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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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Top 5 Street Food You Should Try in Sri Lanka - The must-try dishes!

If you want to try Sri Lanka's top street food, then head to Galle Face Green located in Colombo for a truly unique experience. The coastal area is dotted with stalls selling exquisite street food items. Here are 5 best street food you must-try when in Sri Lanka.


Isso vadei

Isso Vadei is a famous street food that everyone raves about. These spicy lentil cakes are made with 'isso' or prawns that have been mixed inside the cakes or tastefully arranged on top. This snack attracts a horde of visitors to Galle Face. Be warned, these things are quite addictive. With such tasteful flavours, why wouldn't it be? You'll be reaching out for more and more! If you are looking for other dining options, some of the best restaurants in Colombo is located in the area. Places the likes of Rare at Residence offer a good dining experience and is located 10 minutes' drive away from Galle Face Green.



Kottu initially came into the scene with leftover food. This local delicacy was made with leftover roti, spices, vegetables, and a type of meat. All were chopped and mixed well, and the Kottu was complete. Today, this is no longer a meal made over leftovers. This is a meal itself, largely enjoyed for dinner. And there are different varieties and you can choose your toppings. You can choose your spices, vegetables or even if you want cheese added to it. All to fit your palette.



Sri Lankan does have a knack for hoppers and you can see this being served in many local restaurants. The hoppers are basically a type of pancakes that are bowl-shaped. They are either served with eggs or plain. The eggs are added at the middle and salt and pepper added for flavour. Try it out with chutneys and sambol. If you want the sweet kind, try the milk hoppers for an exquisite experience.



If you're visiting Galle Face Green during the sunset times, then why not order a plate of samosas and order some tea, and sit in to watch the sunset? These little triangle shaped delicacies are filled with flavour. You can order them depending on the filling you want. You have veggie samosas, beef samosas, chicken samosas and so on. The filling is wrapped around crispy pastry. The crunchy delight is a must try. There are many places around you can try samosas in Colombo. So, don't be surprised to see this small triangular crispy goodness being served almost everywhere.



Sri Lanka is a tropical country boasting of thousands of coconut trees. This means wheresoever you opt to travel in Sri Lanka, you are bound to find sellers piling up coconuts with its husky green shells on the roadsides. Order a coconut, and watch the seller masterfully cut it up, load a straw in, and serve it to you to taste the sweet water within. On a hot day, there is nothing like coconut water to cool you! And what more? It's healthy too!