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5 Cool Things to Do in Colombo – Captivating Experiences for the Tasteful Visitor

Colombo is the largest city and commercial capital of the nation of Sri Lanka. Here you will find plenty of cool things to do that will appeal to different tastes and preferences, like those listed below.


Explore Union Place's colourful streets

For a genuine taste of the city of Colombo, take the opportunity to view the captivating neighbourhood around Malay and Church Streets. In these narrow but quaintly charming lanes, you will be able to observe the houses which have been brightly painted in shades of blue, green, purple and pink. This area is amongst the oldest in the city, with a lot of character and a distinctive atmosphere. Here you will see children scampering around, families relaxing on their porches, and friends enjoying each other's company. Sadly much of this area is scheduled to be demolished to make way for modern constructions, so take the opportunity to experience it whilst you can.


Take a ride in a tuk-tuk

The ever-present tuk-tuks or three-wheelers as they are also known can be found in hordes in the city of Colombo. In fact, taking a ride in one is likely to be a memorable experience of your visit to Colombo as it will be a lively and enjoyable ride. You will see that the tuk-tuk drivers make their way everywhere, drive at an exhilarating pace and will take you to your destination in quick time. You will notice that many of the tuk-tuks have been creatively decorated with catchy slogans and other embellishments. Many locals, as well as tourists, frequently use these vehicles to travel in Colombo.


Experience the sunset at Galle Face Green

Your visit to Colombo would not be complete without spending some time at Galle Face Green. This is a popular public park that extends along the Indian Ocean beachfront. This pleasant green space offers splendid ocean views and attracts a host of local leisure seekers as well as tourists from abroad. At Galle Face Green you will see families taking a leisurely stroll, children flying kites, sporty individuals training, and so on. As you might expect you will find an array of stalls and vendors here offering drinks and tasty snacks. When seeking the best hotels in Sri Lanka an accommodation choice to consider from which the Galle Face would be within easy reach would be Colombo Court Hotel & Spa.


Visit the vegetable and fruit market

Near the bustling and chaotic environment of Pettah, you will find the unique Manning Markets. Unlike Pettah, not many tourists choose to visit the Manning Markets but doing so is sure to be an interesting experience. Here you will find a mesmerizing selection of produce, with seemingly every kind of vegetable and fruit grown in Sri Lanka to be found here. You will notice trucks loaded with pumpkins, basket loads of spices, a seemingly endless supply of bananas, men with loads of vegetables on their heads, and more.


Savour the local foods

Tourists may take the opportunity to enjoy a local meal at one of the inexpensive eateries to be found in abundance in the city of Colombo. All that you have to do is sit at one of the simple tables, order some rice and spicy curry, or perhaps a plate of 'short eats' and enjoy the tasty foods offered. On the other hand, you will have a rather different dining experience at one of the more sophisticated pastry shops in the city. Here you will be able to savour cakes, pastries and other sweets that are flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom and other special ingredients.

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