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Updated by Stephan Marais on Mar 17, 2013
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SEO & SEM - Round-Up 21 Dec 2012

Marketing Analytics and the Problem of Attribution Modeling | SEOmoz

Attribution modeling is a hot topic in the SEO industry, but many of us aren't doing it as well as we want to be. Take a look at how you're approaching attribution modeling, and see why marketing analytics may be the solution you've been looking for.

You Need To Steer To Survive In A SERP-Happy World

I was ready to write a completely different column today. Then, I saw the announcement that Raven is doing away with ranking reports and any other SEO data that might ruffle Google’s feathers. I quickly went through denial/anger/bargaining/acceptance:

How To Gain Crucial Insights From SERP Analysis

A lot of SEOs still believe that setting an SEO strategy is as simple as performing site optimization, maybe adding some content to the site (landing pages or blog posts), and then link building like a mad man.

Google Analytics Features For Google Display Campaigns

If you haven’t married your AdWords account with your Analytics account, now is a good time to take that step forward. Otherwise, you are missing out on data that you can only get with true integration. Google is constantly upgrading Analytics and adding new features for AdWords.

New column makes keyword management easier - Inside AdWords

We recently launched a new keyword column in the search term report to let you see exactly which keywords matched particular search terms. With this information at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily make better keyword and bid management decisions.

Report: Google Disavow Tool Removed A Manual Link Penalty

In mid-October, Google launched the disavow link tool and some have complained it doesn't work but it seems like it does indeed work.

5 Easy Ways to Monitor Google Algorithm Changes | Branded3

Keeping track of Google algorithm updates is a time consuming job and one that you should try to make as straightforwards as possible – there are much more effective ways to spend your time than monitoring whether Google had made a big change.

A Simple Guide to Using rel="alternate" hreflang="x" - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

This specification element helps Google index and serve the localized version of your content to users who require an alternate language version. Here’s why you should be using rel="alternate" hreflang="x" markup and how to use it correctly.

Are You Still Relevant? The 2013 Online Marketer’s Survival Questionnaire | aimClear® Blog

How hard are are you willing to work to remain relevant? There is a radical shift underfoot and it’s not clear who will serve what role in the future.

Greater Than Google: The Best Bits Of Bing

When we think of searching the Internet, we without a doubt think “Google”. And why not? It’s a fantastic search engine and has some great features. But even before the idea of writing this article, I started Bing again and I was quite surprised.

An Updated Guide to Google Webmaster Tools - YouMoz | SEOmoz

Google Webmaster Tools was once Google Webmaster Wasteland. But the past year has been a fruitful one as Webmaster Tools has rolled out improvements faster than Facebook does new privacy statements.

4 Ways to Leverage Your PPC Data Beyond the Point of Conversion

Here's how can you can use the the gold mine of pay-per-click data you are collecting for uses that go BEYOND the conversion...

7 Common SEO Myths to Throw Out the Window Immediately

Check out these common SEO myths you should stop believing in as soon as possible.

70% of Mobile Searches Lead to Action Within 1 Hour [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Eloqua, the international marketing automation firm, has assembled a selection of key mobile marketing facts, assessing the importance of mobile usage, key aspects of user behaviour, and future trends for mobile marketers.

The five best free content marketing ebooks from 2012 | Econsultancy

The ebook is a content marketer's best friend. Not only does it allow you to become a publisher, where you can have your own editorial agenda, it gives you a platform to become a thought leader in your field.

2012 Moment: Becky Naylor, Marcus Tandler, Dennis Goedegebuure, Alex Moss & Julie Joyce

Search and Social Industry experts share their best moment of 2012. In this one: Becky Naylor, Marcus Tandler, Dennis Goedegebuure, Alex Moss and Julie Joyce