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Updated by Abu Zar on Jan 22, 2019
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Carefully Designed Affordable 5 stars umrah packages

Our 5 star umrah packages are specially designed umrah packages that offer quality assured services.


Beautiful Sight of Holy Ka’aba:

Beautiful Sight of Holy Ka’aba:

Hajj and Umrah are the two amazing blessings for Muslim people from the Allah Almighty. These two are the pilgrimage reverences that are performed by the Muslim people and are meant to seek the forgiveness and happiness of the Allah Almighty. However, there lies a little difference between the two like the hajj is the worship act which is kept compulsory by Allah whereas the umrah is not. Hajj is mandatory for all the Muslims to perform as long as they have the finances and health to afford it. This means that if they are in the position of performing it then it is their religious responsibility to perform it and that they are going to be asked about it if they would not. Whereas umrah is different and it is also known as the lesser pilgrimage and the reason behind it being called as the lesser pilgrimage is that it is not mandatory. Hajj is supposed to be performed during a specific time and cannot be performed after that but in the case of umrah there is no such liability and it can be performed whenever a person feels to do. The 5 stars umrah packages by the company Al-Hijaz Tours, is definitely the best way to go to umrah this year. All this difference between Hajj and umrah does not matter to the Muslims as in both the acts one is supposed to make tawaf rounds along with the holy Ka’aba and what matters to Muslims is to be able to see the holy Ka’aba and to be able to perform Tawaf around it. Therefore, they are always ready to go for it and do not wait to see the holy Ka’aba. The holy Ka’aba is extremely sacred and loved by the Muslim Ummah because it is home to the Allah Almighty and it is in the direction of the holy Ka’aba that we offer all our prayers.
Umrah Packages with Top Notch Facilities:
There is no second thought about the fact that it is the most beautiful moment to see the holy Ka’aba. It is mainly for the reason of seeing the holy Ka’aba that people are always ready to see it. Al-Hijaz Tours is the company that aims to complete this noble wish of every Muslim citizen of the United Kingdom. This is why we have come up with our extensive range of Umrah packages. Our 5 star umrah packages are totally something amazing as they are fully covered with all sorts of quality assured services. We have been in this field for a long time and that is how we know all about umrah deals and the services that our clients could need. Our 5-star umrah packages are the bundles of services that provide all the big and small services in the most luxurious manner.
Choose The Best Company For Umrah Packages:
Our intent throughout the formation of these packages was to make sure that you get the best ever services that you want and deserve. We believe that if we will help people in having the best umrah tour than it will save us some reward too. There are so many companies providing such umrah deals but no company is of our match as we have the links that provide us with the best options so that we can make your umrah tour better.