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Updated by Disha Mandaar on Jan 31, 2019
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6 Phenomenal Features to Look for in a Point of Sale System

A flourishing restaurant is just like well-oiled machinery. This machine consists of countless amount of operational sections that are working together to serve a huge customer base.


If you are looking for a POS for your new food business, here are the 6 features that you must look for.


Ingredient Inventory Management:

Many POS systems will help you in recognizing the best selling items. One of the essential components to look for in a POS system is inventory management tool. This feature will allow to save time and costs by tracking the availability of ingredients.

Restaurant owners can know about the stock level for every ingredient in real-time. Once the quantity of an ingredient reaches the minimum level, the management team will be notified. Some POS systems are also capable of sending the order for restocking automatically.


Detailed Sales and Customer Reports:

POS system is the best way to recognize the time when your restaurant gets the highest crowd and sales. Being cognizant of this real-time facts will prepare you to be ready for anything in advance.

An effective POS system will also help you in identifying the best and the worst-selling items. This will allow you to make some modifications in the item or to discontinue it from the menu list.

You can also extract the data of the frequent visitors using an advanced POS. . With this data, you can quickly notify those customers for approaching events and promotions. You can also provide them with unique benefits and offers.


Theft Prevention and Security Features:

From custom modifier identifiers to autograt management and unsent item warnings, you should look for a POS that will equip you with all the essential security features.

To get the complete command over your restaurant, you are in need of advanced management settings. There are many POS systems that will ask for the authority’s passcode if someone wants to delete or void items. This option increases the security of your restaurant.

The most common problem that prevails across the majority of the restaurants is theft. If you wish to get a silent partner to avert the chances of theft, a POS is what you need . It will craft a real-time report, which will stop your employees from taking benefit of your absence.


User Reviews:

Going for a POS system that allows your customers to share their reviews about their experience is mandatory to have. Positive customer feedback is just like an advertisement without any payment. If your items are satisfying, it is sure that you will get positive reviews with the highest ratings. This will influence other consumers to choose your restaurant over others.


24/7 Support:

It does not matter what time it is; you are in need of a POS system provider who is available round the clock to help you out with the system issues. No restaurant owner will like to face troubles be it just before the last call or in the middle of a lunch or dinner rush.

Reliable POS system providing companies know the true value of your time. That is why they offer 24/7 service support without additional charges so that your daily business does not get affected.


Easy Order Taking Procedure:

Efficient POS system allows your workers to take the order directly from the consumers with the help of a handheld device. This eliminates the chance of any mistake, sends clear and transparent order to the kitchen staff, helps in quick service and enhances the communication between waitstaff and kitchen workers. Mobile order taking facility is known to improve the dining experience for your consumers and makes the operation more efficient.

With a significant rise in the numbers of restaurants on a daily basis, it has become essential to have these features in a POS.

Overall, a POS should act as an restaurant order taking software and help improving all-round operations, helping you emerge as one of the best restaurants in a given location.


Features to Look for

For the proper functioning of a restaurant, many elements should be in order. However, the point of sale system is one of the least acknowledged factors. An active POS is like the technological nerve center of your restaurant. That means you have to think about the its effectiveness, if you wish to stay ahead in the race.

Remember that there is a necessity to stay updated with the latest technology because it is a competitive sector. The right POS will allow you to present the best possible service, both in the kitchen and to the consumers. These systems are prepared for taking food orders in a restaurant, monitoring inventory, providing a sales report and more.