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Updated by Pam Dent on Jan 28, 2019
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5 Tips to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Charlottesville Horse Property

First impressions do matter. The same applies to selling a home. Boosting your curb appeal is equivalent to giving out a good first impression to your buyers!


1. Get a paint job – or at least get your exterior cleaned.

Does the exterior of your horse farm have mildew overgrowth and stains? If it does, then it’s time for a clean-up. Power wash the exterior and roof (some companies can do this for you for around $600).

But if the paint is starting to come off or getting old through time with bubbles and chips, have it repainted.


2. Re-evaluate your landscape.

If the landscape of your home reminds you of those old abandoned homes in horror movies, it’s time to freshen it up.

There are two main things that make up the landscape: the grass and the shrubs. Make sure the grass looks green and healthy. No overgrown or dried up weeds. If there are bald patches, it’s time to reseed.

If you feel like this is too much of a job for you, you can always hire a professional landscaper. For advice on how to maintain the health of your pasture you can contact your local county agricultural extension agent.


3. Draw eyes to your front door.

Make your property stand out with a lovely front door.

An eye-catching front door can make your entire property seem much more inviting. It’s like it’s drawing people in. Consider having it painted with lively color, maybe red, yellow, or even orange.


4. Make sure the front porch is welcoming.

A dull, uninviting front porch says a lot about the entire home. It’s pretty easy to snazz it up, too. Make sure there’s no broken slab of wood, add a nice pot of fresh flowers, and add a comfy chair while you’re at it.


5. Don’t forget the farm entrance.

The farm entrance is the first thing that will welcome potential buyers so make sure it looks as good as possible. You’ll want to have well-groomed fields and maintained fence lines. Check if all fence boards are intact and replace any old boards if necessary.

How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Charlottesville Horse Property | PAM DENT

No matter how gorgeous your home looks inside, if it looks neglected outside, the value of your home in buyers’ minds will drop.