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Things to do in Ella Sri Lanka – Learn how to make the most of your trip to Ella

Located 200km east of Colombo, Ella is surrounded by misty forests and has a milder climate as it is situated 1,041 meters above sea level. The density of foliage is what makes Ella exuberant.


Climb Ella Rock

The lush green surroundings of Ella are better viewed from Ella Rock. The panoramic views wrapped in mist and clouds will give you the worth of your trip. It is quite a hike to the summit – as it takes about four hours to climb up and down – but once you reach the top, it will pay off your tiring trekking episode. On a note of advice, avoid rainy days if possible, as the steep climb tends to get a bit slippery.


Enjoy the views at Mini Adams Peak

It has other names like Small Adam Peak, Little Adams Peak and Punchi Siri Pada carrying more or less the same meaning – so, don't let it confuse you if you are first time visitor. It is only a 15 minutes' walk from the town, but if you'd rather save your energy for the hike, you can take the bus or a tuk-tuk. For the best panoramic views, you should visit in the morning or the evening – that is when the summit gets surrounded by clouds – a sight that is absolutely breath-taking. The hike is not as much dreary since you have the company of those who work at the tea plantations there -to make the journey more interesting, you can stop by for a second and have a small chat with them.


Visit Lipton's Seat

Located 1970m above sea level, the Lipton's seat – where Sir Thomas Lipton used to sit and watch over his tea plantations – is an ideal spot to view the beautiful hill country. Everywhere you look, you will only see green, mist and clouds. But as the fog is clearing, you will have the opportunity to view the Chandrika Lake, Udawalawe Lake, Wedihiti Kanda and the Handapanagala Lake. This is a must visit if you decide to stay in Ella for a few days – as this is one of the places where you can see nature at its best.


Visit Dowa Rock Temple

This ancient temple is a must visit if you love history. Built in first century BC, Dowa Rock Temple is one of the most significant historical sites in Sri Lanka. From the town it is only a few kilometres away – so it's not going to be that difficult a journey. The main attraction is, of course, the colossal Buddha statue which seems to have been carved out of the massive granite rock. The mysterious tunnel which is about 11 km in length is quite an attraction too.


Take a tour to Ravana Cave

The cave is one of the valued sites in Sri Lanka with regards to history. There are stories about the site that make it more enticing – it is said that, after kidnapping princess Sita, the love-struck king Ravana hid the princess in Ravana Cave. Aside from that, what's interesting and mysterious about the cave is that it is connected to the Dowa Rock Temple – according to various studies done by historians, it was a hidden passageway used by the king. The cave is also proof of King Ravana's adeptness at architecture.


Tea plantations

This is something you must do if you are ever in Ella. You can stay at one of the hotels in Ella and visit the estates in the evening. For instance, if you stay at Oak Ray La Ella Breeze, you can easily access the tea crops where you can enjoy a nice evening walk among the tea bushes.

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