shift in the foreign exchange market also depends on the demand and supply chain. The whole framework enables you to predict the rate of the next period or relative currency.
Whether a currency depreciates or appreciates depends on the demand-supply model. The shift in foreign exchange market majorly affects the rates of currency. The exchange rate is the normal relative price of the currency. If there is a shift in currency rate, it will affect the market as well. You can get the best buy and sell forex from BookMyForex

*Expectations and rates *

Expectations vary according to the rates of the foreign exchange market. The demand for the currency increases based on the value of currency increase. If the value increases, you can expect a shift in demand of the currency too. Same goes with the supply of the currency in the market.
Selling it in the foreign exchange market affects the value of the currency. At most times direct selling also declines the value of the currency. The future exchange rates and shifts are decided based on the selling and buying of the currency. It's also affected by the global currency market trends.

If there is a shift in demand or the supply of currency, it affects the foreign exchange market too. At most times, the shift in demand or supply also work based on the quantity traded. The rise in demand causes the quantity to rise and a fall in demand causes the quantity to fall.
This works from the investor's perspective. However, at times the demand and supply also remain unchanged. If there is no change in the buying and selling, it does not affect the demand in the foreign exchange too. Unchanged demand or supply does not cause a shift in the exchange market.

The difference in the rate of return

Investments also affect a shift in the foreign exchange market. If the interest rates of a country are on the higher side, that country will attract funds from abroad. And, if the rate of interests is on the lower side, the funds will find other sources for investment. The changes in the expected rate of return will then change the demand or supply of currency rate.

Well, with the change in currency rates, the market will change. A higher rate of return will strengthen the currency and low rate of interest normally weakens the currency. This causes a relative change in the foreign exchange market.

*Relative inflation *

Relative inflation can affect the exchange market as well. This normally affects the country with higher inflation. If a country has higher inflation, then no investor will acquire or hold the currency value of that country.

Exchange market rates are affected by the inflation rates of the economy. That is the reason the market value of the currency is affected by inflation. The buying power is considerably decreased and it affects the economy and market trends. This also happens in hyperinflation but that is quite rear.

*Purchasing power *

The exchange rate that equalizes the price of traded goods internationally across countries is called purchasing power parity or PPP rate. It mainly has two main functions. Firstly, it's used for international comparison for GDP and economic stats.

Secondly, rate gets closer to the normal exchange rates as the time passes. As exchange rates adjust to rate of return and inflation, it will move away from the PPP rate. But, PPP rate allows keeping a track on exchange rates and other shifts in the demand and supply of the market.
The normal changes in the inflation, the demand-supply chain, and rate of interest causes a shift in the foreign exchange market. At times, economic factors and government policies also affect the rates in the market.


4 Things to Avoid in Money Transfer

4 Things to Avoid in Money Transfer

International boundaries have become so domestic today that people are collaborating and working across boundaries while sitting back at their home, offices or places of their choice. Digital emergence has made the world a ‘Small World’ where almost every person has the accessibility to be in touch with thousands of fellow members of the world day in and day out especially just at the touch of their fingertips.

This modern time has sprung a spree of digital mode to be switching places with everything traditional in a single go. For instance, visiting a restaurant has exchanged places with online food ordering, shopping from stores has made a switch with e-commerce websites and to top the charts Banks and the Money Transferring has adopted the digital medium too. Can you beat that?
However, as easy and tech-savvy it sounds, every invention comes with its own drawbacks isn’t it? Thus, that’s the case with Digital Dominance too. As seamless and hassle-free the technology may make things appear, there is always a need for precaution and to beware!

Every domain has experienced its fair share of transformation but one of them that has really touched the lives of the people is the Banking, Financing and Money Transfer services. Who’d have imagined that technology will make it so easy for people to transfer money to each other from one country to another with a flick of an eye?

Times have changed and have given birth to options like BookMyForex—which is the world’s first and the largest online marketplace for currency exchange and international remittances— options like them have eased the process of exchanging foreign currency or transferring money like spreading butter. No hidden fees and zero charges policy and testimonials from the existing customers makes them a trustworthy option for the customers. Thanks to marketplaces like BookMyForex, foreign currency exchange has become fast and economical for a customer.

Not to forget, the D-R-A-W-B-A-C-K-S! Yes, these drawbacks can be quite epidemic in nature as a single miss in their process can make things a big mess for someone. Especially if it is Money Transferring, imagine you plan on sending money to your family overseas and mistakenly the account number you wrote was switched by one single digit. Woah! The magic happens…
Here is a list of a few things that one should take care of while making a money transfer, either domestically or Internationally:
This is the most common mistake that people tend to make. Yes, imply the thought of ‘easy gets easily ignored’ it is very simple to ignore this mistake. It is the initial step for any sort of transaction to take place, you need to fill the form with the CORRECT DETAILS. It is obvious that if the details aren’t right, the transaction will not take place, and if it does, it will be done to a wrong account, BIG LOSS!
As much as you dislike Reading, never ignore reading when it comes to bank forms, and documents related to them, these are in a tough lingua but still understandable. Try and know about what’s written there, what does it mean, clarify your doubts with the officials before getting done with it.
Yes, it is the most important point because you may find that although you were told an Estimated Amount during the process, however, it may be different when you come down to payment. At times, there are charges that are taken by both the banks along with the intermediary one. It may happen due to the change in the country also, because of the extra charges that the bank needs to be paid for rendering the services. Make sure that you ask about it always.
Yes, make sure you are informed and always in the know-how about the trajectory that’s taking place. Know that it may happen that delivery of the money you’ve sent takes more than the promised time, thus, stay in touch with the service provider or the concerned bank.
In the end, make sure that you are SMART, ACTIVE and ANTICIPATING everything that takes place.


Which is a good website to buy foreign exchange online in India

Which is a good website to buy foreign exchange online in India

Not many years ago, times were different, people were different, situations were different, the demand was different and so the supply was obviously different. However, times have changed now. People are moving towards modernization, smart lifestyles with an over excited dependency on technology which has consumed them in every parameter.

For instance, Newspapers got exchanged with digital media, letters to emails, phone calls to social media, SMS to web chat, things have changed drastically… moreover, one can say that they have taken shape in a different manner.

The world is witnessing a paradigm shift, everything in todays time has a very small span of existence. Especially if we talk about materials. In those terms, the paradigm shift has evidently changed the lives in both boon and bane manner.

One such example is of Foreign Exchange. Since, the scenario of development has taken place, people are becoming mass global citizen. Remember, there used to be a time when we only used to hear that only a few used to travel overseas and were the Elites of the society.

However, things are different today. People now travel every now and then. The travel industry is witnessing an exponential growth in terms of global economy, national economy and what not!?
Contributing to the same domain, the emergence of startups can not be forgotten. Since the start up have introduced a culture of innovation, life of people has become easy. And easy is just a small word.

The Foreign Exchange services is a perfect example to showcase the proof of development of this overall developing situation. Earlier this domain which used to be highly influenced by the manual and in person market has now started to lose its game

One of the best examples that prove the situation is the emergence of Best Online Foreign Exchanger Platforms like BookMyForex that claim to be the worlds only and the largest online marketplace for all the foreign currency exchange requirements. In all, your one stop solution to all your requirements. No running, no haggling and no risking.
Foreign Exchange Market which is highly influenced by the private money exchangers and banks or airport kiosks are now losing ground due to the emergence of websites like BookMyForex that are providing the best rates in comparison to the market. Private Money Changers who earlier used to provide exchanges at high rates are now getting replaced by these online platforms who challenge to provide the best rates in the market.

The testimonials of the users of these websites are the perfect examples or statement of witnesses to believe in the authenticity of their existence. However, these online platforms claim to be recognized by the RBI and offer exchange rates that are best in the market with no additional or hidden charges.

Placing an order with BookMyForex comes with a set of benefits and additional advantages such as: Transparent & Reliable: BookMyForex is an RBI recognised foreign exchange that provides you with Live Market Rates that are updated to the last second. The rates we provide are the best in the market with no additional or hidden charges included.

Best Value: Get the best exchange rates around you compared across hundreds of banks and money changers. Save 2.5% - 6.5% over banks & money changers, save 3.5% - 6% over International credit/debit cards, Save 6.5% - 13% over airport exchange counters.

No Haggles: Easy 4 steps to place an order.
Available Everywhere: Bookmyforex has 5000+partners including banks and with the presence of money exchangers in 650+ cities of India that have made currency exchange in India a hassle-free business.

Proactive Customer Assistance: We don't say it, our customers do. Check our testimonials about the customer assistance that we provide. From updating you with your favourable rates to tracking your order, our customer support is known to be strong and helpful.
Door Delivery Service: we offer door delivery service within the same day or next day of the booking* (free door deliveries for orders of Rs 50,000 and above.


Which is the best money exchanger in Delhi NCR?

Which is the best money exchanger in Delhi NCR?

Planning a trip abroad?

Looking for foreign exchange?

Willing to save money during currency exchange?

Don’t know where to find one?

If the answers to all the above questions are in affirmation, then this blog is a scripture for you. While planning for a trip abroad there are so many things one needs to make sure they are ready with. From budgeting their travel expense to completing the itinerary, sorting things before embarking on the journey is all that the goal is. However, one of the most essential things that come with the decision of abroad travelling is to get your money exchanged to the currency of the other country you’ve decided to visit.

However, as easy as the other drills of the tour and trip process may seem to you, one can agree that finding the best money exchanger is one hell of a task, isn’t it? That too, when the drill is located in the geography of the capital, the heart of India, it's very own capital, New Delhi then the process is too tough to be handled.

Coming to Delhi and trying to find a credible, authentic and sincere money exchanger is a task. If you happen to utter the word travel, the possibility is that you will find a whole market full of people, locale and services that will cater to various services. Be it tourism, travel, bookings and what not!? You will be able to come across thousands of their varieties. However, when it comes to foreign currencies and their exchange, this needs to be taken seriously.

Foreign Exchange is something that needs to be taken seriously. Reason? Well, there’s not just one, but many. Actually, not having the money of the country you are visiting is the worst nightmare that one can have. What will one do if they don’t have the currency of the other country? No food, no shelter, no return, no nothing… well, too horrible to even think of.

So, it’s better to take this as your very first task to deal with. Now the question arises, where to do it from? How to know that the exchanger you’ve chosen is a good exchanger? Are the rates provided by him authentic and favourable for you or not? All these questions are valid and should be taken seriously. And to revoke one’s brain the answers for these questions/ doubts and confusion are mentioned hereunder:

One can exchange their currencies in many ways. You can choose Private money exchangers, if you are choosing from them then beware, there are many of these in the market. If you’ve chosen them then along with them comes to their responsibilities too. The responsibility of finding best amongst the pool, second, finding best rates, well that is another major thing you’ll have to deal with as there’s not one, but many exchangers and each one of them will provide you with rates that are possibly higher than the other.

Another way is to find the best rates amongst the banks that are available. The problem arises when you’ll be expecting better rates but unfortunately, there is nothing as such that’ll happen. As the banks have their own charges regarding the transactions and exchanges that you will do. Every bank has their own set of charges such as Inter Bank Rates, service rates, and transaction fee etc. etc. the rates may vary from one bank to another.

The best money exchanger in Delhi NCR is none other than the RBI recognized Online Currency Exchange platform like BookMyForex which is an online marketplace that offers services like Online Foreign Money Exchange, Buying and Selling of Currency, Money Transfer from India etc.
Here are a few benefits of converting currencies with BookMyForex:

• Better Rates: Guaranteed better rates than any other place.
• Transparency: Bookmyforex provides you with Live and transparent rates with no hidden or extra charges.
•Freeze or Lock-in the exchange rates for a 2% refundable advance fee
• Delivery Service: Same day or next-day door delivery service. Free door deliveries for orders over Rs. 50,000.
•Availability: 5,000+ partnering forex locations across 650 cities in India
• Promotional Offers: Excellent Loyalty and referral schemes - earn money by referring your friends and save money on every subsequent order.
• Customer Support: Proactive customer support is provided to every customer pre and post order with proper follow-ups and tracking facility.
Still waiting? Come and explore bookmyforex now and save big!!!


Is Rupee Marching Towards 75 Against Dollars In 2019?

Is Rupee Marching Towards 75 Against Dollars In 2019?

Both fast paced global events and elections round the corner, have accelerated the journey of rupee on a rollercoaster already. Whether this ride is going to make rupee touch the mark of 75 this year or not, is the crucial question being addressed ahead.

US President Donald Trump is consistently bringing protectionist policies for US, creating a stir in the emerging markets already. Trade tensions continue to escalate and hurt rupee. What further troubles is the Brexit uncertainty, making dollar exchange a magnet to money from all around the world. This is making the dollar stronger and thus it is no good news to the Indian currency.

It is generally witnessed that private companies tone down their investments in the election year and thus the balance of payments do not recover. Further, if the current account deficit is further widened, the downfall of rupee is certain towards the end of the year.

The world's largest democracy and a fast paced emerging economy is heading towards election and this is when the currency is bound to get affected. India has been witnessing a stable economy under the current government who had a sweeping majority. The idea of a coalition holding chances to gain power brings the concept of uncertainty. Markets do not prefer the uncertainty that couples well with coalition.

Election months also bring popular campaign methods as the forerunner, paving the way for inflation ahead, the factor which works well against rupee and will definitely escalate the dollar exchange to the feared 75 by the end of 2019.

Moving ahead, it is important to understand the effect of the expected depreciation of rupee against dollar. Depreciation of the rupee will change the dynamics of the crude oil import bill. This will further trigger many other problems. The game play of rupee depreciation and inflation is yet another consequence of foreseen steep increase in dollar exchange.

In the scenario of steep depreciation of the rupee, the RBI may hike the regulatory interest rates and that will in turn impact the investment and expenditure consumption negatively. Thus it is a clear no win situation for rupee if predictions and estimates about dollar exchange at 75 hold true.

To book forex, this rollercoaster ride of rupee against dollar can be a tedious task. It will be difficult to decide which day will be the best one and which price is the lowest. At BookMyForex, we get you sorted here.

Dollar Rate Today Live

Travelling to US? Looking to buy the US dollars? As an online marketplace, BookMyForex offers you with best dollar rate today live through its Live Rates section with all the latest update on exchange rates that are best in the market.

USD to INR Forecast

Planning for a trip in next 2 months? Follow the world’s first and India’s largest online marketplace for all your foreign exchange requirements. Our Live rates section and USD to INR forecast shall help you plan your trip economically by guiding you to buy currency at the right time.


How the fall in Rupee Exchange Value Impacts Your Investments?

How the fall in Rupee Exchange Value Impacts Your Investments?

The world is the most unpredictable place. Especially with a continuous change in motion, the position of any country can’t be counted as the stable position. Talking about the development process of any of any country is totally dependent on the development of the currency of its country, how the country is actually growing in different aspects with different growth factors taking place.

For instance, the growth of health conditions in the country how poor or good they are, the quality of education in the country, the rate of employment or moreover the poverty line of the country. All this depends on the value of the currency the country has, the better the currency, the better the country is.

Talking about Rupee, the situation since 1945 till now is never a stabilised one. The rupee has only tangoed all this while, deliberations on the amount of debts have just grown intensely. However, when it comes to the growth of Rupee, you’ll find nothing. Although, the past few months have been ever growing for the Rupee, one can’t ignore the fact that the fluctuations were terribly high and still are.

Thus, when the condition of the rupee is itself in a concoction, how can one expect to have a constant growth in another domain or field. Another reason one can find is the constant fluctuations in the Euro Exchange rate for the global markets that have their business standards quite trembling too. The impact of this tremble is quite visibly witnessed by many.

As known the Indian Rupee depends on the USD for its trade growth and economy development, not to forget the constant fluctuations in the Crude Prices and the Hiking highest of the Brent shows a constant change and no possible stability due to the Waiver take off by the US due to Trump’s decision can largely impact the world.

Imagine if Indian Rupee has touched an all-time low, one’s immediate reaction is to worry about the inflation and the negative impact on the finances. Stock markets have reacted negatively as foreign investors are pulling money out of emerging markets including India.

The investments will be depleted on the condition that all this will be gorged in a different shape. No high value of Rupee will result in no returns for your investments because the value of the rupee has changed totally.

As an investor, an important skill is to have an ability to connect the dots. This applies to your personal finances too. Being aware of the implication of economic developments on investments can not only help save money but also seize opportunities.

The investment of an investor depends a lot more on the fundamentals of a country and the movement of the country’s currency based on its fundamentals. While looking at our fundamentals we stand tall over them as one can see that there is no rise in the overall debt (excluding the corporate debt & NPAs.)

For instance, the daily forecast that is published on BookMyForex for every currency can help you in taking your decision in a better way. Here’s today forecast for your reference:

22 April 2019: The rupee had opened with a positive gap at 69.46 regaining through the day touching a high of 69.6175 in the afternoon. However, the strong dollar sales in the last 30 minutes allowed the rupee to later close at 69.34. The rising crude prices confuse the rupee’s recovery.
Brent broke above $74.00 mark today amidst the speculations coming from the US that Trump is to discontinue the waivers on buying Iranian Oil. Situations are tough for any forecast on Rupee as there will be no political and economic decisions taken to combat the crude price hike until the election results are out by May 23rd.


Doubts You Should Clarify About Euro Live Rate

Doubts You Should Clarify About Euro Live Rate

It is quite usual to hear that someone or the other wishes to go for an International Trip. In fact, we all have been there and have experienced the curiosity of experiencing the adventures, isn't it!? Just when we are trying to absorb all these thoughts and plan on sinking in it, right then, at that very moment we are hit by the serious responsibilities that tag along with the overseas trip.
While there are many things that one must take care of, the most important of them is 'understanding Foreign Exchange money system.' If you are a first time traveller then understanding the nuances of forex services is essential too. is an online Marketplace that offers buying, selling and remitting of Forex online with and active customer support, making your trip a perfect one.

Usually, educating oneself about the foreign exchange system is quite easy. However, when we come to the stage of understanding foreign currency conversion, it poses a threat to people. For instance, if you research on google about Euro, you'll find out a whole list of doubts about the Euro Live Rate that people have.
Don't believe it? **

Here are a few answers to some of the most common doubts about the Euro that people tend to have:

Is the Euro used by other countries as their currency too?

Yes, just like the US dollar the Euro is also accepted and recognised as an official currency by 19 out of 28-member states of the European Union. Apart from these 19, there are these institutions of the European Union along with the four European microstates and other special territories that are the members of the EU outside Europe. These places accept the Euro as their official currency for transactions in direct terms.

Are there any similarities between the rates of The Euro and The US dollar?
No, there are no similarities between the conversion rates of these two mega currencies of the world, their rates are decided separately on their respective growth, demand and place of value. However, the only similarities that one can find between these is that they have the common Central Bank in the eurozone. Also, just like the dollar, the euro is also a reserve currency. In fact, it is the second largest currency after the dollar that is also a reserve currency and the most traded one too. As of August 2018, it was reported that with 1.2 trillion euros in circulation in terms of banknotes and coins, the Euro has surpassed the US dollar...
How to find the best currency conversion rates?**

The emergence of the digital era has made life cakewalk easy...If you are a first-time traveller and are finding any difficulties such as searching for trusted money exchangers, good rates, you can simply get the live rates online through is the world’s first and largest online marketplace for foreign exchange. You can find the best rates online which are the latest to last second. As an authorised money exchanger regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, is trusted by 3lac+ Indians with over ₹3,000+Cr exchanged.

Are there any extra/hidden charges behind the rates that are given?

There's a danger of getting different rates from different money exchangers outside as they include commission charges for providing services that are rendered to them by someone else. Thus, resulting in numerous rates from numerous money exchangers.

Whereas, converting currency online through gives you the best rates that include no hidden charges. As an RBI authorised online marketplace for buying, selling and remitting forex, has successful at helping people to exchange 2500+ crores of foreign currency. They are available at almost 650 cities with over 5000 locations, thus ending your search by bringing it to the access of your fingertips.

Still waiting? Just book online through BookMyForex and get the Forex delivered right at your doorsteps.*


Euro Exchange in India

Euro Exchange in India

When it comes to Euro Exchange in India, it isn’t easy to get the best rates in the market. Worry Not! If you’re looking to make exchanges. Simply log on to and find the best rates in the market with no extra charges or hidden cost that will dig a hole in your pocket.


US Dollar Rate Today

US Dollar Rate Today

Want to know the US Dollar Rate Today? Visit BookMyForex .com and get the Live Rates for the currency of your choice. Our rates are best in the market with no additional or hidden cost. Simply place an order with BookMyForex and Save more!


Converting INR to Euro: The History and Details

Euro is the second most traded currency in the foreign market and is connected to European central bank. It's also amongst one of the major global reserve currency. The currency was introduced in 2002, as an account currency replacing the European currency that was at par.
The central bank of India is also called as the Reserve bank of India. The INR is determined by market float conditions that also affect the exchange rate of Indian currency. Intervention is used to maintain the volatility of the exchange rate in the market. The modern day Indian rupee gained significance in the year 1947 when it was changed back to the design of the signature coin. The Indian rupee was adopted as the country's sole currency back then.
There are many ways to convert your currency. Online currency converters will provide you with the best deals. You can use to exchange INR to euro.
• Go to the site and use the INR to euro currency converter online with live rate. You can book live rates from the site and freeze the rate for three days.
• Convert your money on the same rate through an online exchange.
• Banks are good but are not the safest option.
• Online exchange sites work with authorized RBI moneychangers so you can expect safe currency exchange deals online.


Convert Indian Rupees to Euro Convert Euro

Convert Indian Rupees to Euro Convert Euro

If you need to convert currency from INR to Euro then there are many ways.

• It can be done at designated currency exchange kiosks at the airport.
• Through approved banks that are tied up with RBI.
• Through money lenders that provide you with best deals.
• It can be done through online currency exchange sites.

An online currency exchange site like will give you the best deal for currency exchange. You can also lock in the rate of exchange by up to three days. It is a flexible and great way to exchange your money online.

Online exchange sites provide you with the best rates along with discounts. In this digital age, time is the main concern. Online exchange site like saves on your time and instantly provide you with currency exchange options. Online calculators are accurate so you can know the exact rate of exchange on your currency.

Online sites provide your exact and live rates for currency exchange. The rates are updated according to market fluctuations. If you get the best deal on the exchange rate or low rate of exchange, you can freeze the rate for a period of three days. A similar rate of exchange can be used to covert your money. You can easily Convert Indian Rupees to Euro compares rates from hundreds of moneychangers and banks around your location to provide you with the best possible rate. lets you lock in the rate so that you can use it later for money exchange. Suppose, if you lock in a rate for converting into Euro today, you can use the same rate for three days with freeze the rate option from the online money exchange site.

The best part is the rate alert option by the site. The site sends you an instant notification when there is a rate alert for the preferred rate. It lets you avail the best rate possible rate so that you can get the best conversion deal.

You can use the currency exchange converter tool by the to know the exact rate of exchange. Just add your amount and you'll find the live rate below it. You need to click o buy euro option and you are done.


How To Send Money To Europe

How To Send Money To Europe

There are two main modes to send money to Europe through online transfers.

Wire transfer is done by banks but online site like offer a cheaper rate. Banks will charge 500 to 1000 INR for money transfers. But charges zero percent commission and zero charges on money transfer.

Foreign currency demand drafts are physical draft papers that are issued in specific foreign currency. But, this process will take longer to transfer money to Europe. The faster method is the former one that is online wire transfer from India to Europe.

Other Forex providers charge up to 200 INR for transfer but offers zero percent service charges. Even bank charges are zero percent if you compare it with other Forex providers that charge up to 1000 INR.

There are no hidden charges apart from bank fee that is nominal. offers the best deals in online money transfers from India to Europe.


Everything About Euro Exchanges

Euro rates fluctuate depending on the demand and supply of the currency market. It also depends on the fluctuating market conditions at times. If there is a high demand for the currency, its supply will decrease. The demand also depends on the rate of inflation and economic conditions.

Many cities use the Euro currency that falls under the Eurozone. France, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, and Greece are some cities where the demand for Euro currency is higher.

If you are looking to visit Europe, then there are many cities that'll provide you with great traveling experience. Paris and London are the two most popular cities that you can visit on your trip. will offer you currency exchange benefits that'll help you save your money. You can get the best deal in Euro exchange with no added costs from the website. Euro exchanges online is the fastest way to exchange your money.


The Best Place To Check Live Euro Rates

Buying and selling currency online can give you a great exchange rate. You can easily buy and sell currency at live rates as the rate changes each day depending on market conditions. You'll get to choose from wide varieties of currencies and products.

The live currency rates are connected to live market data feed that updates on a minute-by-minute basis. You can save maximum on exchange rates online as there are no banks or money changers involved.

You have access to a large network area and location that'll help you choose from the best. With good deals and add ons, you can sell and buy currency at no extra costs. offers you to buy and sell currency online according to your expediency. With flexible terms and conditions, you'll be able to quickly exchange currency and sell currency. The best part is gives you the benefit of freezing a particular live euro rates.

You are protected from market fluctuations as you can use the same rate. It lets you lock a rate for up to three days. After you lock the rate, you can book your order within that time frame with the same rate. This helps to save on money and you'll get the benefit of the lowest possible rate from the online forex site. gives you the benefit of selling and exchanging foreign currency at interbank rates with zero percent margins. You'll also get quick access to visa power forex cards with the site. With zero commissions and charges, you'll be able to buy foreign currency at best rates.

Banks do charge on the selling of foreign currency but offer exchange and selling at no extra costs. also offer rate alerts on exchange prices. It will give you a notification for lowest rate so that you can buy or sell a currency that lowest rate possible. offers the best rate if you want to buy and sell foreign currency. With a freeze in time and no extra cost, the forex site is your best bet. It'll also provide you with the best rate if you are traveling abroad.
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Canadian Dollar

Are you willing to find the Candian Dollar Rate? At Bookmyforex we provide you with the best rates for the cureency conversion. Our orders have no additional or hidden charges. Hurry Now!

Buy & Sell Canadian Dollar | Live Rate | CAD Exchange Near Me - BooKMyForex

Our currency converter is the best canadian dollar exchanger which will convert your money based on current values, now you can convert your currency online and get it delivered to your office or home.

Cad to INR

Planning to Travel Canada? Want to convert CAD TO INR? Log on to and find the best forex conversion rates with no additional cost and charges.

Convert Canadian Dollar

Want to find out the best way to convert canadian dollar? Trusted by 2 Lakh plus customers Bookmyforex is the best way to concert your currencies.

INR to Cad

Planning to Travel Canada? Want to convert INR TO CAD? Log on to and find the best forex conversion rates with no additional cost and charges.

Cad Currency Converter

Want to find out the best rates for Currency Conversion? Trusted by 2 Lakh plus customers Bookmyforex is the CAD Currency Converter that provides you with the Live rates close to last second update.

Forex Card Charges is the leading online platform to buy the forex card , searching best forex card charges in India then visit us we offers you the best services.

Best Rate Forex Card is the leading online platform to buy best rate forex card , searching best forex card charges in India then visit us we offers you the best services.

Convert Indian Rupees to Canadian Dollar

Currency Converters at BookMyForex show the best rates for Canadian Dollar . Visit our website and win chance to be in our special customers to gain discounts. through Bookmyforex you can easily convert indian rupees to Canadian Dollar

  • is India's first e-commerce initiative in the retail foreign exchange and international money transfer space. We offer our customers a full suite of forex products consisting of currency notes, prepaid travel cards, traveler's cheques, demand drafts and wire transfers in an inexpensive and convenient way. Customers can buy forex for several purposes such as Personal Travel, Business Travel, Education, Emigration, Employment, Medical, and Maintenance of closed relatives staying abroad.

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