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Updated by Bernie Goldbach on Mar 16, 2013
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The Audio Community List

Useful stuff for making, sharing and listening to audio.


@audioboo - The simplest and quickest app for audio recording or consumption - and the easiest way to be heard.

-- A major part of the daily lives of thousands internationally. Audioboo is an creative social networking platform.

Apple iPod touch

iPod touch is ultrathin and colorful, plays music and video, rules games and apps, makes video calls, takes amazing photos, and shoots HD video.

Reference S4i Headphones

Revolt against on-hold music. Control your playlist and calls with the latest technology. The Klipsch Reference S4i packs a punch along with its 360-degree microphone. Patented headphone features and legendary Klipsch performance combine to replicate the

bossjock studio

-- Podcast from iOS, no PC needed.
-- @macolgan uses this app on his iPhone and iPad, for creating mixed audio recordings.
-- Finished recordings can be uploaded to various platforms, including @audioboo and @soundcloud.

VonBruno Microphone Pro By Von Bruno

-- This simple iOS app turns your iPhone, iTouch or ipad into a quality microphone for recording directly into an iMac desktop.

-- The VonBruno Microphone Pro is optimized to provide the lowest latency possible on your device while still providing crisp and clear CD quality audio reproduction. Plug your sound system into the headphone jack, speak into your iPhone mic and you have an instant PA system.

-- How does it work? It takes the microphone signal from your built-in iPhone mic, amplifies it to line level and passes that signal out the headphone jack or iPhone speaker. You can control the output volume with the volume control on the side of your iPhone.

-- The VonBruno Microphone Pro requires a device that already has a built in microphone. It works best when played through a stereo system or any kind of powered speakers. Microphone Pro does not work with Airplay or Bluetooth devices. Microphone Pro will feed back if held too close to the speakers it is plugged into.

Field Recorder - FiRe 2

Excellent app @macolgan uses for recording/editing on iOS devices.
Record in portrait mode, then fully featured editing tool in landscape mode. My favourite ' mobile ' audio editing app.
FiRe 2 - Field Recorder is a professional-grade, feature-packed audio recorder for iOS.

My Noggin - a unique device.

This hefty piece of equipement is my favourite DAW of choice. Packed with amazing features, it allows me to create, listen, edit, and process, the most technical of audio, instantly and with the highest quality.

I never leave home without it :)

Beyerdynamic Shotgun Mic

Beyerdynamic MCE 86 II

Sound Forge

Faithfully used by @topgold for more than 10 years.

iPhone 4S

The iphone 4s lets @macolgan download or stream audio. It also record, create, edit, and upload audio to a variety of platforms. It's a handheld audio studio !!

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic.

These updated earbuds let you enjoy quality audio throughout the day. A big improvement on the original items in sound quality, comfort, and appearance.
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic - The Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic are designed to rest comfortably inside — and stay inside — a variety of ear types. The audio quality is so superior, they rival high-end headphones that cost much more. And you can use the improved remote to adjust volume, control music and video playback, and answer or end calls on your iPhone.

iPad 3gen with Retina display.

Amazing device that lets me not only watch liquid like video, but also listen to the same audio quality as my iphone 4s, and from all the same sources !!
The ipad really comes into its own when used as an audio editing tool, with much more ' real estate' than the iphone, it's the one I use most for audio processing.

REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits

After using Garageband and Audacity - Reaper has become my favourite DAW for recording/editing audio.
I often import audioboo recordings - where lengthy audio pieces need editing for whatever reason - from my ios devices. Reaper has some wonderful features for editing, or creation.

MDR-V150 | Extra Bass Headphones.

Obviously not the best earphones on the market - but these have a nice sound and are really comfortable on the ears, even after a couple of hours use.
I use these when listening on my imac desktop.
MDR-V150 - Monitoring headphones with reversible ear cups

Plantronics | USB - Audio 478 Folding Headset.

I use these for Google+ hangouts - and very occasionally Skype calls. Very handy as they fold down into a soft pouch for portability.
Folding USB stereo headset is incredibly lightweight, has clear HD sound and is Skype™ Certified for clear calls on the go.

Marantz PMD660/U3B Hand-Held CompactFlash Recorder

The best handheld recorder @topgold has ever used.

Behringer VMX 200 USB Pro Mixer - Thomann Irish Cyberstore

-- Thomann's best two-channel mixer.
-- 2x dual-input stereo channels, gain and 3-band kill EQ (-32dB) per stereo channel
-- 1x microphone input with 2-band EQ plus auto talk-over function with depth control
-- Professional QRS 3D stereo surround effect.
-- USB for Skype and Google Hangouts