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Updated by Anna Usova on Jan 17, 2019
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Top Time-Tracking Tools for Freelancers

A digest of the most useful time-tracking tools to facilitate freelancers' work.




actiTIME is a time-tracking and work management tool that provides a clear view of work progress. It is based on the manual time entry method and allows calculation of cost and billing amounts. Its flexible reports based on time-track data help optimize work process, increase productivity, and run projects more efficiently. actiTIME can be installed on a local machine or used as a cloud service. Its mobile app has a timer for automated time count. It allows tracking time on the go and reviewing summarized time-track data for various period. The tool is a great fit for teams and individuals, as it offers and effortless way to manage work time wisely. (



Jibble is a punch-in and –out software with basic time-tracking functionality. It collects the data on how time is spent and how productive you are, and provides direct access to productivity statistics. You can run reports to see the dynamics or review the data on the calendar. One of Jibble’s interesting features is the possibility to track time and view timesheets via Slack using a special bot. The bot allows punching in and out, reviewing timesheet data, and see your daily entries in a single list.(



Lancelog is a simple cloud-based app that helps you keep record of work time expenses and see how much you’ll charge your customers for project works performed for them. The tool supports simple billing procedures and provides a separate field for billable hours. Lancelog is designed for freelancers and consultants and offers an easy procedure to keep track of hours worked, calculate amounts billable to clients, and issue customized invoices. (



Freelancy is designed for individuals and small teams and offers a simple and efficient way to keep track of time worked and manage project work. It allows to track time spent on specific projects, collaborate within a team, organize projects and tasks, and generate invoices on the basis of time-track data. The tool can be used on desktop computers or mobile platforms – a Freelancy account can be accessed from any modern browser on your device. The app is easy and helpful for running individual and small teams’ projects. (



Bonsai is a time-tracker for macOS and iOS, also available on the web. It offers time-tracking functionality by manual entry and using a timer and has clear and minimalistic interfaces. After you log your time in Bonsai, you can review and analyze the results in a chart. To integrate time-tracking procedure in your workflow, Bonsai allows connecting your time-tracker with freelance proposals and contracts, as well as issue invoices for your clients using the collected time-track data. (


BQE Core

BQE Core is a business management tool with a time-tracking module that is used as a data source for client billing, optimization decisions, and work management. It offers a simple and intuitive time-tracking procedure – both from desktop and mobile apps. BQE Core is targeted to speeding up a billing process based on time-track results and increasing cash flow. (



TimeSolv is a tool designed for freelancers and small teams and intended to help them organize an effortless and accurate time-tracking process. It runs on various platforms – PC, Mac, Android, iOS – and can work both online and offline. The tool speeds up time-tracking and expense reporting and is used by lawyers, consultants, accountants, designers, engineers and other professionals in various industries. (



VeriClock is a cloud-based time-tracking service designed for freelancers and businesses. It is based on the clock-in and –out method and automates time logging. Obtained data can be used for reporting, cost calculation, and client billing. The tool allows to generate payroll reports and view job metrics. VeriClock has a mobile app that can be used not only for punching in and out. To track job progress or expenses in more detail, users can take photos and videos and attach them to their daily time records. For example, it can be useful to attach on-site work results or job-related expense receipts. (