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Best Real Estate and Mortgage Articles on Conclud

Find some of the best Real Estate and Mortgage Articles on Conclud! We have great real estate and mortgage resources for you including information for home buyers, home sellers and homeowners!


Join The Fun At The Real Estate Bloggers Group on Reddit – Conclud | Social networking site

Take a look at the new Reddit Real Estate Bloggers group to find some of the most reliable, up-to-da

Things New Homeowners Need After Buying A Home – Conclud

With the right supplies and tools, moving into a new home can be a much easier task and make homeownership more enjoyable.

9 Budget-Friendly Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home – Conclud

There are a lot of homeowners who would like to improve the overall value of their home, but they may not have a lot of room in the budget to tackle any major renovations. Thankfully there are a few budget-friendly ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.

Top 10 Benefits Of USDA Loans – Social Network

Top 10 benefits of USDA loans and how they can help you on your journey to becoming a homeowner!

Top Things Not To Do Before Closing On A House – Social Network

Bookmark() Please login to bookmarkTop 11 things not to do before closing on a house!  Read&nbs

Renovation Mortgage Options and How They Work – Social Network

Bookmark() Please login to bookmarkTake a look at this guest post we put together on Bill Gasse

FHA Loans Explained: First Time Home Buyer Information – Viral Magazine Site | Social Media | Publish your stories

Learn more about the FHA loan on our website Without a doubt, the FHA loan is one of the most popular mortgage programs among first time home buyers. The reasons for this are quite simple. FHA has a low down payment requirement, they have forgiving credit requirements, and their rates are just as good as conventional loans.

Buying the Worst House in the Best Neighborhood is Not Good Advice – Viral Magazine Site | Social Media | Publish you...

There is a ton of valuable advice about buying real estate, whether it is online or off. Location is still king and buying a property to hold it long term is a valid theory. But buying the worst house in the best neighborhood is not good advice.

USDA Home Loan Property Requirements - Conclud | Social Discovery

By enforcing these guidelines and only approving homes that meet certain criteria protects the lender from loaning money on a bad property and also gives the buyer peace of mind that they are getting a decent property.

Comparing Self-Storage Units to PODS

Take a look at my latest article on Bill Gassett's Maximum Real Estate Exposure to learn the pros and cons of renting a pod vs a self-storage unit.

Reasons To Refinance Your Home

When mortgage rates drop, current homeowners are faced with the big question “Should I refinance my mortgage?”

Buy An "Owner-Occupied" Home for Your Elderly Parents

As our country’s adult population continues to age, some people in their twilight years are finding themselves with the need to buy a home closer to loved

What Move-Up Buyers Should Consider

Moving up in a home is a good feeling. It means that all your hard work is paying off and you can reap the benefits with a better home. To take advantage of

VA Mortgage Guidelines - Storyteller

The VA mortgage for qualified veterans is an excellent resource for buying a home. However, since it is a financial product, many rules and guidelines govern how the loan can be used.

Thankfully, the majority of the rules can be easily explained with a bit of patience and time.

I have assembled a list of the most important VA guidelines. Nearly all of these rules and guidelines will apply to a VA mortgage whether it is a purchase transaction or a refinance loan.

Having a good understanding of these rules will make the loan process easier and give you more confidence when you are discussing your options with your mortgage lender.

Selling Your Home In The Winter - Storyteller

Selling a home in the winter requires some work and attention to detail. You want to make sure the home is in proper order before potential buyers browse through the rooms and decide if this is the place for them.

Selling a home in the winter has a few unique details.

By giving some extra attention to a few key areas, and making the place inviting, you can attract more prospects. This can help you over your competition and assist you with getting the home sold much quicker.

Make Sure You Remember These 11 Things When Moving - Storytelling

Moving to a new home is a lot like taking an extended trip. There are a lot of steps involved and missing any step can cause a ton of frustration.

Planning out the move and getting the necessary materials and assistance lined up in advance will help tremendously.

In fact, the right plan could actually save you some money and allow you to declutter your life by removing excess items that are no longer needed.

Spend a few moments reviewing this article about the 11 things to remember when moving (plus a bonus tip) and use it when you are ready to change to a new address.

Typical Down Payment On A House

Except for a few situations, buying a home will require some type of down payment.

But the size of the down payment is not set in stone.

It will vary based on multiple factors such as your credit history as well as the amount of the home loan and the type of mortgage you are using to purchase the property.

To determine a range of money needed for the down payment and other expenses, you will first need to talk to a mortgage lender. The lender can explain to you the options available as well as the necessary down payments needed for each loan.

Armed with this information you can then make a plan to save up the funds needed and budget for your home purchase.

Buy An Owner-Occupied Home For Your Disabled Adult Child - Storytelling

Buying a home for your disabled adult child can be an expensive journey. Most of the time you will be looking at borrowing money as if you were purchasing a rental property. The extra insurance costs, plus high down payment, and the higher interest rate on the mortgage can turn many people away from this transaction.

Thankfully, the Family Opportunity Loan offered by Fannie Mae can remove most of those hurdles.

Some guidelines and rules must be met to qualify for this specific kind of mortgage. But for the right people, this loan can save the homeowners thousands of dollars in multiple ways.

If you or someone you know has an adult child with special needs that could potentially live on their own, you owe it to yourself to check into the Family Opportunity Loan.

Important Home Maintenance Tips – Conclud

Some of these home maintenance tasks are a bit dirty. However, tackling all of these home maintenanc

Selling A Home For The First Time – Conclud

Selling a house can be just as involved as buying a home. Just like there are certain pitfalls to av

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home

Many people work in various services to put their talents to use for the good of other people. Real

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell – Conclud

Although blind luck can sometimes play a part in helping a home sell quickly, most of the time

Essential Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

If you’re in the process or thinking about selling your home this winter, you’ll want to

18 VA Mortgage Minimum Property Requirements For Veterans – Conclud | Social networking site

The VA mortgage minimum property requirements deal with important items such as adequate heat, clean running water, access to the home and yard and a dependable roof, along with other things. All of these guidelines are in place to provide a safe place that the veteran can call home.

FHA Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines Home Buyers Should Know – Conclud

Here are a few of the most important FHA underwriting guidelines home buyers should be aware of when considering their mortgage options.