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Enzyme Manufacturers in India

Nature Bio Science, an enzyme manufacturing company, believes in rendering the best in class enzyme technology to you. We use the most refined fermentation technologies to develop productive enzymes and microorganisms that provide reliable solutions for various industrial applications.

Top Sugar Enzyme Supplier Manufature in India

Cane Sugar & Raw Sugar Refinery
Since many years, starch has been converted into glucose using acid and chemicals. With the arrival of enzyme technology, industries have taken the solace of enzymes for accomplishment of this biochemical reaction. Enzymatic conversion of starch depends both on sugar enzymes used and the physical properties of the starch used.

Molasses Fermentation Manufacture in India - Nature BioScience Pvt. Ltd.

Molasses Fermentation
Ethanol being a renewable resource of energy is probably a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Demand for Ethanol is increasing day by day due to its versatile application and utility. To meet the acing demands, production of Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol through fermentation is gaining momentum and acclamation globally.
At industrial level, ethanol is prepared by molasses fermentation. A residue begotten from sugar cane processing, molasses is the mother liquor left after crystallization of sugarcane juice. It is a dark colored viscous liquid that contains approximately 40 to 50% fermentable sugar. Being one of the earliest biotechnologies used by humans for the production of Ethanol, molasses Fermentation is also the most cost-effective way.