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Updated by Elizabeth Oliveto on Apr 30, 2013
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Things you need for your new Sales job

Starting a new job in sales? You will probably be overwhelmed at the amount of "tools" you need in order to start out on the right foot. So here is a list of things that a new salesperson may need.

PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner and Activity Tracker

PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner turns an Appointment Book, Schedule Book or Daytimer into a Sales Tool to Help Improve Sales Performance for Salespeople and Sales Managers

Sales Tracking Calendar - Sales & Activity Tracking App

For those who don't like to use a printed schedule book there is a scheduler that is designed for salespeople that is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. It uses the information from your daily and weekly schedule to automatically calculate four important sales reports for you and to track your objective. You can email these sales reports to you and to your sales manager with a simple click.

Find it on Google Play at:

or on iTunes at:


Notebook Portfolio

Notebook Portfolio

You also need to look professional. You can't beat a slim black notebook portfolio, which can be found at any office supply store or online.




Once you have been working in the field for a week or two you will find that you have an amazing amount of STUFF to drag around with you and that the second you leave something behind - you will need it.

The trick is to find a way of carrying everything that works for you and doesn't alarm your potential customers when they see you coming.

Options include: a drag behind briefcase, the perfect binder that fits your needs, a purse that is just big enough to fit folders (my personal favorite, sorry gentlemen) or a regular briefcase.

I suggest going shopping AFTER the first week in the field when you have really gotten the feel for what you need to have with you.


Master File

Master File

There is nothing worse than having a cold call turn into a one call close and not having the paperwork that you need. It makes you look unprofessional and risks breaking the buying momentum if you have to leave to go get it and then come back (you may find that the business owners attention span is gone when you get back).
Day 1 (don't let you sales manager boot you out into the field without this!) find a team mate that can tell you everything you will need as far as forms go. Collect and make 5 copies of each. On the second to last copy write MASTER across it in yellow hi-lighter (it won't show up in copies). Train yourself to copy and refill each form when you get to the MASTER copy.
Periodically keep an eye out for new versions of forms and update as needed.


A Nice Pen!

A Nice Pen!

My first sales manager insisted that you NEVER went to a sales call with an ugly, cheap pen. Same concept as having your shoes shiny and having nice clothes on. As a business owner I now have a tendency to award bonus points in my head to sales reps who pull out a nice pen.