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Updated by Mukul Bansal on Feb 25, 2020
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Call Center Software

Teckinfo is a call center software provider, helping customer service teams to provide more personalized phone support along with a multichannel Support for email, chat ,social media etc.

Components You Need for a Better and Customer Friendly IVR Software

Self Service is the one of the greatest tool for customer service yet a lot many customers hate speaking to an IVR! A majority of them wouldn’t want to get in touch with you at all if they know they will be greeted by the IVR. In fact, many of them think that it provides no value at all. The reasons could be many – the system takes too long to respond, calls get disconnected and above all customers are unable to find the right option.

How to Measure Your Contact Center Performance?

A contact center is a business’s backbone and its important for any business to measure the performance of contact center. Here are a few important metrics which can help in gauging your contact center’s performance.

Why It is Essential for Stock Broking Companies to Record Calls

SEBI made it mandatory to record calls for stock broking companies. It may bother you but you can use call recording solution which will help you in retrieval for all recordings to manage your business.

Benefits of having Call Center Software for a Business by Mukul Bansal

From tracking customer issue to provide timely resolution to any issue, call center software is always done better for a business. Lets find out here how call center software is beneficial for a business.

Predictive Dialer & its Future

Predictive Dialer is a software that help in large organization with large number of outbound calls such as telemarketing by organising your calls such as automatically dials a list of telephone numbers in a particular sequence,filtering out unanswered calls, busy tones, answering machines and disconnected numbers while predicting availability of agents to handle the next call.

How To Choose Best Call Center Software Solution For Business

A call center is a facility which is equipped to handle the customer interactions for an organisation. These interactions are handled using an automation software which is known as call center Software.Here is the tips to find best call center software for business.

Outbound Calling Software can help Banks with Positive Business Outcomes - Call Center Solutions

While banks struggle with the increasing inflow of customer queries, customers are becoming increasingly aware about their expectations in terms of service and resolution. An omni channel platform is what is needed to address customer communication and provide best possible service.

What Are The Features of Call Center Software Will Improve Efficiency & Delight Customers

Business firms across the world try to beat competition by enhancing customer support because customer satisfaction became the priority for all business. Integrating a feature-packed call center software serves as an effective measure. But do you know what features of call center software will increase efficiency & delight customers? Here you get the features..