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Genius Home Buyer Tips and Advice

Something many home buyers may not think about and many agents don't even know. What's the best buyer's tip you got?

Hidden Things in an Online Real Estate Listing to Look For

Buying a home? Here's what to look for in person that the online listing won't tell you or show you. We may not be able to tell everything from the online real estate listing so what should we be looking for?

What Happens When the Inspection Shows Unpermitted Work?

West Bloomfield Realtor talks about the realities of buying a home with unpermitted work done. What can a home buyer do at this point? If you find major additions or work done without a permit to back it up, do you have any recourse? Can you do anything about it?

What Buyers Do that Builders Hate | Orlando Buyers Agent

Building a new home? don't drive your builder crazy. Check out this great list from Orlando buyers brokers about what so many buyers do that builders and developers just hate.

Translating Real Estate Listing Words | What Agents Are Really Saying

What do all the words mean in a real estate listing? Are they really telling you something about the property? The legal jargon and tricky wording can confuse buyers but this is a great list of terms to help any home buyer understand what they're reading.

How to Buy a House for Now and in the Future

When most of us buy a house we are thinking about the here and now. Which makes sense; we're buying a house for our needs right now, not potential future us, but this is a great article that makes us think a little in the future so we can not only buy the right house for us now, but guarantee it will be the right house in the future too.

How One Buyer Bought a Condo for 30% Less Than Asking Price

How can you negotiate for far less than asking price? Here's how one couple did it on their Panama City Beach condo purchase. Great tips for anyone looking to save money on their next home purchase,

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on New Construction

Looking to build or customize a new home? Don't waste your money. 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on New Construction - Great tips by Miami Realtor Kenny Raymond

Buying and Selling in Different States - Camano Island Real Estate

How to Buy a sell a house simultaneously in different states. Camano Island real estate agent shows how to sell in California and buy in Washington. This is a great article for anyone selling in one state and buying in another.. you may be able to use the same agent or not, depending on if they are licensed in both.

3 REAL Keys to Buying a Home | South Nashville Real Estate -

Keys to Buying Real Estate We’ve all heard it dozens of times; MSN has a feature every other week about what buyers can do, mistakes their making, and tips for home-buyers. Just give us the facts and what we really need to know. Well, the fact is that there are some things that buyers need to kn ...

Benefits to Buying a Home Warranty - Advantage Alaska

We can get warranties on just about anything else we buy these days, so why not on a house? A home warranty is a great option for buyers who are purchasing an older home and might just need some peace of mind when it comes to replacing appliances or materials over the first year of owning the ho ...

4 Parental Home Buyer Regrets | Jean Wawrzyniak-Fry

Have kids? Looking for a new house? This article is for you. This post, adapted from a Realtor Magazine article, talks about four common regrets that buyers have if they have children.

Is the New Year the Best Time to Sell Your McCormick Ranch Home?

Is the new year the perfect time to sell your home in McCormick Ranch? Well, it just may be! Many people think May and June are the optimal times to sell their home, but the past has shown that some of the best home sales have happened in January and February. New Year buyers There are usually t ...

Housing Solutions for Lifestyles of Buyers over 60 - Condo Buyers

Is a condo in your future? Maybe, but there are a lot of options when it comes to buying a home over the age of 60. Here are some great points to consider.

How Much Money do you Have to Put Down to Buy Land? - Ellen Bruya

On average, downpayments for land, especially unimproved land, require larger down payments than on an improved property or land with a house. Most down payments for lamb loans generally range between 20 and 50% of the purchase price, however, if you're planning on building a home on that l ...

How to "Hook" Buyers Emotionally to Buy Your House

How to evoke emotion when selling a house to hook a buyer into loving it. Sedona real estate buyers and sellers.

4 Things NOT to Do When Buying a House in Louisville

Don't make a mistake when buying a home in Louisville, start here by planning and preparing to buy early and wisely.

Can I still sell my home if I am behind on a mortgage payment?

Can I still sell my home if I am behind on a mortgage payment?

How I Work with Buyers

How I Work with Buyers, Tempe Chandler Houses AZ, Scottsdale Realtor, Downtown Phoenix Land, Mesa Realty, Condos, Tempe Real Estate, Maricopa Homes For Sale, how I work with Buyers

20 Added Costs to Buying a Home You May Not Know About | Coastal Realty Group

Before buying a house it's important to understand all the costs. Here are 20 fees you may not know about when buying a home.

Issues that May Require a Specialized Inspection

When having a home inspection done there are some areas that may need more expertise. Issues that May Require a Specialized Inspection

Buy a Vacation Rental in St. George Utah

Here are the five tips to buying vacation rentals in St. George Utah and the surrounding areas.

Should I Hire an Inspector When a Home is Sold As-Is?

There are a few different reasons why a home would be sold in "as-is" condition. The most common of reasons, however, is that the home is in foreclosure or being offered on a short sale. A home sale advertised 'as-is" means that the seller is communicating that what you see is what you get. There will be no repairs or updates made to the home, they are selling it In its current condition no exceptions or haggling will be done as far as repairs go. It is not uncommon for buyers to waive off even hiring a home inspector with an as-is sale because the condition of the home is not going to be changed before the home is sold, and it typically isn't required by a lender in order to close the loan. Even if you are considering buying an as-is home, it could be very beneficial to hire an inspector, here's why: As-Is Could Mean a Number of Things As you walk through the home in the initial viewing, you can get a feel for the general overall look and feel of the home, and you may even find some visible defects and concerns, but there could be much more lurking underneath yet to be revealed. Home inspectors are trained to notice things just by walking through a home that buyers and realtors are not. Not only that, but they are also trained to check out areas of the home that typically harbor hidden issues. The only way to get a good idea of what is truly going on inside of a home is to hire a highly trained and highly skilled inspector. With an as-is property, the best time to do this is before you make an offer you can't back out of. Common Fixes Inspectors Recommend When You Move In Unbiased Assessment With an as-is property, there are usually issues. Some of the major issues, if a home has them are required by law to be disclosed (openly communicated) to any potential buyers by the seller. It is not uncommon for sellers to gloss over an issue in flowery words or give the bare minimum of information to help get the home sold; sometimes (in a few cases) they may even lie or cover something up even though it's illegal. Hiring a reliable home inspector gets you a true black and white, unbiased report of the condition of the home. More: Issues that may require additional inspections Potentially Save Lots of Money Yes, it does cost money to hire an inspector, but the cost comparison of paying for the inspection versus how valuable the information and insight they give is far greater. Paying a few hundred dollars and finding out you should walk away from a home that is hundreds of thousands of dollars will save you a great deal of money. More: Do you need a home inspection on new construction? If you are considering purchasing an as-is home in the Champaign area, hire the team at Pristine Home Inspections to do a thorough assessment of the home's actual condition first. You will not regret it. For home inspections in Champaign and surrounding areas contact Pristine Home Inspections and testing today. Additional Resources: Renting Vs. Buying - Pros and Cons How to Make the Most of Your Home Inspection Should You Sell Your Home As-Is?

Is It Important to Use an Experienced Lakefront Realtor?

Does it matter if you use an agent that is not familiar with lakefront properties? Is It Important to Use an Experienced Lakefront Realtor?

3 Main Things to Look for When Buying a Desert Home

Thinking of buying a beautiful desert home in Sedona? Here are 3 Main Things to Look for When Buying a Desert Home - Sedona is located in the upper Sonoran Desert. We believe that there is quite a lot to love about living in the desert, especially when you live in Sedona. First of all the beauty of the scenery in Sedona is unmatched anywhere. There are a few things that are different about living in a desert home, so if you are moving to Sedona from out of town or state here are some things to consider when purchasing a desert home.

Louisville Named 'One of the Best Places to Own a Home For Less Than $1,000 a Month'

Looking at affordable places in the country? Try Louisville Kentucky real estate! Louisville Named 'One of the Best Places to Own a Home For Less Than $1,000 a Month'
Louisville has once again made it to the top of a list as one of the best places in America to live! This time it is because not only is Louisville a highly desirable city to live in, it is also affordable for those who wish to own a home! Louisville names best place to live

Recently an article was written touching on the affordability of owning a home in America today and the belief of some Americans as to the attainability of making the dream of homeownership a reality.