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All Essential Point of Sale Machines

Cash Drawer, Barcode Printer, Scanner, Touch pos, all essential item to run a shop

Touch POS System

We bring you the latest technology for the business to shine well in the market, Oversee POS features sleek and weightless Touch POS system is designed to help your business out in effective billing process. The smart design ensures that the system is compatible to work on various spaces like restaurant, jewellery shop, boutique and clothing shop, cafe, pharmacy, gym, salon, retail stores, supermarket etc. High-quality product is capable to resist mishandling of product and harsh environment to great extent. Bigger screen and lightweight is added advantage for employees for easy handling. Touch POS System is adjustable up to 90`. It a has multilingual feature which enables you to use and print invoices, bill receipt in any regional language, and multi-touch POS system will benefit your customer and you, by offering high speed billing POS system. Software user-friendlily dash board helps cashier to bill product faster by searching item thro the ugh search box or clicking on the thumbnails.

POS Receipt Printers

Oversee POS has receipt printer which is compatible with any platform like apple, android or Microsoft devices. Benefits of having portable printer helps to print bills, invoices and receipt anywhere just by connecting it via USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Receipt printer is available in both (colour and black-white) model. The reliable technology ensures products last for long years. It can be mounted anywhere near cashier counter or even in the wall. Small design is perfect fit for retail business with space constraint. The led indicates status to insert paper roll or if printing process is incomplete. Receipt printer is well-suited with any existing POS software and POS Machines; one need not worry about compatibility between printer and POS software.


touch POS

touch POS

All types of advanced POS Machines at best offer price, POS Software to customise according to your business process.

POS Barcode Printers

Make billing easy with Oversee POS billing printer. Barcode printer is peripheral component for a large scale business where sale is uncontrollably high. It simply prints label with unique pattern and number which are assigned to specific product or item. You can scan the product or item using bar code scanner and proceed billing directly. This automated function helps to finish billing process quicker and avoids long queue line. You can print many labels in a single time and it can also be hung in the wall where space constrain is an issue.

Cash Drawer for effective Cash Mangement

Secure cash drawer eliminates the risk of theft or unnecessary behaviour by unauthorised person. Cash drawer is secured well by a lock and its convenient structure helps cashier to avoid mess on counter sale. It is built up with partitions to segregate currencies of different size, colour. Theft proof cash drawers can be connected via USB or cable to ensure that they work with Oversee POS software and hardware.

Printer Paper Roll

We offer thermal paper which is compatible with most transaction style printers and cash registers and comes with multiple roll in a pack. We offer high grade thermal printer paper manufactured by well known vendor to avoid image distortion and low printing quality. Moreover, thermal printer paper uses heat activated chemicals instead of wax or ink, in order to ensure quick and cost effective POS processing. Oversee has paper of every size and dimension, few standard size for POS printer papers are 38mm, 2inch, 2.25 inch, 3 inch, 3.12 inch and even 4.37 inch portable paper rolls

POS Barcode Scanner

Read and output printed barcodes to a computer instantly using barcode scanner for quick check out process. Oversee POS has many types of barcode scanner such as pen-type scanner, laser scanner, CCD readers, camera based readers, Omni directional barcode scanner. Connect the scanner to a computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it also supports other method of connection like USB and proprietary interface.


touch POS Machine

touch POS Machine

*Cloud-Based POS System *to have great control of your business in multiple locations.


How POS Software has Transformed Over the Decades

How POS Software has Transformed Over the Decades

Advent of modern cloud based POS system has given every merchant a chance to shine well in business. We all, at least some of us, know how POS software have changed business in no time. But it is not the same in previous decade.

For a long time, POS have been used only for billing process and to print invoices but lately use of POS system has increased extremely. As for now, point of sale software has turned into a service, POS system vendors now have become POS service providers.
Not only people, everything changes. Isn’t it? POS has also encountered many changes in recent times. As said before, POS long back are used only for billing purposes. But now they can do much better. Within last 10 years, their roles in business have escalated widely as technology developed.
“Hey, they are much smarter now.”
What they can do now
In a nut shell, POS software is your assistant, employee and wait... the manager. They can literally manage most of the business tasks such as inventory control, food wastage management, stock management, recipe management, accounts management, feedback management.
Real time reports and analytics of your business are also provided by POS software so that you can take necessary steps to increase sales and profit. As the use of Point of sale software has rapidly increased, POS service providers are competitively developing their software in order to provide best provision of service to their clients.
How Oversee improved the software much better
Likewise our competitors we want to provide best service to our clients, the only difference is we succeeded in our vision. Oversee POS Billing Software in Chennai now can able to offer best service when compared to our rival companies. We already got spammed by the clients about how easy is to use our software. We already have helped our clients to grow faster in their business.

How to Choose a Right POS for your Business

What is POS system? The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer (which may be a cash register printout), and indicates the options for the customer to make payment. It is also the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. After receiving payment, the merchant may issue a receipt for the transaction, which is usually printed but is increasingly being dispensed with or sent electronically.

Requirements for POS system:

Basically, you need POS Software developed by oversee installed on your device and hardware such as thermal printer, barcode scanner, weighing scale machine, card swiping machine for debit and credit purchase, a computer terminal and any other devices that fulfils your requirement.

Uses of POS system

  1. Simplifies the accounting process.
  2. Manages inventory system.
  3. Provides faster service, unlike old time cash registry.
  4. Provides real-time notification.
  5. Customer support helps to serve a better service for your customers 6.Minimal effort required for maintaining stock management.
  6. Allows to search and save customers details.
  7. Analyzing the report shows the performance of a business.

How to choose the best POS software for your company?

Finding a single solution for all your retail billing issues. Some of the criteria to look through while you start a retail businessYou have to customize your software according to your need. For instance, the restaurant needs a kitchen display system as extras for their kitchen management system while supermarkets only need accounting and stock management. To know what software best suits you, contact our administrator and discuss to design customized software exclusively for your business.

Smart Cash Drawer POS Software in Chennai - OverseePOS

Not a drawer that sits idle in a corner rather your personal accounting assistant. Keep you money safe from theft and ignorance with our smart cash drawer

Best Featured Point Of Sale Software - Overseepos

Our Smart Solution of point of sale software concord with Retail business, Restaurants, Grocery. Cloud-based POS Software helps to focus on customer-retailer relationship to provide a user-friendly application with wide varieties of functionality alloying for effective management of application according to their needs, which in turn helps to reach great heights.

Our POS terminal to support the point of sale software for effective business operation consisting of cash drawer, receipt printer, bar-code scanner, Touch pos system etc,. Store inventory and retail time sales will lead to more active customer to your store with smart technology incorporated in each step of the business.

Our positive approach as made reach our pos to multiple filed of industries with 500+ happy customers. Get instant benefits of running a successful business with a simple step to login our website and call for a quick demo.

Retail Billing Software in Chennai - OverseePOS

POS Billing Software for all Retail Shops in Chennai. Call 9791074090 for affordable price POS Software System and for a free demo. We provide a dynamic solution for all your billing conflict