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9 Interesting Uses of Titanium

Titanium is a mixture of metals, including aluminum, manganese, and iron, to create an extremely strong and durable metal. While some uses may seem ordinary and expected, there are some surprising ways that titanium is used.


1. 3D Printing

This popular technology is taking the world by storm, creating products that Hollywood could barely conceive, even just 50 years ago. Rather than cutting and constructing machinery, tools, and even body part replacement pieces, this technology creates durable, high-quality products in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the material. The main material used in 3D printing is titanium because of its light weight, strong, and corrosion-resistant properties.


2. Bone Replacement

Not all metal can connect and fuse into bone like titanium can. This makes titanium an ideal solution for certain surgeries. Replacing joints, particularly the hip, use titanium in the products because during the healing of the surgery, the titanium fuses so seamlessly to the bone. Dental implants are a popular use for titanium as well. With an implant, a post is placed in the gum tissue and into the jaw. With its ability to fuse into the bone, this is the best way of creating a sturdy object to attach a crown or set of dentures. This bone fusion helps to create a more natural feeling solution for people missing teeth. Titanium in the body can last 20 or more years with no effects.


3. Aircrafts

One of the real advantages of titanium over another metal, like steel, is that it is light weight and just as durable. For products that require a lower weight, such as airplanes and spacecrafts, but need the durability of metal to withstand changes in temperature and wind, titanium is the perfect material to use for construction. It was first used in a war plane to increase the airplaneā€™s ability to fly faster, but even on the larger planes that are being produced, titanium is the most popular metal to use.


4. Submarines

Another use for titanium is in building submarines. With its ability to resist corrosion in salt water, stay durable under stress, and low density, titanium is the ideal metal to construct ships and submarines. The entire structure is more protected and can last longer stretches of time in operation before it requires replacing. This also make titanium the ideal material to use for underwater structures like bridges, buildings, and desalination plants.


5. Sporting Equipment

Several sports require titanium in their equipment. Lighter titanium bike frames help competitive racers go faster. Bikes. Golf clubs with titanium heads have the durability of a steel club, but are easier for the golfer to use. Climbing equipment made from titanium is more water resistant during rainy weather, whether that is bolts left in the rock face or as a clip used by the climber. Climbers can also carry more of the lighter titanium clips on their body while they climb, while trusting their strength. Many climbers only trust titanium to protect their life.


6. Plastics

One of the most common plastic products on the market is PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. This plastic material is made with titanium dioxide, helping to keep it durable and weather resistant. PVC is easy to use, paint, and build with making it a clear choice for crafters, builders, and weekend DIY-ers.


7. Paint and Crafts

Titanium dioxide is used as a pigment in paints, inks, and papers of different varieties and one of the more popular formats for titanium in the marketplace. Since it has a bright, white pigment, it offers ideal coverage. Whether you are painting a house or painting a portrait, having titanium oxide in your paint will help you get better results in your colors.


8. Medical Tools

Not only does Titanium get attention for being a replacement for bones, but it also is in the tools to do the work. Medical equipment is made from titanium because of its ideal strength to weight ratio for surgical instruments. It is there in the machinery used to support tests, diagnosis, and administer treatment. Titanium is also the star in a child-sized wheelchair. The lightness of the metal makes it easier for a child to maneuver and strong enough to grow with them.


9. Beauty Products

Titanium oxide is becoming more popular in beauty products. The pigmentation coverage is ideal for items like lipstick that require a great coloring component. Many dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen lotion with titanium oxide in it because it is great at reflecting infrared radiation, preventing skin from absorbing harmful UV light from the sun that cause skin cancer.

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