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Headline for Arabian Countries you must visit – Explore everything the Persian Gulf has to offer
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Arabian Countries you must visit – Explore everything the Persian Gulf has to offer

Apart from the much-favoured city Dubai, there is a number of other regions in the middle east that might be worth a visit. There are distinguished qualities, unique to each and every Arabian country.



The island country is located in between Saudi Arabia and Qatar – from Saudi Arabia, it's only a short drive to the capital city Manamah. Though it is borderline conservative like Saudi Arabia, there are few delights that are allowed in Bahrain. Most Saudis visit the countries with the sole purpose of visiting cinemas and racing tracks. Other nationals' attention is mainly focused on sites like Qalat al Bahrain, Arad Fort (important in terms of archaeology), beaches and many shopping malls. Bahrain also features an array of modern establishments with great architecture.



With a population of 4.2 million people – of which, around 70% is constituted by expatriates, Kuwait is a country famous for its cultural attractions and historical sites. Failaka Island – which is renowned for Green ruins, the heritage village, the museum palace and water activities such as boating, fishing, sailing, swimming etc., is a major tourist attraction. Also, Kuwait Towers, Green Island, Aqua Park and the Kuwait Public Theatre are among other highlights.



Sharing land borders with Saudi Arabia, Qatar is rather a small country compared to its other neighbouring Arab states. Of course, the most talked about event 2022 FIFA World Cup takes precedence over other attractions – which by the way is meant to boost the growth in tourism. Aside from that, Qatar is home to one of the best airlines in the word – Qatar Airways – which has made the name Qatar familiar to everyone across the globe. Most people who visit the country are majorly interested in places with historical and cultural importance –such as the Museum of Islamic Art and Katara Cultural Village. Not to mention the shopping malls, Souks like Souk Waqifthe and Gold Souk and the world-famous corniche – where you can take traditional boat tours in the evening and enjoy thousands of lights beaming from buildings. At a holiday villa in Doha with the features of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, you will be treated to an excellent dining scene, spa treatments and many modern amenities.



Who would say no to a perfect beach holiday in Muscat?! Apart from water sports such as swimming and snorkelling, there are other enticing attractions such as desert camps, ancient forts and turtle hatching –these are quite popular among sophisticated travellers. Striking adventures like camel trekking, hiking, desert safaris and fossil hunting are in high demand too.



When it comes to Egypt, the first thing that pops into mind is its many Giza pyramids and the symbolic Sphinx. But, in addition to that, cruising alongside the river Nile, shopping in the souks, and visiting astonishing historical sites are some of the many activities you can take part in, while in Egypt. At the Egyptian Museum, you can witness a massive collection of ancient artefacts which include mummies and the Tutankhamun's death mask. Egypt is also the origin of many awe-inspiring ancient stories.



United Arab Emirates might be the most famous in the whole of middle east. With its enticing shopping destination Dubai that features Burj Kalifa, the Dubai Fountain, shopping malls and theme parks, the UAE tops the list of desirable Arabian countries.