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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Adventurous Water Sports That Will Keep You Entertained – adrenaline pumping excitement

Everyone loves their oceanside holiday, but the next time you vacation at the beach take side time off relaxing on the sand and try these activities that are bound to be a challenge.


Scuba Diving

While most water sports happen on the water, scuba diving will take you into the depths of the ocean, where you can discover a whole new world. Equipped with an oxygen mask and a special breathing apparatus you will be taken underwater to discover the marine life, coral and sometimes even eerily beautiful shipwrecks. There are special skills you need which an instructor will teach you, and you will be given a license once you're ready to go. There are many places in the world to embark on these adventures, so book your Maldives holiday resorts or Belize hotels and dive right in.


Surfing and Paddle Boarding

While surfing has been around for a while, it is quickly rising in popularity with more and more people finding a passion for it. Ride massive waves for an adrenaline-pumping experience which will put many skills to the test. In many spots across the world ideal for surfing, you will find several surfing schools where instructors will help you learn how to do it. Paddle Boarding is a slightly less challenging exercise, as you sit or stand on a surfboard or paddleboard and paddle your way in the water.



For the brave at heart, there is kitesurfing, a sport that uses the power of the wind to keep you in motion. You will need to stand on a board similar to a surfboard while holding onto a large specially designed kite. This sport isn't exclusive to the water, it is done on other terrains such as flat land and snow as well. Just like surfing, you will need a few lessons to master this sport, and you are likely to find schools that will provide you the equipment you need as well at many of the world's most popular beachfront destinations.


Tubing and Banana Boating

These are fast and adrenaline pumping activities that don't require much skill, ideal for the adventure seeker on a short schedule, with not much time to pick up one of the more complex water sports. Tubing involves sitting in an inflatable tube which is dragged by a speedboat. Hang on as you travel at fast speeds, crashing through the waves. A banana boat accommodates more people, it is a banana-shaped inflated boat, where once again you need to hang on while it is dragged by a speedboat. These are both lots of fun; so look for a hotel like Amaya Kuda Rah Maldives that offers these facilities when planning your vacation.



This is another boating activity, but here you maneuver your own boat rather than depending on a speedboat to power you. You slip into a small boat similar to a canoe, with a paddle in your hand which you use to row and steer your boat. At first, you will need to master the art of keeping your balance and not falling in, and when you get used to that, you can explore the waters from your boat. Choppier waters mean a greater challenge, so avoid taking it on till you've gotten the hang of it.