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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Maldivian dishes you need to taste - Dishes you shouldn't miss out on!

Haven't heard much about Maldivian cuisine? Then you have missed on something truly incredible. Here is a list of the top 5 Maldivian dishes you need to try out this vacation.


Bis keemiya

Have you heard of samosas? Well, the Bis Keemiya is something like that. The Bis Keemiya is filled with cabbage that has been shredded and sautéed. That's not all. The cabbage is mixed with a hardboiled egg and onions that have been spiced up. The pastry is crispy and light, making it a delight just to take a bite of it. The Bis Keemiya is a must try dish, don't miss out on it! Are you looking for a place that offers good packages that include meals? In the Maldives, all-inclusive packages are offered for its visitors in certain places. For instance, resorts like Kuramathi Maldives, offer packages that include main meals too!


Boshi mashuni

Boshi Mashuni is a fusion between a salsa and a salad. So, you can expect all the good things here. The primary element of this dish is banana flowers that have been shredded and then blanched. Not too much though, its blanched to perfection, where the food is still a bit crunchy. The banana flowers are then mixed with spices for flavouring and of course freshly grated coconut. Lime, onions and Maldivian chillies are added for more flavour. The food is sometimes served in the outer covering of the banana flower, making the dish authentic and also interesting with its masterful presentation.



Have you tried the dashi or miso before? And loved it to bits? Well then, now is the time to dig into a bowl of Garudhiya. This is basically a traditional fish soup which has been spiced up with tasteful spices. Moreover, other citrus elements are added too, for flavouring. The fish of choice is of course freshly caught tuna. The tuna is cut into bite-sized cubes and boiled in water comprising of onion, garlic, chilli, curry leaves. Once phase one is complete, the dish goes through further seasoning with onions and lime. The soup might sound simple, but it's a dish you will devour and remember for a long time!


Huni roshi

Sri Lanka is pretty close to the Maldives, so you can expect a certain level of influence from the Sri Lankan cuisine. The pol (coconut) roti is pretty much a staple in Sri Lankan food culture, and here in the Maldives, you can taste its very own coconut bread. Thus, this is a dish of flatbreads that have flecks of coconut in it. The bread is fried until its crispy on the outside but soft inside. The coconut that has been added brings about a unique flavour and soft texture. You can have the Huni Roshi with pretty much anything. But make sure not to miss out on it, its truly heavenly!


Saagu bondibai

The saago are starchy little balls that have been part of the Maldivian food culture. The saago is made with cardamom, coconut milk, rose and condensed milk, making it a local favourite dessert. And this definitely is a must try for you!