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What Causes Low Vision – Caring for your eyes

Your eyes are your biggest gifts and if you don't care for them you may end up compromising your vision. Below are the most common causes of low vision.


Macular Degeneration

In this particular disorder, the retina is affected. The retina is the region within the eye that is responsible for the focusing of images. With Macular Degeneration the retina deteriorates which results in blurred vision. For many, the disease creates a difficulty in reading. Some even experience a blind spot in their vision. There are 2 types of Macular Degeneration of which the wet type is more severe and progresses quicker than the dry type. However, both variants have been linked with age although the exact cause of the disease is still unknown.


Diabetic Retinopathy

This is a very common disease especially among those who have diabetics. High blood sugar levels have a direct effect on vision and prolonged uncontrolled sugar levels can cause changes on a day to day basis on both vision as well as visual functioning. In fact, diabetic has the effect of damaging the blood vessels directed to the retina and this is what impacts the retina in the long term and interferes with vision. There are a couple of laser as well as surgical procedures that can help halt the progression but most importantly those having diabetic must regulate their blood sugar. If you are living in a country like Sri Lanka you can utilize the Vision Care Optical Services to test, protect and treat the most common eye diseases in Sri Lanka.


Retinitis Pigmentosa

This is a disease that primarily affects night vision. The disease progresses gradually and if left untreated can lead to total loss of vision. It is genetically transmitted this disease and the first symptoms that need to be looked out for are night blindness. This can surface as early as during adolescence or even during childhood.



At times blurry vision among young people can be mistaken to be a defect in the lens when in truth it can actually be a result of Amblyopia. This is a disease where the entire visual system develops incorrectly during childhood. Unfortunately, glasses alone cannot help fix this problem and further treatment is often required.



Cataract is a very well known impairment of the vision. This is a condition where the whole or part of the lens inside the eye gets clouded. Due to the cloudiness created, light is prevented from entering the retina and this, in turn, causes a general loss of vision. The main cause of cataract disease is ageing but other causes also include prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, disease, injury and at times even genetic disorders. If the eye is healthy enough surgery can be performed in order to have the cataract removed. Apart from that, even intraocular can be implanted inside the eye to have the vision restored.