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Top things to do in Yala Sri Lanka - How to get the best of Yala

Yala is one of the largest national parks in Sri Lanka. Here are some of the activities you could engage in to experience all that Yala has to offer.



Camping is one of the most popular activities among those who travel to Yala. The campsite in Yala can accommodate 10 people at once. You can take two kids who are younger than 6 years old along too. You can book the campsite for a maximum of three days. Another important thing to remember about camping at Yala is that there are toilets made for the ease of the campers and those who visit should clean them before they leave. You don't have to worry about getting lost once you enter the jungle as you are given an experienced trekker to guide you.


Bird Watching

There are more than 85 water birds in Yala and almost 50 of them are migrant birds. These birds include Cormorants, waterfowls and other large water birds such as Grey Heron and Black Headed Ibis. The Great White Pelican and Spot-billed Pelican have been spotted at the Yala National Park. There are many rare species of birds in the park and even if you're not a fan of bird watching, these magnificent creatures will spark an interest in you. This is one of the best places to photograph birds.


Beach walks

There is a long beach stretch at Yala which is not accessible to humans. However, there are places you can get off and enjoy the warm sands of the beach. There was the main beach spot which was open to the public with many bungalows and other accommodation options but the Tsunami in 2004 wiped them out completely. In its place, there is a memorial and remnants of the disaster which makes all the travelers become silent for a few moments. However, now you can get off at a beach along your way and spend the evening among the azure blue waves.


Safari Rides

This is one of the most common things to do when you visit Yala. You can book a safari jeep or take your own vehicle (as long as it is approved by the authorities). Yala has the highest leopard density in the world and there are a myriad of creatures. The most important thing about going on a safari is the timing. If your timing is right, you can see many animals and have a lifetime of an experience. What's important about going on a safari ride is the thrill of uncertainty.


Site Seeing

While you go in your safari jeep, you can see the dried out lakes, thorny bushes, and shrunk trees beside the way. This has an aesthetic of its own and it is a unique sight at Yala. You can see the sun setting over the horizon and maybe if you're lucky you can see a leopard lazily stretching over a boulder. There are elephants crowding to the lakes in the evening at it is a very serene sight.


Spend the night

There are a few wildlife bungalows inside Yala and these are very basic living spaces made to not obstruct the wildlife. You can book a bungalow and spend the night here as well. It would be an unforgettable experience for you to spend the night listening to the crickets sing and the heat of a bonfire to put you to sleep. You can go to a Sri Lanka wildlife tour with a tour agency such as Holidays by Design and let them book a bungalow for you.

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