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Cannabis is a tall flowering plant/herb in the family Cannabaceae which is used to produce hemp fiber and as a drug.

Green Crack (Sativa)

Green Crack (Sativa) is a wonderful pure cannabis Sativa strain. It acts as a daytime medication for patients suffering from fatigue, stress, and depression.

Naked J Preroll | Hash infused Preroll by Naked J | Sativa | PotValet

The Naked J Preroll Hash infused Preroll is a complaint and regulated Cannabis joint famous for their strength and creative euphoric boost.

CBD ONE TO ONE - Tincture Drops

CBD Tincture Drops contains 50% THC and 50% CBD. It provides the perfect balance of THC and CBD and helps in both relaxation and tension relief.

Wedding Cake Strain - Hybrid

Wedding Cake is a cannabis strain which contains 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica genes. Its effects are almost, hitting you hard and fast.

Do Si Do Cannabis Strain - Indica

Do Si Do is a pungent, incredibly potent cannabis strain with Indica-dominant characteristics. It is used to calm anxiety, ends the depression, aids sleep, increases appetite, numbs pain, and much, much more.

Hindu Kush - Indica

Hindu Kush Marijuana is a strong indica strain and one of the oldest weed strains comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains. This strain is popular in California and is a derivative source for a lot of wonderful strains.

Cookies Hybrid - Marijuana Strain

Cookies hybrid is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison origin strains. It is available online at Pot valet for immediate cannabis delivery in California.

Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain - Hybrid

Bruce Banner strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid composed of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It has skyrocketing THC levels that range from 24% to 29%, topping the latter in some tests. This strong Sativa hybrid is applicable to a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. Named after the comic character the Incredible Hulk, it comes in 5 different phenotypes and considered one of the strongest strains available on the market.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies are available for delivery in Santa Barbara California. This Cannabis Cup-winning hybrid is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Boss OG Marijuana Strain - Hybrid

Boss OG is a phenotype of OG Kush. It is a 50 – 50 Indica/Sativa balanced hybrid with well rounded effects. It boasts of THC content ranging between 23 – 30 %. It is an ideal strain for focused activities and deep relaxation. Parents: OG Kush X Possible Fire OG X Ogre 99.

Bloom Farms OG Kush Oil Cartridges | Indica Dominant

Bloom Farms’ offers a range of different cannabis strains in its single origin vaping cartridges. At 500-milligrams each, they are incredibly potent, with THC levels hovering around 80 percent. Its OG Kush cartridge derives from the famous multiple award winning strain, a cross between a Northern California mystery and a Hindu Kush from Amsterdam. They are very popular among vapers.

Four Corners Marijuana Strain – Indica

Four Corners OG is an indica dominant marijuana hybrid strain. Rare Dankness Seeds created this one by crossing 90X and the landrace strain Afghani. The strain has an intense and relaxing sensation that starts in your head and moves down into your body. Afghani is a classic indica strain that is extremely potent and Four Corners OG flaunts that inherited effect.

Fractionally Distilled Oil Cartridge - Sativa

The Hi-Tone CLEAR Fractionally Distilled Sativa Oil Cartridge is potent and effective. Containing 500mg of Cannabis Oil and is testing over 91% THC in each cartridge makes these marijuana oil cartridges the top products on the internet. Buy the Clear Marijuana Oil cartridges today at PotValet.

Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lubricant | CBD Oil Topicals

Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lubricant Ignites your passion. Using Amplifi™ Nanotechnology, Kush Queen infuses this lube with the highest quality cannabis extracts, allowing you to feel the sensation instantaneously. Kush Queen Ignite is paraben free, non-staining, and latex compatible.

CBD Mountain Temple Wax 1 to 1 CBD - 1 Gram

CBD Mountain Temple Wax 1 to 1 CBD - 1 Gram is great for patients with pain, CBD for pain and fatigue relief. Buy in Santa Monica near by cities at Potvalet.

Gold Coast Prerolls - Hybrid joints | Hybrid Weed Pre-rolls

Savor the Gold Coast Prerolls Hybrid from Pot Valet. The joints boast a high THC content and a flavorful taste. The hybrid strain is perfect for use any time of the day. Provinding a lasting high from chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety all while getting very high.

Berry White Cannabis | Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Berry White Cannabis is a well-rounded hybrid strain with high THC levels. Also known as White Berry and Blue Widow, this indica-leaning strain has a mild sedative and invigorating effect that makes it perfect for recreation. Fragrant and tasteful, it derives its qualities from its top-notch parentage.

Infyniti Black Cherry Cheesecake Cannabis | Indica Weed

Black Cherry Cheesecake Cannabis is an enormously popular cannabis strain in California. Crossed supposedly between Black Cherry Soda, Cheese, and Super Silver Haze, this Indica-dominant hybrid measures THC levels at over 20 percent. Grown by Infyniti, these buds come in a dainty 3.5-gram glass jar. This undeniably tasty strain is highly sedating, more suitable for evening and bedtime use.

Purple Velvet Cannabis Strain | Hybrid Indica

Purple Velvet, informally Velvet Purps, is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred by Sun Roots Farm. Crossed between JahGoo and Magic Bus, itself a JahGoo hybrid, Purple Velvet is famous for its purple-tinged buds laden thick with cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Tasting of pine and berries, this strain is potent, relaxing, borderline tranquilizing in large doses, and not advisable for daytime use.

Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain | CBD Dominant Marijuana Strain

Named after Lawrence Ringo, famous cannabis influencer and CBD activist, Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain is a marijuana strain noted for its extremely high levels of CBD. It is low in THC, so effects are very mild, not overwhelming in any way. As an Indica-dominant strain, it is physically and mentally relaxing, with a delightfully mellow cerebral buzz, and very popular among folks wary of THC.

The Oz Blueberry Cartridge

An award-winning Blueberry Cartridge indica with origins traced back to the late 1970s, Blueberry gives off a sweet, refreshing aroma redolent of fresh blueberries, and an uplifted euphoria that combines with deep body relaxation. The OZ Blueberry Cartridge contains 500 mg premium cannabis oil and 73% + THC concentration.

Jungle Juice Cannabis Strain - Royal Tree | Sativa Weed | Pot Valet

Crossing two famous cannabis strains, Animal Cookies and Tangie, Royal Tree bred its own unique Jungle Juice cannabis. This Indica-dominant hybrid balances both sweet and sour flavors extremely well, and all who try it love its citrusy taste. THC levels average around 15 percent, but can be as high as 19 percent. Although extremely potent, Jungle Juice will not tranquilize you into a couchlocked state.

Strawberry Sherbet Cannabis Strain | Sativa weed Strain | Pot Valet

Strawberry Sherbet Cannabis is a cross between Strawberry Daiquiri X Rainbow Sherbet. It is a heavy leaning sativa hybrid with strong cerebral effects.This strain provides an uplifting, positive feeling, with a clear headed high. This makes it a great strain for treating depression and anxiety.

Animal Punch Cannabis Strain – Indica Hybrid

Animal Punch cannabis strain by Elyon is an incredibly popular Indica-dominant strain across California. Its delightful effects secure its fame. Crossed between Animal Cookies and Purple Punch, and with THC levels measuring at 20 percent, these buds promise a heady punch that gradually settles into a heavy body buzz. Ideal for evening and nighttime use, you get 3.5 grams of pure quality.

Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen - Indica | Epen Vape | PotValet

Elite Disposable Vapor Pen Indica is an all-in-one indica weed cartridge. Easy to use and light-weight. Elite Disposable Weed Pen provides 200 hits per e-pen device. Try your Indica Disposable Vapor Pen today at PotValet.