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Best Web Development Blogs that will Dominate in 2019

In a hurry, here's a list of web development trends for 2019: Modular design and lower development costs. Responsive design and the rise of mobile users. Chatbots and customer support. Accelerated mobile pages and load speed. Voice search optimization. API-first design and streamlined workloads. we are professional Web Development Company providing professional, secure, robust, custom and flexible Web Development Services in India


All you need to know about Big Data

In a world that is rapidly becoming smarter and more connected, huge amounts of information are being generated and uploaded to the internet every day. This data can often hold incredibly useful insights for businesses, hiding information on such areas as customer habits, data trends, and much more.

Data now comes in many forms, ranging from website cookies to social media posts, which means that processing this information is not easy. The unstructured nature of data in the modern world has led to the rise of ever-more advanced analytics programs attempting to make sense of the data deluge.

Broadly speaking, Big Data refers to these datasets, that are so large that they can no longer be processed through traditional methods of analysis.

The goal of Big Data analytics is to generate insights that translate into tangible business benefits. These could be relating to real-time events or even future trends.

ASP.NET VS PHP: Which is better and why?

Every year there are hundreds of forums debates held to compare their features and to study their behaviour? There are many programming languages which are getting better and better. So here we are comparing PHP vs. Asp.Net so that we can get to know which has a better platform. We have considered all significant upgrades and improvements that has...

C# or VB.Net are the languages usually used with ASP.Net. That makes it clear! You cannot strike a comparison between PHP and ASP.NET as the latter is a web framework while the former is a programming language. ... I could not think of a better example than WordPress and Facebook as PHP has powered these.

AI Robots will be replacing the White Collar Jobs by 6% until 2021 | Posts by Steven Parker | Bloglovin’

AI Robots will be replacing the White Collar Jobs by 6% until 2021, a post from the blog Posts by Steven Parker, written by Steven Parker on Bloglovin’ A new report predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation.

Bet You Didn't See This Coming: 10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots
Insurance Underwriters And Claims Representatives.
Bank Tellers And Representatives.
Financial Analysts.
Construction Workers.
Inventory Managers And Stockists.
Taxi Drivers.
Manufacturing Workers.

Ruby Or .NET - Which Is The Better Alternative?

You might be confused about which technology you should use while you are planning for a developing a software. So this article will help you in giving a solution to your question and will lead you with discussing the technologies like Ruby and .Net.
ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails, you will not find anything which can be done with one, but not the other. In other words, the technological capabilities are about equivalent, but the significant difference is the availability of open source extensions and community support. The rails community is much larger and more engaged than the ASP.NET community and is known to provide much better support. The ASP.NET community has some public and open source extensions, but a fraction of what's available for Rails.

Branding Websites: Tips for Building Bra.. | | The Online Writing Community

People, branding your new website require extensive efforts and time for initiating the activities, which will help to build the solid base of your site.

How to Build a Brand
Research your target audience and your competitors.
Pick your focus and personality.
Choose your business name.
Write your slogan.
Choose the look of your brand (colors and font).
Design your logo.
Apply your branding across your business and evolve it as you grow.

Virtualization benefits: Making the switch to a virtual environment - JAXenter

Virtualization has many benefits for you and your company. Find out the different kinds of virtualization, their uses cases, and features.

Virtualization relies on software to simulate hardware functionality and create a virtual computer system. This enables IT organizations to run more than one virtual system – and multiple operating systems and applications – on a single server. The resulting benefits include economies of scale and greater efficiency.

Web 3.0 - The Future of The Internet - Tech Updates

Day by Day the amount of data and information are growing over the internet where new sites, new images are coming every second. So with handling this huge...
Transitioning from web 2.0 to the 3.0 version is going to likely go unnoticed ... and even Augur as the way to check out future betting events. ... user friendly tech of web 2.0, but they will have the start of the 3.0 which is ... All that the users have to get is access to the Internet and a device to keep the wallet on.

Adding Firebase and Power up your mobile applications

Firebase is a Google mobile stage that causes you rapidly grow great applications and subsequently scale your business. Firebase began off as a constant database in 2011 and saw some footing in key applications.

2019 Trends for Making the Digital Web Design

2019 is here!! It’s a year which will bring the hope that 2019 will come with new digital Web designs with world’s greatest artists and performers. There are lots of questions in designers mind that what will be the design of 2019. Never rush in to complete the given task, stay focused and try out the new element to get something new every time. Here we have bought few of the fully responsive & unique web design techniques that you can use in making the digital Web design.

Enterprise Chatbot solutions to increase productivity | Intelligent Automation for Enterprise - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

In the course of the most recent couple of years, the portable application was ...

The Rise of Big Data and its Essential Tools

There are many companies which used Big Data for better understanding and to target customers. It can be used in the healthcare in a treatment of the cancer patient. Big data is used in improving homes, cities and as well as a country. There are many applications that come with critical insights. You can also cloud big data which is powered by Hadoop and have the size of high volume data processing. Big Data are using many essential tools which deliver sophisticated data storage. Take a quick look to some of it.