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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 05 Reasons to Become a Fashion Designer – A career you are bound to love

Fashion designing is art as much as it is a career. It brings out so much creativity that when it comes to tapping your imagination the sky is the limit. Here is why you should consider this line of work


It is the ultimate creative career

Most jobs have a monotonous nature to it. Day in and day out you are pretty much doing the same thing. However, that cannot be said with fashion designing. Designing fashion literally means creating something new. No 2 projects are going to be the same because clients have their specific requirements. Creating something new is an exciting feature of any career and when it comes to fashion designing that's pretty much all you will be doing. Of course, finding your niche may take a while but there is no shortage of creativity during any stage of the process.


There is so much possibility

When you hear the term fashion designer for many a very restrictive picture comes to mind. If you think fashion designing is restricted to runways and high-end couture, you are mistaken. There is so much possibility open for a fashion designer which branches into various different fields. You can design shoes, handbags or even chip in your ideas during handicraft productions or go work with fashion editors. The truth is the possibilities are endless. Fashion designing does not only have to be about clothes.


You get plenty of opportunities to travel

If you love travelling for work you would the opportunities that open up in this line of work. The core of this profession is creativity and creativity is stimulated by inspiration. Travel inspires. It exposes you to new ideas every day. It fuels innovation and rekindles passion. When you embark on a fashion designing career you will have a lot of opportunities to travel. So whenever you get an opening, take the internship or try the different job. There is plenty of inspiration in store for those who travel.


You can be your own boss

The best part about fashion designing is that it gives you plenty of opportunities to be your own boss. Of course, you can't think of being Dior from the onset but if you have a passion for designing clothes, you can always start your own business; no matter how small. All great things start small so you never know what destiny has in store for you.


It offers a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced career

Being a fashion designer means you always need to keep up with trends. If you have the passion for designing you should always start out by following a course in fashion designing. For those living in Sri Lanka, the Academy of Design offers some good opportunity to get your hands on a fashion designing degree in Sri Lanka. This will help you with the groundwork for a successful career. Once you have got the roots in place all you need to do is nurture it for a successful career to develop.

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