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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
Headline for Top 8 Skills every Motion Graphic Designer should have! - For the ones keen on making a career in motion graphics!
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Top 8 Skills every Motion Graphic Designer should have! - For the ones keen on making a career in motion graphics!

Motion graphics have become increasingly popular over the years and are witnessed in everything from movies, television, commercials and so on. To be a pro in motion graphics, you need to master a few skills.


Graphic Design Skill

This is quite obvious, if you want to be an expert in this field then you will definitely need to acquire knowledge on some graphic design. This is very important, as you don't know what kind of projects you will be set up for. Knowing how to design is a key element, and then you can channel it into motion graphics.


3D Design Skill

Motion designs are getting more creative and complex. 3D designs have slowly crept into motion graphics, thus, having this skill will be very beneficial for you to create something amazing and also to be up to date with the ever-changing industry. If you're looking to acquire these skills, you can check out some 3D animation courses in Sri Lanka, offered by design schools such as the Academy of Design for more information on how it works


Traditional Art Skill

Designing is no simple feat. Having prior knowledge of art is of tremendous use. The art skills give you the ability to communicate the design to your audience. Besides, before feeding it all in your computer, it's always best to put your design on paper first. Sketches are created quickly and allow you to brainstorm ideas. This will ultimately speed up your work.



A thorough understanding and knowledge of animations are a must. This is a good skill set to have. Animation that you need to learn under motion graphics is a bit complex and you must have good knowledge of the key fundamentals to create a masterpiece.


Creative Thinking

Creative thinking skills are of primary importance in this career field. Your job is to change graphic designs and bring them to life. This involves thinking of ways and methods that will make an impact on your audience. Repeating the same style of graphics isn't much help and gets boring quite quickly. So, it's up to you to think of a creative way to engage the audience.


Technical Skill

Acquiring technical skills is another important aspect. Today, everything is done and performed on computers. Therefore, it is vital that you acquire the technical skills required and also have the ability to learn new systems and servers. There are plenty of operating systems, programmes and servers out there.


Communication Skill

Although this may not directly have an impact on your design skill, it's as important. You have to have good communication skills to talk to your client or creative directors and get your thoughts across, to impress them.



Following certain trends that have already been set up is easy enough. But to be a pro, you need more than that. You need original content that will make you stand out. You need to acquire your own style so that your work will be acknowledged and appreciated.