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7 Weird Facts about Oman - A list of interesting facts

Oman, a Middle Eastern country, attracts a horde of tourists every year. We know some facts about Oman. But how about things that might shock you when you learn about it during your travels here?


General facts

The capital of Oman is the city of Muscat. The country has a population of about 4.4 million people and its official language is Arabic. And when travelling to Oman, you need to change your local currency to Omani Rial. Moreover, there are plenty of things to sightsee during your travels in Oman. These are some general facts, now let's check out the queer ones!



The Omani people have a different way of communicating simple things. When you need something, we do ask it out directly. One would be like, "can I have some chilled water?" But here in Oman, they talk indirectly. Rather than asking you straight up they might say something like "Cold water can be of tremendous value at a time like this". When they say that, do offer some cool water. Moreover, if you're looking for Jabal Akhdar hotels when in Oman for accommodation, hotels the likes of Alila Jabal Akhdar offer a comfortable experience.


Public Display of Affection (PDA)

PDA is strongly forbidden. When in Oman, make sure you do not fondle your significant other in public. The rule is stronger among the two parties who aren't married.


Coffee and dates

Do you love your coffee? Then taste a cup in Oman, it is truly exquisite. The Kahwa is served in miniature cups with a helping of dates. Yes, with dates, a weird combination isn't it? However, to your surprise, as well as many others, the combination is just perfect. Coffee and dates are something that is served when you visit some local households and even as a welcome drink in many hotels.



Saturdays and Sundays? No, not in Oman. The Middle Eastern weekends are actually on Fridays and Saturdays, to accommodate the Friday prayers that happen in mosques.


Women only markets

Oman has given special attention to its women and their needs. They go as far as to provide souqs that can only be accessed by women. Head to the city of Ibra on Wednesdays and witness for yourself a vibrant market full of life. Men are prohibited from entering, and all amenities from jewellery to spices are sold by women.



Omani people prefer to do things from their right hand and doing things from the left hand is looked down upon. So, when giving money or things to others, give it from the right hand. Even when receiving such items, extend your right. Omani people always prefer using the right hand for eating too!



You can take photos at will but adhere to certain rules. It is considered a bit rude to take pictures of others without asking their permission. So, make sure to let them know they are going to be in your photo. If they agree to it, then all good, just snap away!

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