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Essentials of Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Treatments - A detailed guide!

The term Ayurveda loosely means "the science of life". This treatment method has been perfected over 5000 years and is known to be South Asia's very own method of medicine that is based on the use of herbs.


Ayurvedic Body massage

Who doesn't love an invigorating body massage? The Ayurvedic body massage incorporates oil on one's body. If you choose the abhyanga massage type, then this is primarily used for relaxation which in turns helps to tone your muscles and promote circulation of blood. Regular practice will make muscles stronger and also help relieve stress and fatigue. The message also helps treat certain ailments of the nervous system. The treatment takes about 30 to 40 minutes generally. If you're looking for accommodation that provides Ayurvedic treatments, then boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, especially those on the coast such as Saman Villas, offer some good spa facilities.


Ayurvedic Head Oil Massage

Head oil massages are also another favourite among massage enthusiasts. However, in Ayurvedic Head Oil massage treatments, the massage isn't just for relaxation. There are several other benefits added on, all depending on the oil you use. The message can help with circulation of blood and also help with a migraine and persistent headache. The oil massage can help with balding, premature greying and growth of hair. It doesn't end there. These massages improve complexion and eyesight too. People suffering from hemiplegia and facial paralysis have found that these massages helped improve their condition.


Ayurvedic Face Treatment

Ayurvedic treatments can also be incorporated as part of your beauty regime. Facial treatments under Ayurveda can help smooth wrinkles on your face and achieve clear skin that you've always dreamed of.


Ayurvedic Nasal Treatment

If you're suffering from chronic sinusitis, migraines, headaches, congestion of the nasal passages, cataracts, facial paralysis or even other ailments involving the mouth, eye, ear, nose and head, then check out Ayurvedic Nasal Treatment. There have been great success stories too!


Ayurvedic Arm Massages

Shoulder pains, neck pains, headaches or just fatigued hands might be a result of having too much tension in your arms. If that's the case, Ayurvedic arm massages might be just the thing for you!


Ayurvedic Leg Massages

These type of messages can help with blood circulation which in turns brings about blood carrying nutrients. These massages generally help people who are suffering from varicose veins, cellulite or even dry skin!


Ayurvedic Neck and Shoulder Massages

In these type of Ayurvedic massages, especially infused herbal oils are applied to one's neck and shoulders. The massage will then help reduce rheumatic pains, spasms, and other stresses.


Ayurvedic Foot Massages

Foot massages are known to bring about a great number of health benefits. In Ayurvedic foot massages, special care is given to those very tender points that are often ignored. These massages help in the maintenance of your internal organs. Along with it, you will be overcome with a sense of relaxation too!

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