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We are OneVirtual Global Business Solutions, an outsourcing company located in Iloilo City, at the very heart of the Philippines.

We are a leading provider of virtual assistant services and other business solutions for business professionals, start-ups; and entrepreneurs across the US, UK and Canada.

We are committed to be your reliable offshore partner for success through cost-effective, streamlined and tailored fit services geared to optimize your scalability and growth.

The Growing Demand for Virtual Assistants | OneVirtual Solutions

A Virtual Assistant can offer his/her services to anyone. They are paid in an hourly basis so you could be able to manage your finances without sacrificing your time doing those extra administrative tasks that’s required in your business.

OneVirtual Global Business Solutions (Virtual Assistant) | OneVirtual Solutions

If you are serious about growing your business and want clients to perceive you as professional and successful, then OneVirtual Global Business Solutions is the perfect solution.

It’s hard to find your first job. After all, your first job can make or break your career, but it will also provide a lot of new experiences that would steer your career into your preferred direction. For most people, it takes several jobs and several companies to find their destined place in the workforce. For some, deciding to stay and grow with a company could come as easy as after their first interview.

Hiring a virtual assistant provides a business with an added advantage. As the demand in outsourcing industry continues to grow, expect more companies to follow suit.

Presidents' Day: Top 10 Business Quotes from Top US Presidents | OneVirtual Solutions

What does it take to become a modern business leader? For President’s Day, we collected 10 essential quotes from US Presidents that will inspire, motivate, and

5 Reasons to Love Outsourcing this Year | | OneVirtual Solutions

For Valentines Day, why not love your business more by outsourcing your most crucial tasks to the right professionals.

5 Steps to Effective Podcasting | OneVirtual Solutions

Podcasting is a great way to market your business. Creating great podcasts is only a matter of following these five steps.

The 5 Real Estate Tasks You Should Outsource to a VA | OneVirtual Solutions

A VA can handle repetitive real estate tasks while you focus more on promoting your business and exploring opportunities for scaling.

Making Sense of the Millenial Real Estate Market | OneVirtual Solutions

The Millennial generation will undoubtedly make an impact on the real estate market. It's only a matter of sustaining a positive real estate market.

3 Things That Make a Real Estate Virtual Assistant | OneVirtual Solutions

Proactive, dependable, effective and efficient, they are simply the " clean-up crew" of the toxic real estate community.

Why Virtual Assistants are the Staff of the Future | OneVirtual Solutions

They can be your executive assistant, your secretary, your customer service representative and even your personal shopper.

Everything You Need to Know About the Philippines’ BPO Industry | OneVirtual Solutions

A quick overview of how we do things in the Philippine BPO industry.

The Day-to-Day Tasks of a Virtual Assistant | OneVirtual Solutions

A virtual assistant is confronted by a wide range of tasks, ranging from administrative routines to projects requiring intense creativity.

3 Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Need Virtual Assistants | OneVirtual Solutions

A real estate virtual assistant can do a lot more to push your business forward. Let us fill you in on what we can do for you.

The Growing Need for Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant | OneVirtual Solutions

When it comes to increasing your productivity, a real estate virtual assistant can help you down the line.

Pick PH: Why You Should Outsource in the Philippines | OneVirtual Solutions

Top Reasons Why You Should Outsource in the Philippines

Jumpstart Your Business with OneVirtual Global Business Solutions | OneVirtual Solutions

Businesses know better than to let their businesses stagnate, That said, opt to keep your bottom line in check.

4 Steps to Becoming an Accomplished Real Estate Agent | OneVirtual Solutions

Becoming a real estate agent is a journey that's worth all the hardship. After all, you need to toil and hustle in order to thrive in the real estate

“3 Qualities a Successful Virtual Assistant Should Have” is locked 3 Qualities a Successful Virtual Assistant Should ...

A virtual assistants should have all the qualities needed in providing quality service to clients. It's only a matter of nurturing these qualities for

Top Qualities of a Father that Every Broker Has to Have | OneVirtual Solutions

What's the difference between a real estate broker and a father? This Father's Day, let's look at how the qualities of a Dad can help real estate professionals

6 Essential Real Estate Quotes to Kickstart your Week | OneVirtual Solutions

Start your week right. Here are the quotes you need to get your fix of #MondayMotivation. Improve your productivity and start fresh.

The 5 Productivity-Boosting Apps Every Real Estate Professional Needs | OneVirtual Solutions | OneVirtual Solutions

Real estate brokers usually have a lot on their plate. These five apps can help them cut down the workload and accomplish more important tasks.

4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas that Matter This Year | OneVirtual Solutions | OneVirtual Solutions

Blogging can help your real estate business grow - that is, if you have the right content. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

4 Surefire Ways to Win a Real Estate Deal | OneVirtual Solutions | OneVirtual Solutions

Sealing a deal with a real estate client can get tricky. This National Handshake Day, learn how to settle with a solution using our tips.

Top Social Marketing Ideas for Real Estate | OneVirtual Solutions

How can real estate professionals make full use of social media? Watch this video for the top social marketing ideas.